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eBook Cries in the Desert (St. Martin's True Crime Library) ePub

eBook Cries in the Desert (St. Martin's True Crime Library) ePub

by John Glatt

  • ISBN: 0312977565
  • Category: True Crime
  • Subcategory: Biography
  • Author: John Glatt
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: St. Martin's True Crime; No Edition Stated edition (May 17, 2002)
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  • Fb2 book: 1887 kb
  • Other: docx lit rtf mbr
  • Rating: 4.9
  • Votes: 985


One Deadly Night (St. Martin's True Crime Library). Chapter One THE UNFORGIVING DESERT David Parker Ray was born on November 6, 1939, in the tiny desert town of Belen, New Mexico.

One Deadly Night (St. From the beginning he faced an uphill struggle with an often violent father who drank heavily. It was a tough, punishing childhood that mirrored the Rio Grande Valley’s forbidding terrain.

Cries in the Desert book. This poorly written true crime book concerning suspected serial killer David Parker Ray isn't scary because of his crimes. Yes, those crimes are horrific. I have no words for how horrific, but Glatt tries his best (insert sarcasm) to give you every, single, horrifying detail. Ray was eventually, at age 63 in 2001, convicted of the rape, kidnapping, and torture of 2 women who lived.

Table of Contents Praise ST. MARTIN’S TRUE CRIME LIBRARY TITLES BY JONN . Deadly American Beauty.

In the book you now hold, DEADLY AMERICAN BEAUTY, veteran scribe John Glatt details the sordid underside of a perfect marriage gone horribly wrong. St. Martin’s True Crime Library gives you the stories behind the headlines. Our authors take you right to the scene of the crime and into the minds of the most notorious murderers to show you what really makes them tick.

Great true crime book. Published by Thriftbooks. An excellent telling of a very upsetting story. As disturbing as it may be to follow these events, Glatt managed to keep me turning the pages to find out more. com User, 11 years ago. I read this book in just a few days. For those who like the true crime genre, a must-read.

True Crime-this book gave me nightmares. True Crime-need to read. Secrets in the Cellar: A True Story of the Austrian Incest Case that Shocked the World John Glatt 031294312947866 Josef Fritzl was a 73-year-old retired engineer in Austria

True Crime-this book gave me nightmares. True Crime-need to read who knew for all those years. Secrets in the Cellar: A True Story of the Austrian Incest Case that Shocked the World John Glatt 031294312947866 Josef Fritzl was a 73-year-old retired engineer in Austria. He seemed to be living a normal life with his w. Mobile9 True Stories True Story Books I Love Books Great Books Books To Read Normal Life Scary Terrifying Halloween.

Cries in the Desert (St. Get started today for free.

Cries in the Desert: The Shocking True Story of a Sadistic Torturer (St. Martin's True Crime Library) by. In the fall of a twenty-two-year-old woman was discovered naked and bleeding on the streets of a small New Mexico town south of Albuquerque. i enjoy reading true crime. True Crime-this book gave me nightmares.

John Glatt is a British American author of biographies and true crime books. Internet Slave Master, St. Martin’s Press, 2001. Cries in the Desert, St. Martin’s Press, 2002.

John Glatt is a British American author of biographies and true crime books Bibliography. Rage and Roll: Bill Graham and the Selling of Rock, Carol Publishing Corporation, 1993. Lost in Hollywood: The Fast Times and Short Life of River Phoenix, St. Martin’s Press, 1995. The Chieftains: The Authorized Biography, St. Martin’s Press, 1997. For I Have Sinned, St. Martin’s Press, 1998. Twisted, St. Martin’s Press, 2003. Deadly American Beauty, St. Martin’s Press, 2004.

Manufacturer: St. Martin's True Crime Release date: 17 May 2002 ISBN-10 : 0312977565 ISBN-13: 9780312977566. add. Separate tags with commas, spaces are allowed. Use tags to describe a product . for a movie Themes heist, drugs, kidnapping, coming of age Genre drama, parody, sci-fi, comedy Locations paris, submarine, new york.

