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eBook Graded Reader of Biblical Hebrew: A Guide to Reading the Hebrew Bible ePub

eBook Graded Reader of Biblical Hebrew: A Guide to Reading the Hebrew Bible ePub

by Miles V. Van Pelt

  • ISBN: 0310251575
  • Category: Bible Study and Reference
  • Subcategory: Bibles
  • Author: Miles V. Van Pelt
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Zondervan (August 13, 2006)
  • Pages: 256
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  • Rating: 4.9
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Only 18 left in stock (more on the way). He has been teaching Hebrew for more than thirty years and is coauthor with Miles V. Van Pelt of Basics of Basics of Biblical Hebrew (grammar and workbook) and The Vocabulary Guide to Biblical Hebrew.

This book is the ideal next-step resource for the student who ha. .

Miles V Van Pelt; Gary D Pratico. This graded reader introduces the second-year Hebrew student to various types of biblical Hebrew literature and contains various notations to assist him or her in the further advancement of Hebrew translation and exegesis.

This graded reader introduces the second-year Hebrew student to various types of biblical Hebrew literature and contains various notations to assist him or her in the further advancement of Hebrew translation and exegesis. Pages: 256 Publisher: Zondervan Published: 2006 ISBN-10: 0310251575 ISBN-13: 9780310251576. Find at a Library Find at Google Books. Philibuster July 26, 2011 4 5. An excellent tool for those coming out of first-year Hebrew.

Miles V. Van Pelt (P. He is coauthor with Gary Pratico of Basics of Biblical Hebrew and The Vocabulary Guide to Biblical Hebrew. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is assistant professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. He has also taught at Gordon College and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Country of Publication.

Graded Reader of Biblical Hebrew. Fourth, never stop reading the biblical Aramaic text. The Vocabulary Guide to Biblical Hebrew. Old Testament Hebrew Vocabulary Cards. Biblical Hebrew Laminated Sheet. If you translate just one verse per day, five or six days per week, you will be able to read through the entire biblical Aramaic corpus each year.

Gary Davis Pratico, Miles V. Van Pelt. A Graded Reader of Biblical Hebrew is a structured introduction to the reading of biblical Hebrew texts.

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A Graded Reader of Biblical Hebrew is the ideal next-step resource for the student who has completed a year of elementary Hebrew, or it can be used as a refresher for the pastor or scholar whose language skills have diminished due to lack of use. Immersion in the language is the best way to reinforce what you have already learned and to gain greater proficiency in using the language for exegesis and preaching. A Graded Reader of Biblical Hebrew is a structured introduction to the reading of biblical Hebrew texts. Through these readings, you will be able to review basic Hebrew grammar, become familiar with issues of intermediate grammar, and gain confidence in handling the Hebrew text. The readings chosen for inclusion, which are arranged generally in order of increasing difficulty, span the whole of the Old Testament and represent some of the most important Old Testament texts from the standpoint of biblical history, theology, and exegesis. The many notes that accompany the text include information on grammar, exegetically significant constructions, vocabulary words, idioms, bibliographic information, and more. Parsing exercises are included with each reading, and there is room for you to write your own English translation.


Ffrlel Ffrlel
For years I have struggled to start working with the Hebrew Old Testament.
Even with a reader's dictionary and an inter-linear I come across word morphology
that seems anomalous and I get stuck.
With the Graded Reader, I have Profs. Van Pelt and Pratico standing by right
there to tell me "Yeah that word does seem strange, but the reason
there is a qamets there instead of a patach is.......
And then I keep reading! I end up pondering the text of the Bible and
not pondering about why a qamets is there.

Slowing, day by day I am learning inductively the things that
staring at a paradigm charts would take years.

