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eBook Within the Gates: ePub

eBook Within the Gates: ePub

by Rebecca Springer,Gordon Lindsay

  • ISBN: 0899850952
  • Category: Protestantism
  • Subcategory: Bibles
  • Author: Rebecca Springer,Gordon Lindsay
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Christ for the Nations (May 1988)
  • Pages: 60
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  • Rating: 4.9
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Rebecca Ruter Springer’s 1898 vision of heaven was received as she lay unconscious suffering from a near-fatal illness. For well over a hundred years her inspiring descriptions of reunions with her family and friends on the other side have given hope to many who believed their loved ones to be lost forever. Her story is told through a Christian lens and uses biblical terminology.

As her story unfolds, you will get a glimpse of the eternal home that awaits believers, as well as inspiration to continue in your spiritual walk. Come venture Within Heaven’s Gates!

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Rebecca Springer said that each person would need to draw his or her own conclusions about the vision, but that she had reported it as it had come to her at the time. She came to understand the vision as a series of basic instructions about heaven rather than a revelation of the past or future. She said the initial instructions from the vision came in the form of illustrations, in a style as if one were teaching truths to children. Then the application and meaning of these illustrations were given.

Within Heaven's Gates book. Rebecca Ruter Springer writes in her book Intra Muros (also called My Dream of Heaven also called Within the Gates) this lady suffers being in a coma but is taken to heaven and then is sent back to earth again to tell of her adventures. I have read this one several times. Very interesting information about Heaven.

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This is a verbatim record of the vision reported by Rebecca Springer in the early part of the 20th century in which she visited heaven and observed its splendor, joys, and reunions.


Ttexav Ttexav
One of the best--if not THE best--near-death experience have ever seen. Rebecca was in a coma 100 years ago, and the book recounts some of what was the equivalent of many "earth years" lived in heaven during that illness. Biblically accurate with only one tiny disclaimer, so insignificant I can't even recall it right now--and most people would miss it. [Great as a gift: everyone wants to know what is on the other side!] Mrs. Springer's prose is a most splendid read, hugely encouraging.. Highly recommend this book.
Gogal Gogal
This book "Within the Gates" is a must read. It renders the truths of heaven and sheds some light on some scriptures misunderstood by some ministers of the word. There are some that would lead one to believe that in heaven all persons are developed into their full christ likeness at their time of arrival.

I have discovered scriptures and in reading the Bible seen this in a different light and consolidate that with some select insights received from the Lord throughout the years i had a different perspective on this. This book confirms as well as many others that have had heavenly visits that the earth and heaven are much more closely related that what we understand.

We will enter that great city with the knowledge of God that we had here when we left. The fact is that we will be ever learning and becoming more like Him which was so merciful to us all.

There are libraries in heaven, books and many other great things in store. A great treasure of a book and must read for every christian and believer of the word of God.

Eastern NC
Uaha Uaha
My grandmother gave me my first copy of this book, when I was only 8 years old. She and I read it together. She said that she was going to die someday and she didn't want me to be sad. She wanted me to know all about the place where she would be going, and wanted me to picture her in this beautiful place. Well, my grandmother lived to be 94 years old, but when she died I did dig out my old copy of this book and re-read it, and found great comfort in the fact that my beloved grandmother was now part of this perfect world, once again reunited with her loved ones, her favorite pets, and her creator. I have bought many copies of this book over the years for friends and family who have lost loved ones too early. We never want to think about dying, but it is going to happen to everyone we know, everyone we love, and to us. I recommend this book to everyone who has ever wondered what it is like when we die? Where do we go? Who will be there? What will we spend our days doing? Will my dog and cat be there? You will get your questioned answered and sleep more peacefully after you have read this book. We have an incredible God, who has created an amazing place for us to live forever and ever in peace and joy and total happiness. Read this book today!!
Munimand Munimand
I think we must exercise extreme caution when examining other peoples contemplations of NDE's. (near death experiences) I used to read many of these hoping to find one that matched my own NDE. None every really did and perhaps that is the point, we view life each in our own marvelously unique way. Our era, our generation provides specific experiences no other can or will. Whether in this mortal life or the life to come, we will certainly view it our own way and have a completely unique experience. This is the only book of this genre I chose to keep on my book shelves. Why? It is simply LOVELY! Her entire experience is LOVELY, reflective of her charming era and her own faith and it in no way contradicts written scripture (which many seem to do nowadays.) This would be a marvelously comforting book to read for those approaching the end of life for whatever reason and want to feel more secure about it. The Bible remains the best source of information about heaven and the afterlife I have found.
Whitecaster Whitecaster
Our mother purchased this book for my sisters and me after our father passed away. No hype, no gimmicks, no falsehood. It presents heaven very differently than I had imagined it, but different in a good way. Now the vision that I have of heaven and Jesus and other people that I will know there is much clearer, much less scary. Highly recommend.
Jode Jode
Read this book 37 years ago and was happy to find it so I could give to a friend.
Thetalen Thetalen
For anyone who wants a clear understanding of heaven, this is without question one of the best books out there. I frequently buy it for those who have lost a loved one as it has many many accounts of reunions with family members and friends.
Comforting and inspiring.