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eBook The Pursuit of Happyness CD ePub

by Andre Blake,Chris Gardner

  • ISBN: 0060897880
  • Category: Professionals and Academics
  • Subcategory: Biography
  • Author: Andre Blake,Chris Gardner
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: HarperAudio; Abridged edition (May 23, 2006)
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  • Rating: 4.9
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Chris Gardner (Author), Andre Blake (Narrator), HarperAudio (Publisher) & 0 more.

Chris Gardner (Author), Andre Blake (Narrator), HarperAudio (Publisher) & 0 more. The Pursuit of Happyness (Abridged). Chris Gardner (Author), Andre Blake (Narrator), HarperAudio (Publisher). Get this audiobook plus a second, free.

Chris Gardner is the chief executive officer of Gardner Rich & Company, a multimillion-dollar brokerage with offices in. .How he became the man he did is hard to under- stand

Chris Gardner is the chief executive officer of Gardner Rich & Company, a multimillion-dollar brokerage with offices in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. An avid philanthropist and motivational speaker, Gardner is a recipient of the Father of the Year Award from the National Fatherhood Initiative. He has two children and resides in Chicago and New York. How he became the man he did is hard to under- stand.

The Pursuit of Happyness - Chris Gardner. Mr. Gardner's life was no "tip toe through the tulips". Occasionally, using profanity as a descriptor is the best way to convey mood and setting; It isn't a lack of intelligence; it isn't depraved; it's keeping it real. It's a way to relate. I do not think the book should be judged on how clean of a life Mr. Gardner had; It wasn't clean; it wasn't pretty. Overall, I would recommend this book.

Guillebeau Chris (EN). A remarkable book that will both guide and inspire, The Happiness of Pursuit reveals how anyone can bring meaning into their life by undertaking a quest. When he set out to visit all of the planet's countries by age thirty-five, compulsive goal seeker Chris Guillebeau never imagined that his journey's biggest revelation would be how many people like himself exist each pursuing a challenging quest. And, interestingly, these quests aren't just travel-oriented. On the contrary, they're as diverse as humanity itself

Chris Gardner is the chief executive officer of Gardner Rich & Company, a multimillion-dollar brokerage .

Chris Gardner is the chief executive officer of Gardner Rich & Company, a multimillion-dollar brokerage with offices in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Some parts are incredibly humorous too.

Written by Chris Gardner, narrated by Andre Blake. His book of memoirs, The Pursuit of Happyness was published in the year 2006. Listen to his unbelievable story! Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice. By: Dennis Kimbro, Napoleon Hill. Length: 13 hrs and 27 mins.

The Pursuit of Happyness by. Chris Gardner, Andre Blake.

The astounding yet true rags-to-riches saga of a homeless father who raised and cared for his son on the mean streets of San Francisco and went on to become a crown prince of Wall Street.

At the age of twenty, Chris Gardner arrived in San Francisco to pursue a promising career in medicine. However, he surprised everyone and himself by setting his sights on the competitive world of high finance. Yet no sooner had he landed an entry level position at a prestigious firm, Gardner found himself caught in a web of incredibly challenging circumstances that left him part of the city's working homeless with his toddler son. Motivated by the promise he made to himself as a fatherless child to never abandon his own children, the two spent almost a year moving from shelters, "HO-tels", and soup-lines. Never giving in to despair, Gardner makes an astonishing transformation from being part of the city's invisible to being a powerful player in its financial district. Here is the story of a man who breaks his own family's cycle of men abandoning their children, a story that appeals to the very essence of the American Dream.

Read by Andre Blake


Trex Trex
I love Chris Gardner's "up by your bootstraps/ overcoming adversity" story. It is real and raw and brutally honest. For adults, it's great but you will have trouble finding the movie in this book. That doesn't mean it isn't worth the read. It can't be used as a family read aloud because it contains too much foul language and sexual overtones for a family book. You would have to skip a lot of material. We did as a couple who does extensive driving and reads aloud to each other.
Ienekan Ienekan
It is a fascinating and inspiring story that could have been told better. I think as much as two thirds could have been trimmed down and be better for it, there was far too much "telling" instead of "showing." The author is not a professional writer, but man narrating the story of his life, and it shows. It is still worth reading because the story itself is great.
Arcanescar Arcanescar
When a movie based on a book comes out, I usually like to read the book beforehand. Which is why I haven't seen the movie yet, anyway, I finally get around to reading this book and am not disappointed. What amazes me about Mr. Gardner is his willingness to learn things and how quickly he learns them. That, paired with a tenacious desire to succeed is what propels him out of poverty. Granted, he made some poor decisions that contributed to his situation, but, we've ALL made poor decisions. He doesn't play the victim or make excuses, he takes responsibility, works hard despite adverse circumstances and with help from the kindness of others, he succeeds.
Perdana Perdana
Great book to read about what the American dream is and how it can be achieved through adversity. I watched the movie first and loved it but after reading the book, I hate the movie. They should have been more truthful on Chris's personality, they missed a lot of key aspects. I love that Chris didn't leave any of his mistakes he has made out. He doesn't portray himself as a great person, even though overall he is a great person and a good father.
Magis Magis
To no surprise, there are differences in the book and what was in the movie; nonetheless; the message, the struggles and triumphs are real. I love the artistic writing style and personification of things such as done with the city of San Francisco. A must read for anyone. Looking forward to meeting him in July and getting him to sign this book.
Powerful book AND movie. highly recommended and this guy is an inspiration to us all. I may be biased coming from a poor childhood and working my way up the financial industry ladder myself but this should be a read for all.
Tcaruieb Tcaruieb
Nothing to dislike in this book. I like everything, the determination, ambition. Chris Gardner history in a overall gives you the determination you need to know nothing is impossible, if you fight you can achieve everything. I'm proud that I bought and read.
very captivating and intersting.