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eBook Heaven: The Mystery of Angels ePub

eBook Heaven: The Mystery of Angels ePub

by Grant R. Jeffrey

  • ISBN: 0883685361
  • Category: Protestantism
  • Subcategory: Bibles
  • Author: Grant R. Jeffrey
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Whitaker House (December 1, 1996)
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  • Rating: 4.3
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Crown Publishing Group, 4 февр. What role do angels play in our lives? Where and how will we live? What will we be doing in heaven?

Crown Publishing Group, 4 февр. Learn the Answers to All Your Questions about God. What role do angels play in our lives? Where and how will we live? What will we be doing in heaven? Will I know my family and friends? What happens to departed children? What will our new bodies be like? Explore the Bible’s heavenly promises where all your hopes and dreams will be fulfilled. If you have lost a loved one, you need this book to help you understand the truth about Heaven–the greatest promise ever made. Many who have read through these pages.

Grant R. Jeffrey is internationally recognized as a leading author on Bible prophecy, history, and apologetics. More than . million readers have read Grant's 12 best selling books. Books by Grant R. Jeffrey.

Drawing on archaeological, historical, and scriptural sources, Jeffrey offers hard proof that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that Heaven, the New Jerusalem, and the coming Messiah are not myths, but solid Biblical truths. Find out about your final destination. com User, December 23, 2001. It contains many interesting tidbits that I found interesting - especially the information about virtually the entire book of Ezekiel being found on stone tablets and how close it is to modern translations.

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By (author) Grant R.

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In 1999, Jeffrey's book, The Millennium Meltdown, reached on the Publishers Weekly bestseller . Grant Jeffrey died suddenly of a cardiac arrest on May 11, 2012, in Toronto, Canada. Heaven: The Mystery of Angels

In 1999, Jeffrey's book, The Millennium Meltdown, reached on the Publishers Weekly bestseller list for religious paperbacks In 2007, Trinity Broadcasting Network began broadcasting, Bible Prophecy Revealed, a 30-minute weekly program hosted by Jeffrey. He is survived by his wife, Kathleen Grant Jeffrey. Heaven: The Mystery of Angels, ISBN 0-88368-972-3. Jesus: The Great Debate (WaterBrook Press, August 1999)

Grant R. Jeffrey (Jeffrey, Grant . used books, rare books and new books. Heaven the Mystery of Angels. Find all books by 'Grant R. Jeffrey' and compare prices Find signed collectible books by 'Grant R. Jeffrey'. Apocalypse: The Coming Judgment of the Nations. ISBN 9780553565300 (978-0-553-56530-0) Softcover, Bantam, 1997. Find signed collectible books: 'Heaven the Mystery of Angels'.

From a biblical perspective, Grant Jeffrey explores the seemingly mysterious subjects of heaven, angels, and end-time events. Often-asked questions about the magnificent details of heaven are answered in these pages.


Brialelis Brialelis
I have read many books on Christian eschatology (end times theology), and I've found that this one lays out all the prophecies in an outline form, which is the way we have been taught to learn. The Bible has all the prophecies in it, but sometimes it is confusing for a lay person to understand them. This is because there are bits of prophecy thoughout the Bible and they are not necessarally in the order in which they have happened or will happen. The title of this book mystifies me because there is only one chapter devoted to angels and their roles. Perhaps someone suggested that title because of the popularity of the topic of angels at the time this book was released. I would and do recommend this book to my friends. Too bad it is out of print now. Thank God there are some still available on Amazon.
Qiahmagha Qiahmagha
very informative book, I love the way Grant Jeffrey does research on everything he writes. I have always enjoyed his books
Tansino Tansino
The whole book was very uplifting. It shows us that what is really important is what we do, now, for the coming Kingdom; the true treasures built for God's glory...for His edification. The short season we spend here compares hardly to the promised eternity with God.
Vital Beast Vital Beast
Grant Jeffrey is an excellent scholar and researches his topics well. In this book, he relates topics like the Rapture, our resurrected bodies, the Great Tribulation, the New Jerusalem, Judgments and rewards, hell, and more. Easy to read and understand.
LadyShlak LadyShlak
I consider Grant Jeffrey a very good author. He studies up on his subject he writes about and does not second guess on any of them. I can read his books and feel I have the truth. He makes history interesting and you feel you have not wasted your time in reading the subject. In fact I have enjoyed as well as learned when I chose one of his books to read.
Esther Warren
Sorryyy Sorryyy
Easy to read and understand. Grant Jeffrey was a brilliant Bible scholar.
Ochach Ochach
Great Literature from Grant R. Jeffrey !!! I really love his style of writing !!! Grant Jeffrey has / had a gift for delivering God's message to everyone !!! I will see you soon Grant !!!