In the fall of 1999, a twenty-two-year-old woman was discovered naked and bleeding on the streets of a small New Mexico town south of Albuquerque. She was chained to a padlocked metal collar. The tale she told authorties--of being beaten, raped, and tortured with electric shock--was unthinkable. Until she led them to 59-year-old David Ray Parker, his 39-year-old financee Cindy Hendy--and the lakeside trailer they called their "toy box". What the FBI uncovered was unprecedented in the annals of serial crime: restraining devices, elaborate implements of torture, books on human anatomy, medical equipment, scalpels, and a gynecologist's examination table. But these horrors were only part of the shocking story that would unfold in a stunning trial...


Fordrelis Fordrelis
This author introduces FAR too many characters per page and then not once does he attempt to reorient his readers later in the book. By that I mean he never again reminds you who the multitudes of people he's introduced are, leaving you to thumb back through the book constantly to try to remember where that person fits into the story. It's a huge glaring deficiency in his story telling and a good author would make more of an attempt. I'm actually surprised by the quality of proof reading because this is such a rookie mistake on their part as well. This should have been pointed out in the rough draft.

He also skips around in time a LOT and again NEVER reoriented the reader leaving you to try to figure out what year he is talking about. Ugh bro tedious!!!

To introduce sometimes five characters in two pages then do so with another five several pages later and never remind the reader who each person is throughout the book makes the reading quite tedious. It feels like a text book for which you have to take notes as you go along rather than a well told captivating story. It's hard to read and follow the story line. Especially when he introduces three people then immediately uses "he" to refer to someone leaving the reader to wonder WHICH He is being spoken about.

I finished it out of obligation but won't be reading this author ever again. It's a waste of time and money especially with so many great authors.

This author seems to be rushing to pump out stories but he's just not a good story teller.

Sorry but I won't recommend this to anyone and am sorry I paid money for it.
Jox Jox
The story is gruesome and strangely riveting, but the author puts no personal touch on the story. I could have just googled this murderer and read all this stuff online. The author must be churning these books out once a week, because he doesn't seem too invested in this story and it reads a little more like a newspaper. When the author does add a bit of his own spin, it's a little judgmental and homophobic. I've moved on.
Windforge Windforge
I'm a New Mexico native and this story was obviously huge news here. The trial was moved to Torrance County and held in the courtroom in Estancia where a friend of mine sat on the jury. Many of the more gruesome details of the sexual assaults were left out of the book, perhaps for the better, but it accurately portrayed this evil man's sociopathology. Unfortunately he died of heart trouble before he spent much time in prison, I would have liked for him to suffer longer.
Gralinda Gralinda
Reading about David Ray and his obsession for torturing, I wanted to read about if his victims recovered. This book told us all about Ray's life of abduction, rape, torture. Also included were accounts of all the police officers on the case, FBI, the trial, and sentencing. Not an enjoyable read like a novel, but an informative read.
Arashitilar Arashitilar
What a sad yet very interesting book to read. The author not only gave a lot of thorough information regarding the characters but he also provided history of the locations, etc. that allowed you to picture in your head what and where things were going on. He kept things engaging throughout the entire book. Great book for sure.
Quendant Quendant
This is a dull, weirdly written book. It reads like a third grade story, except of course for the content. There's no style at all, so you may as well go back and read articles about the crimes. Many of them are written more skilfully anyway.
Morlurne Morlurne
If you want sensational true crime, here it is. A competently written book, made riveting by the real life events therein. I thought the organization of the story was a little strange, but what is related was hair raising enough to distract from that and the book is quite readable.
I read a lot of these books and this one is very average. Bought based on the reviews and subject matter. This book could have been great the story has everything from sex, murder and mystery to family involvement (very creepy). That said the book is boring and has very little detail or info you can not get from the web. Ok but very sub-par if you ask me.