The Hebrew font in this volume is large, and there are no cantilation marks
resulting in a blessedly easy to read page.
(Just to be clear, the Hebrew vowel points are there, the cantilation marks are not)

... a wonderful work...
Just_paw Just_paw
Graded Reader of Biblical Hebrew I find excellent. It is very clear, well spaced-out, nothing cluttered-up about it. I like the way the Biblical Texts are presented- again, not bundled and bunched together. The grammatical explanations are so helpful. Anyone serious about his/her Biblical Hebrew has the ideal aid. The Authors are true Teachers because they demand the Student co=operates with them and does his share of the work. Learning is not always easy and playful- but it is interesting and very satisfying. If you are really serious about your Hebrew study, here is the Book to be your companion and advisor. Amazon is to be congratulated for making the Book available at such a price. More similiar Book at same ;prices please!!
Malalrajas Malalrajas
I like the idea behind this book, but I had a bit different expectations -- probably a misunderstanding on my part. I was expecting that this would be structured around broader syntactical rules and principles (obviously not as detailed as Arnold/Choi and certainly not Waltke/O'Connor), followed by reading examples to illustrate the principles. Instead the structure of the book is quite the opposite -- it is a series of reading passages, each of which is followed by explanation or discussion of each word (form, parsing, etc.) in passage. It is up to the reader to connect all the different instances and passages that illustrate this or that syntactical rule. With this understanding of the book, its structure and objective, I would say it's well done.

Although it's not what I initially thought it would be, I would still recommend it as a useful resource. The authors selected interesting passages from all over the OT and the explanation behind each passage is certainly helpful. The back of the book also includes an answer key to the parsing exercises. See the following list of passages covered in this book:

1. Genesis 1:1-5 In the beginning
2. Genesis 2:1-3 The seventh day
3. Genesis 26:1-6 God's promises to Isaac
4. Genesis 35:9-15 God's promises to Jacob
5. Genesis 43:1-8 Jacob sends Benjamin to Egypt
6. Exodus 3:1-12 The burning bush
7. Exodus 6:1-8 I am the Lord
8. Exodus 34:1-6 The Lord proclaims His Name
9. Leviticus 19:1-4 The demand for holiness
10. Numbers 6:22-26 Aaron's blessing
11. Deuteronomy 6:1-15 The Shema
12. Deuteronomy 11:18-23 Teach these words to your children
13. Deuteronomy 31:1-8 Be strong and courageous

14. Joshua 24:14-18 Joshua's challenge to serve the Lord
15. Judges 3:7-11 The Lord delivers Israel with Othniel
16. Judges 10:10-15 Cry to the Gods whom you have chosen
17. 1 Samuel 15:10-24 To obey is better than sacrifice
18. 2 Samuel 7:1-9 David's desire to build the Temple
19. 1 Kings 8:22-26 Solomon's prayer
20. 2 Kings 17:34-40 You shall fear the Lord
21. Isaiah 43:1-6 You are precious in my eyes
22. Jeremiah 31:31-34 A new covenant
23. Ezekiel 37:1-6 The valley of dry bones
24. Joel 3:1-5 (2:28-32) I will pour out my Sprirt

25. Psalm 23:1-6 The Lord is my Shepherd
26. Psalm 100:1-5 Hymn of Praise
27. Psalm 121:1-8 The Lord will keep you
28. Ezra 7:6-10 A model for generations to come
29. 2 Chronicles 1:7-10 Solomon asks for wisdom
30. 2 Chronicles 7:1-4 The Glory of the Lord fill the Temple
Wilalmaine Wilalmaine
This is a super reader. I am only beginning to understand Hebrew, and the grammatical explanations and clear, large text make reading my graded reader a pleasure every time. I particularly like notes on the change in morphology reflective in the "dagesh forte" present in so many words. This is an excellent complementary tool to the Basics of Biblical Hebrew grammar book I also have.
Ironrunner Ironrunner
This is a great tool for continued study by engaging with the Hebrew text. The grammatical commentary that is included with each text provides helpful information as to why certain words are structured the way they are in a passage, as well as providing some help for figures of speech in the Hebrew.
Bundis Bundis
This was so valuable! I love to have this book cited examples from the grammar book right in the commentary! There was no need to get out the book and look it up again! I highly recommend this!
Bu Bu
This book is an excellent next step to first hebrew primer. At the same time you could use Building Your Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary: Learning Words by Frequency and "A reader's Hebrew bible"
Wish there was a cd with this. Going from the Basic Grammar to this is helpful in reading, but more material with the lessons speaking in the Hebrew would augment this better.