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eBook Fools Rush In (Weddings by Bella, Book 1) ePub

eBook Fools Rush In (Weddings by Bella, Book 1) ePub

by Janice Thompson

  • ISBN: 0800733428
  • Category: Literature and Fiction
  • Subcategory: Bibles
  • Author: Janice Thompson
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Revell; 1 edition (September 1, 2009)
  • Pages: 336
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  • Rating: 4.8
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Fools Rush In (Weddings . .has been added to your Cart. Janice Thompson is a seasoned romance author and native Texan. An experienced wedding coordinator herself, Thompson brings alive in her books the everyday drama and humor of getting married.

Fools Rush In (Weddings .

That's Amore (Weddings by Bella Book . anice Thompson. Welcome to the wacky, wonderful world of inspirational author Janice Hanna Thompson, where romantic comedy rules the day, and where crazy characters like Bella, DJ, Rosa, Laz and even a parrot named Guido turn their world (and yours) upside-down! I hope you love to laugh, because I make it my goal to tickle your funny bone at every turn in my light-hearted tales, especially these "Weddings by Bella" stories. Why do I focus on the light-hearted stuff? Because life is hard!

You’ll fall for Bella’s . even faster than she does. And you’ll root for the Rossi and Neeley families as they break down cultural barriers and rush toward each other, arms wide open. Janice Thompson’s gift for writing humorous, romantic tales proves true once again in her book Fools Rush In. The story unfolds on Galveston Island, where Bella Rossi, a wedding planner of Italian descent, meets . Neeley, a Texan through and through.

You'll fall for Bella's DJ even faster than she does. And you'll root for the Rossi and Neeley families as they break down cultural barriers and rush toward each other, arms wide open.

Book one in the Weddings by Bella series, Fools Rush In is fun, fresh, and full of surprises. Readers will love the flavorful combination of Italian and Tex-Mex, and the hilarity that ensues when cultures clash. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Publisher: Baker Publishing GroupReleased: Sep 1, 2009ISBN: 9781441204608Format: book. Fools Rush In (Weddings by Bella Book A Novel. Author Janice Thompson. Swinging on a Star (Weddings by Bella Book A Novel. It Had to Be You (Weddings by Bella Book A Novel.

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Free Kindle Book Christian Romance Book one in the Weddings by Bella series, Fools Rush In is fun, fresh .

Free Kindle Book Christian Romance Book one in the Weddings by Bella series, Fools Rush In is fun, fresh, and full of surprises. Best Free Books Fools Rush In Weddings by Bella Book 1 (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by Janice Thompson Online for Free.

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Fools Rush in (2010). Authors: Janice Thompson. His words about authentic faith had painted me into a proverbial corner

Fools Rush in (2010). His words about authentic faith had painted me into a proverbial corner. Specifically, when he said, Bella Rossi, you need to be who you say you are, and do what you say you’re going to do, guilt had risen up inside me like a mound of foam on top of one of Uncle Laz’s famed lattes. I had to wonder if the Lord above had flashed a heavenly spotlight over my head and whispered, Preach this sermon just for her.

Fun, fresh, and full of surprises, Fools Rush In is a flavorful combination of Italian and Tex-Mex, and the hilarity that ensues when cultures clash.


Hono Hono
This is one of the more ridiculous novels I have read recently.

Bella runs her family's wedding center business. Despite it being the family business, she seems to know virtually nothing about how to plan a wedding. The smallest details throw her for a loop. The family has lived in Texas for years, but they're all seemingly ignorant of the basic culture of their home state. Bella, for example, doesn't know anything about country music and can't even figure out how to find a DJ to play country music for a wedding. Apparently none of her friends in high school listened to it, she never hears it by chance on the radio, and not even the younger people in her family are interested in it. And no clients of the wedding center have ever wanted country music played at their receptions until the wedding that takes place in this book.

