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eBook Evidence Of Murder: A Twisted Killer's Trail of Violence ePub

eBook Evidence Of Murder: A Twisted Killer's Trail of Violence ePub

by Samuel Roen

  • ISBN: 0786015535
  • Category: True Crime
  • Subcategory: Biography
  • Author: Samuel Roen
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Pinnacle (September 1, 2003)
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  • Rating: 4.9
  • Votes: 648


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Evidence Of Murder book.

On Tuesday 10th June 1997, in Orlando, Florida, Carol Ann Larson left work for a lunch break. Happily married and mother of an infant daughter, Carla Ann had no reason to desert her family. Format: Mass Market Paperback.

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Kensington Publishing Corp. The writing of a book devoted to a specific true crime requires authenticity and accuracy in the reportage of the occurrence. Only then is the re-creation a valid presentation. This work has been so guided.

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Evidence of Murder (True Crime - Serial Killers Year Published: 2007. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading.

A Twisted Killer's Trail of Violence. Published September 1, 2003 by Pinnacle.

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Samuel Roen was a true crime writer who lived in Orlando, Florida

Nothing would deter investigators from bringing him to justice, but ex-con Huggins wasn't about to make their job any easier. His refusal to cooperate prompted detectives to set a new plan into motion. Samuel Roen was a true crime writer who lived in Orlando, Florida. He was the author of Evidence of Murder and Murder of a Little Girl, as well as numerous true crime articles for nationally published detective magazines.

Time taken to read - 10 days. Publisher - Pinnacle. Pages - 320. Blurb from Goodreads. This horrifying true crime tale chronicles the events leading up to the arrest of career criminal John Huggins for the brutal murder of Carla Ann Larson in Orlando, Florida in 1997: After the crime was featured on America's Most Wanted, a tip led to Huggins's estranged wife, Angel. What Angel had to say led to her husband's arrest.

Documents the events that led to the arrest of murderer John Huggins, who not only killed housewife Carla Ann Larson, and viciously abused his wife, Angel, but was also responsible for a rash of killings ten years earlier. Reissue.


Kulafyn Kulafyn
This is a story about a man, John Huggins, who kidnaped and murdered engineer and new mother Carla Larson when she went to a supermarket at lunch time. It is unlike most true crime books I have read in that it is difficult to tell which perspective is used by the author. There is not much said about the victim or her family, so although you feel horrible about the crime, there are no "bonds" created in the book. Most of the trial was covered with little attention paid to the important parts but way too much time spent on irrelevant things (i.e., "The following morning Jeff Ashton wore a conservative blue suit and his lightly gray streaked brown hair was carefully combed. As his bright brown eyes panned across the faces of the jurors, he began in a confident voice." The author then describes Ashton's "dramatic closing" argument without sharing any of that drama with the reader). The book is written like a screenplay, with way too much of it being quotations that are completely irrelevant and very boring (i.e., "Ashton smiled at his partner. 'Whew! This Tampa heat sure gets to me. We've walked two blocks and I'm wringing wet. My shirt is sticking to me.' 'Me too. It seems to me that Tampa is so much hotter than Orlando. Or is this just a heat wave or something? Either way I'll be glad to get inside and cool off.' When seated, Ashton reached for the menu. 'What looks good to you, Jim?' 'Something cold' he answered. 'Yeah, and a big glass of iced tea with lots of ice.'" This was the part of the book talking about the "dramatic" trial. Much of the book sounds like the author was an uninformed observer: "public defender Bob Wesley leaned his body toward Huggins and made some comment to his client, then turned to address the court and jury". What was the comment? If we don't know, why is that relevant? Repeatedly, people were described as "rising to his full six-foot-height", like they would otherwise slump to half their height? The irrelevant comments, the screenplay writing, and the lack of emotional bonding with the characters made this book less than a pleasure to read. I recommend "A Killer Among Us" by Charles Bosworth, Jr., as an example of how a writer can emotionally attach the reader to the story's characters and present the trials in an interesting and dramatic way.
Netlandinhabitant Netlandinhabitant
Has author Samuel Roen ever listened to anyone converse? Apparently not, because his dialogue as related in Evidence of Murder was horrible; who talks like the individuals in this book? No one that I know, and especially not detectives.

But...if you can get through the cheesy dialogue, there is an interesting story here. Roen relates the story of Carla Larson who fell pray to a random act of violence leading to her death by John Huggins, a career thief and wife beater turned murderer. Most interesting is that her husband, Jim Larson, lost his sister to serial killer Danny Rollings just a short time before his wife's demise. Who thinks that random killing can strike one family twice?!

Evidence of Murder by Samuel Roen is difficult to read. The story of Carla Larson would have been best suited written by someone with experience in the true crime genre. I DO NOT recommend this book, even for rainy day reading.
nadness nadness
Carla Ann Loman Larson was a beloved wife and mother as well as sister and daughter. She was also intelligent and dedicated to her career as an architect. She was working in the Orlando area when she went to Publix supermarket where she was abducted, raped and murdered by John Huggins who was supposed to be with his family on a vacation at Gatorland. Then he steals her white Ford SUV and later burns it to the ground in Florida. His wife, Angel Huggins, helps the investigators connect him to the murder as does the eyewitnesses. Carla's body laid for a few days being infested by bugs and maggots. There was no real motive for the crime except that he is a criminal. Her husband, Jim Larson, already suffered enough when his sister was also murdered at college by a serial killer. You don't doubt that the husband suffered enough because in most cases, it's the spouse that did it. Until a co-worker of Carla called him, he had no reason to worry and then he worried when he couldn't find her. I wished the best for the Larson family as others who go through the nightmare of a stranger killing another. The book is one of hundreds of true crime books, it's not my favorite but it's decently written.
Ckelond Ckelond
I'm a true crime fan, so when I saw this book at the Dollar Tree, I figured I would give it a shot. Now I know why it was in there.

The problem with the story is the case isn't that compelling or interesting. It reads like it could've been done in narrative form in about 50 pages. Unfortunately, it's lengthened out by terrible dialogue. Within the first couple of chapters, the author goes on to mention the detectives working the case had a long history together, but their conversations read like two amateur sleuths making conversation by repeatedly stating the obvious mixed with groaning witticisms from the 70's.

I actually feel a little bad for the author, who probably spent too long researching the story to abandon it, and had to produce something. Too bad this was the something.
Punind Punind
If this book had been sold as fiction it would have been rejected because of the corny dialogue the entire thing is written in. Apparently the author has never read a true crime book. Most are written as narratives. I don't see anywhere a note from the author that dialogue has been reconstructed or imagined, which it had to have been. Don't waste money on this one, or time; it's not even worth reading as a library book.