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eBook The Biotic Message: Evolution Versus Message Theory ePub

eBook The Biotic Message: Evolution Versus Message Theory ePub

by Walter J. Remine

  • ISBN: 0963799908
  • Category: Theology
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  • Author: Walter J. Remine
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Saint Paul Science; 1st edition (October 1, 1993)
  • Pages: 538
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This is The Biotic Message: the unity in biology tells us that there is but one Creator, and the pattern of diversity defies any .

This is The Biotic Message: the unity in biology tells us that there is but one Creator, and the pattern of diversity defies any consistent naturalistic explanation. ReMine summarises the case against evolution, and the case for creation, in that evolution did not predict the patterns of similarity and diversity in organisms, whereas ‘message theory’ does. But in the end, ‘when pressed, however, we can say that evolutionary theory-as practised by its proponents-is unfalsifiable, since that is its essential character’ (p. 464).

Book by Remine, Walter . The Biotic Message is one book, besides the Bible, that has actually changed my life and my whole outlook on science in general. Published on March 24, 2000.

The Biotic Message book. See a Problem? We’d love your help. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Biotic Message: Evolution Versus Message Theory. by. Walter James ReMine.

ReMine's classic book, The Biotic Message, makes a significant . Considering the human eye, then we're close to the octopus.

ReMine's classic book, The Biotic Message, makes a significant contribution to the anti-evolution literature. But 70% of the genes in the lowly sponge are just like our human genes. Punctuated Equilibrium: Walter ReMine explains that when some of the world's most famous and respected evolutionists introduced the belief that most species evolved relatively quickly, without leaving a fossil record of their transitions, they did so based on three observations: 1. Clear-cut ancestors and lineages are systematically absent over the long term and instead what appears throughout the fossil record is.

Evolution versus Message Theory. Who is Walter Remine and what is his book about? Walter Remine's position is somewhere between Young Earth Creationists (YEC) and Intelligent Design Theorists (IDT). YEC's claim that the supernatural is an appropriate concept in the natural sciences. IDT do not talk about Genesis and the Flood, but about 'origins' and 'design'.

Are you sure you want to remove The Biotic Message from your list? There's no description for this book ye. October 1993, Saint Paul Science.

The Biotic Message: Evolution Versus Message Theory. John R. Baumgardner, John C. Sanford, Wesley Brewer, Paul Gibson, Walter ReMine. B this book was written by an evolutionist, creation scholars will especially love it. The Altenberg 16 looks at the rivalry in science today surrounding attempts to discover the elusive process o. More).

the book "the biotic message" by walter remine is one that i would highly recommend for those with an in depth interest in the evolution issue: below is the list of the table of contents:. So much for book reports. net/~science/contents. htm (also i know of a source where the book can be purchased new for a substantial discount.

St Paul Science, 542 pages. The observable evidence contradicts evolutionary naturalism

St Paul Science, 542 pages. The universe including the earth, especially life, was constructed so that a message (scientifically determined) proclaims that life came from a designer. The observable evidence contradicts evolutionary naturalism. The book is authoritative and should be read by scientists and students of science.

Book by Remine, Walter J.


Jelar Jelar
Great job on the citations and quotations from the leading scholar for the compound collection
Ranicengi Ranicengi
Anayajurus Anayajurus
I've just started it, but already I have enjoyed the manner in which it is very readable and well thought-out. The arguments for Message Theory are clear and compelling.

The book is not only full of treasure on the inside, but is also bound in a very attractive and professional cover.
Rigiot Rigiot
This book deserves every one of it's five stars. This is by far the most comprehensive and best presented introduction to evolutionary theory that I have ever read. Yes, even those who support evolutionary theory would benefit from this volume.
This book is also far and away the best critique of evolutionary theory that I have ever read, and I have been reading on the topic for years now.
I will not go into specifics, but I will tell you that if you are interested in this subject at all, you need to get this book. Beware! The book is *not* for beginners. This book is by an author who knows what he is talking about and who gets into the details, but it is still well written and easy enough to follow for those with some background in the theory.
I'll close by stating that I have experienced many of the tactics which the author exposes in my own discussions with evolutionists. He is right on target, and I can't wait for the next volume by this author.
Thank you, Walter James ReMine!
Risinal Risinal
This book is a work of genius.

It has to be studied, but the effort is rewarding. The only disagreement I have with Remine is that I do not believe that any scientific theory is verifiable or falsifiable.
IWantYou IWantYou
I have not made it past the 4th chapter yet and I would already recommend this book to anyone interested in seeing the wholes in evolutionists' statements. A sampling of the chapters I have read thus far include one on the problems concerning evoutionsts' theories for the origin of life and one on their definition of natural selection ("survival of the fittest", which is a tautology - NOTE: this author illustrates the "tautologistic" nature of this phrase more clearly than does DARWIN ON TRIAL). A common theme involves the way in which evolutionists have at their disposal a multitude of theories (mascarading as one theory) from which they can select the one that suits a particular instance. Take any one of these theories and it falls apart - but string them together so as to show only the valid parts of each and it gives the ILLUSION of being a single, cohesive theory. I can't wait to read the rest.
happy light happy light
I've had this book for many years now and still use it as a reference. In the process of linking it to an article on our webpage, I stopped to read the reviews. I had to laugh at the two 'one star' reviews that essentially both called this book creationist fluff. When you can't refute the facts, stick to name-calling. The book is incredibly well researched, the quotes used are significant and long, thus in context. The conclusions become self-evident. None of that is fluff. It is solid, reliable research from a very determined man. Is it 'creationist?' Yes, by necessity. Because that is where the facts actually lead.
Do Evolutionists have strategies to hide the fact that the pattern of life found in the fossil record and in present day species happens to be a problem for their theory? You bet they do, and Walter Remine does a phenomenal job of exposing every last one of their strategies. This part of the book is fascinating, and it uses a well-thought-out system to classify these strategies.

Throughout his book Remine brings forward loads of very compelling evidence-- using what the Evolutionist experts themselves have stated about Darwin's theory to dismantle the idea that common descent is the only legitimate way to view life's pattern on Earth.

There is also a technical section in the book on Haldane's dilemma which demonstrates the fact that evolution doesn't build up much of anything helpful genetically. There is a problem with the addition of detrimental mutations in the genome of every living creature on Earth, and this is known as a substitution cost. Even neutral evolution (as opposed to selective evolution) has substitution cost. The explanation of Evolutionists which purports to solve the dilemma invokes a mysterious unobserved phenomenon of "truncation selection" (AKA "synergistic epistasis"). These concepts are nothing but vague ideas that are based on a lot of wishful thinking. Since Remine wrote his book over a decade ago, there has been new information come to light when it comes to Haldane's dilemma. See [...]

Much of the book is devoted to ideas of why a designer might set life up in a nested hierarchy pattern, and with sporadic instances of "convergences" in the pattern. The whole pattern is an indication that there was only one designer, not many, who specifically arranged everything to be this way. . . thus the title of the book: "The Biotic Message". The description of the Biotic Message is probably the biggest advent the book brings to the Creation/Evolution controversy. It is a scientific theory which stands on its own, and it's supported by Remine's (and Kurt Wise's) proposed classification system known as Discontinuity Systematics.

The book is a prime example of what innovative thinking can do in providing interpretations of life's observed pattern, and there's a huge amount of evidence revealed here which deserves to be studied. This book is definitely a favorite of mine. Don't pass it up.