Bella's family is immersed in an extremely stereotypical Italian-American culture, where everything seemed to stop around 1955. Dean Martin is their main cultural touchstone, but even this isn't pulled off in a way that doesn't raise more questions. Despite listening almost exclusively to Dean Martin, when a character gets a new album, it's "The Very Best of Dean Martin." Wouldn't they already have that? If you're listening to Dean Martin all the time, wouldn't you at least move on to some deep cuts eventually? The characters in Bella's family don't interact with modern Italian or Italian-American culture at all and they don't interact with the culture of Texas until Bella begins dating DJ. The "research" the author did on Italian-Americans seems to be limited to sitcom-style references to rosary clutching and "gravy."

Oh, and they try to convert a parrot.

Overall, this book is a toothless and meandering "Oh, my wacky life!" Christian contemporary romance. Bella's family is predictably wacky and embarrassing in all situations, including some that are unlikely (if you were paying a professional wedding planner, would you expect her entire family to show up and party with your guests through the reception?).
Gabar Gabar
This is the first book in the series. The other three are Swinging on a Star, It Had to Be You and That's Amore.

Bella is preparing for a themed wedding. Her brother, who usually runs the sound, is unavailable, so she's on the lookout for a deejay. She thinks she's just had the best luck when she overhears someone talking to a deejay. What she finds out later is the man's name is DJ, and he has no idea how to deejay a wedding. She's instantly in love and starts mentally planning their life together.

I started out liking this book, really I did. The characters seemed quirky and enjoyable, but then nothing was happening. I'm used to at least some sort of conflict in the books I read, even the romances. Instead, everything was lovey dovey, and the only bumps in the relationship existed in Bella's imagination. Without DJ doing anything, she imagines all the problems that could occur between their families or if she could move to the country. Neither of these things made sense.

The whole section of the book about coincidences just grated on my nerves, since most of them weren't coincidences at all. Inhaling a piece of beef and then choking isn't a coincidence, it's cause and effect. And I felt like if I read the words "boot-scootin'" one more time, I was going to scream.

Normally, I'd go ahead and quit, but I kept waiting for something to happen. Like an argument or a real problem. By the end, I felt obligated to finish. It just wasn't for me.
Snowseeker Snowseeker
Sometimes I think I will never learn. I see a book, get it, (in this case, at least it was free), try it, THEN read the reviews to see if everybody else liked it, or didnt like as much as I. Totally backwards. When will I learn to read the reviews first?
This story may end with a real bang, but I will never know. I gave up at 25% due to lack of interest. Lack of plot. Lack of sense. Lack of romance...
But now, as I am reading the reviews I wish I had read first, Im finding its just another of those sleazy marketing plans of 'If you want to see how it ends, you need to buy more books.' Just sleazy.
Traditionally, book one ENDS, then follow up books are written about the side characters introduced in book one. When I see this cliffhanger strategy, I write off that author as a source for any future books for me.
Though the book is usually enough to catch, and hold, my attention to the non-end, and though I NEVER buy another book from such an author, this one could neither grab my attention, nor hold it. Im not sure what all the 4 and 5 star reviewers saw in this work. As far as I could bear to read, it was just bad, bad, bad. Bad writing, bad editing. Bad.
Aedem Aedem
This book starts with a misunderstanding when Bella – who is desperately trying to figure out how to run successfully her first themed wedding – meets a very sexy cowboy name DJ and thinks he is the “deejay “ she needed for the wedding. This small mistake is soon arranged and DJ agrees to help Bella anyway as the wedding theme is country and he knows quite a bit about country music. The story develops around the wedding and the two families, that are completely different, a typical Italian family ( fun though a bit cliché at some points ) and a country family.
The idea of the book is very nice, it has a couple of LOL moment and some that are very sweet; I really wanted to know how it was going to end but I must say that around half of the book I had to struggle to finish it…I like details and getting to know the characters but there were entire chapters that add nothing neither to the characters or the plot so the reading loses rhythm..
Overall, a sweet romance with good people with normal issues that try to live their lives on a Christian way. Not bad but not a keeper either.