» » Nine Ms and a Mother Like No Other: Our Journey from Messed to Blessed
eBook Nine Ms and a Mother Like No Other: Our Journey from Messed to Blessed ePub

eBook Nine Ms and a Mother Like No Other: Our Journey from Messed to Blessed ePub

by Martial Bednar

  • ISBN: 1440155089
  • Category: Memoirs
  • Subcategory: Biography
  • Author: Martial Bednar
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: iUniverse (July 16, 2009)
  • Pages: 348
  • ePub book: 1184 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1433 kb
  • Other: lrf txt azw rtf
  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 823


In the memoir Nine Ms and a Mother Like No Other, Martial Bednar brings warmth, wit .

Nonprofit Organization. Pages Liked by This Page. Catholic Diocese of Buffalo News Blog - Father Merrick Bednar’s spirit, inspiration, live on. ine Ms and a Mother Like No Other: Our Journey from Messed to Blessed. English (US) · Suomi · Svenska · Español · Português (Brasil). Information about Page Insights Data.

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My Ordinary Family’s Extraordinary Journey from Messed to Blessed.

and then seriously consider itself blessed ? Meet one family that di. nd does: Mine. Nine Ms and a Mother Like No Other: Our Journey from Messed to Blessed details my ordinary family’s extraordinary life story. My Ordinary Family’s Extraordinary Journey from Messed to Blessed.

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In the memoir Nine Ms and a Mother Like No Other, Martial Bednar brings warmth, wit, and insight to this entertaining narrative about his family and their trials and triumphs as they survive a messy divorce, cross-country road trips in broken down jitneys, several siblings split into foster homes, and life-threatening medical experiences . . . and in the end, still consider themselves blessed. Told with candor and humor from the "kid brother's" unique perspective, Bednar begins with a colorful description of his mother Peggy-an heiress whose husband walked out after twenty years of marriage and nine children-who became a desperate housewife long before it was in vogue. As he chronicles his jaw-dropping childhood adventures, Bednar also introduces his siblings (the nine Ms) and shares the inspirational story of his brother Merrick, a priest-in-the-making whose profound health crises not only strengthen his own faith, but also the fabric of his entire family. This true story-often hysterical, at times heartbreaking-gives testimony to the inseparable bonds of family, the incredible power of perseverance and prayer, and the life-sustaining gifts of faith, hope, and love.


Talvinl Talvinl
I should preface this by disclosing my relationship to the content of this book. I attended the same high school as the author, graduating between him and his younger sister, though I don’t have any clear memories of either of them, which seems a little strange since it was such a small school. However, the names are familiar, as are many of the places described throughout this book. One thing I do know is that I was quite unaware of this family’s story or the amount of drama they were living.

Reading this memoir is likely to remind you of Tolstoy: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” This is the story of a family that has experienced more than its fair share of difficulties and heartache. The author is one of nine siblings, all of whom have names that start with “M” (referenced in the title), who survived the turmoil of their parents’ divorce and their mother’s struggles to provide for them. This family has plenty of reasons to be unhappy, but in spite of all that they have experienced, they have emerged from their struggles happy and stronger, at least by this account.

The author is not shy about rattling the many skeletons that are lurking in the family closets, and at times it seems remarkable that his siblings agreed to allow this book to be published. But any negative portrayals are more than adequately balanced by the sympathetic storytelling and the obvious affection the author has for his family. This memoir is well written and extremely easy to read, thanks to a relaxed, conversational styling in the prose. The reader is taken along on this family’s adventure, through the highs and lows, the laughter and the tears, and will likely leave with an appreciation for the strength and resilience that people can discover through adversity.

Having read this book, I wish I had known the author and his family better while I was in school with them. They seem to be remarkable people, and having them in my life certainly would have been anything *but* boring!
Djang Djang
Gave to my friend and she thoroughly enjoyed!
Foginn Foginn
I'm not an avid reader, but occasionally I do find a few books that will hold my attention. I was fortunate enough to know Mike, one of the older "M's". When I learned that Martial had written the book I purchased it to take on vacation last fall. Never got to read it then as one of my friends that vacationed with me picked it up and would not let it go. So once she finished reading it I got it back. The story of the family will leave you laughing, crying and saying OMG. There is so much emotion in the book and Martial has written it so well that you get so caught up in the lives of each of the "M's". When I finished the book I wanted there to be more, so you can bet if Martial comes out with Part 2, I'll be one of the first to buy it.
Stoneshaper Stoneshaper
Loved it. Moving and thoughtful.
Marad Marad
I just read the fantastic story of the Bednar family. Martial took me with him as he recalled the ups and downs of his family's life. Never was despair shown even in the worst of times. Instead the good times and bad times made me feal the closeness of God to this family, one of his favorites. And I am proud to admit that this 74 year old shed many a tear with Martial as he and God allowed me (and other readers) to make this journey. My children went to school with Martial and Merick and at least Martial if not both were in my house a time or two. Without getting over dramatic, I did not realize that, a saint or two in the making played with my children.

I rate this book right up there with Frank McCourt's, Angela's Ashes. That's damn good company, I'd say.

James P. Barayasarra, Ph. D.
I do not normally read books of this nature, but it has been a year (or so) since I have read it and the message still resonates with me as a current member of both the Eldred & Olean communities in one way or another. This is a powerful story of a family really like no other (& very same as any other) in an area really like no other (or like the same as any other), and I truly loved reading it and I am sharing this with both those communities tonight through FB :) God bless your mama & entire family Mr. M. Bednar :)
Yojin Yojin
This is a book that really helps you to realize that your ups and downs in life are miniscule compared to those the Bednar family has triumphed over. I read the book through laughter, tears and a heavy heart. The unconditional love they have for their not-so-perfect mother as well as each other is awe-inspiring along with the thought the Bednar family is truly blessed to have each other. God bless them and God Bless Merrick. Good job Martial!