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eBook The Sum of Our Days ePub

eBook The Sum of Our Days ePub

by Isabel; Translated from the Spanish by Peden Margaret Sayers Allende

  • ISBN: 0007269501
  • Subcategory: Biography
  • Author: Isabel; Translated from the Spanish by Peden Margaret Sayers Allende
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Harper-perennial; 1st edition (2008)
  • Pages: 320
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  • Rating: 4.2
  • Votes: 240


Let me make it clear from the start, I just love all of Isabel Allende's books. I just love some a little more than others.

The title character of the third book narrates the 24 stories in this collection, which, though scattered with familiar names, places, and images, is an independent work, not a sequel. Allende employs the techniques of Latin American magical realism to create a vivid world full of humor, passion, pathos, and color. Mary Margaret Benson, Linfield Coll. Let me make it clear from the start, I just love all of Isabel Allende's books.

Forest of the Pygmies, Isabel Allende ; translated from the Spanish by Margaret Sayers Peden. 1st ed. p. cm. ISBN 0-06-076198-9.

In The Sum of Our Days, internationally acclaimed author Isabel Allende reconstructs the painful reality of her own life in the wake of the tragic death of her daughter, Paula. Narrated with warmth, humor, exceptional candor, and wisdom, this remarkable memoir is as exuberant and full of life as its creator. Forest of the Pygmies, Isabel Allende ; translated from the Spanish by Margaret Sayers Peden.

The book circles around two life-changing moments. City of the beasts, by Isabel Allende ; translated from the Spanish by Margaret Sayers Peden. ISBN 0-06-050918-X. The assassination of her uncle Salvador Allende Gossens on september 11, 1973, sent her into exile and transformed her into a literary writer. And the terrorist attacks against her adopted homeland the United States on September 11, 2001, brought forth an overdue acknowledgment that Allende had indeed left home.

My very special gratitude goes to Margaret Sayers Peden, who went back and forth with the translation into English, enduring .

And most important, thanks to my mother and pen pal, Panchita, for our daily correspondence. Our letters keep my memories fresh. I live in Marin County, to the north of San Francisco, twenty minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge, among hills golden in summer and emerald in winter, on the west shore of the enormous bay.

Margaret Sayers Peden. Tales of a house of spirits . The resulting book, Paula, proved therapeutic as well to thousands of readers, for whom Allende acquired something of the guru-like status of Paolo Coelho. As a portrayal of both filial loss, and a mother's intense relationship with her daughter, Paula has an emotional directness that is cathartic. There are times when The Sum of Our Days reminds you of one of those ludicrously over-the-top but none the less compulsive Latin American soap operas.

Having previously read Allende's other memoirs, Paula and A Sum of Our Days, I was . From MY INVENTED COUNTRY: A Nostalgic Journey Through Chile, by Isabel Allende, translated from the Spanish by Margaret Sayers Peden, 2003.

Having previously read Allende's other memoirs, Paula and A Sum of Our Days, I was familiar with many of the stories of her youth. In telling the story of her life, there is going to be overlap. Not sure if this was a good place to start.

and Peden, Margaret Sayers. In the telling, bizarre ancestors appear before our eyes; we hear both delightful and bitter childhood memories, amazing anecdotes of youthful years, the most intimate secrets passed along in whispers. Paula, Isabel Allende ; translated from the Spanish by Margaret Sayers Peden HarperPerennnial New York, NY 1996. Australian/Harvard Citation. Chile, Allende's native land, comes alive as well, with the turbulent history of the military coup of 1973, the ensuing dictatorship, and her family's years of exile. As an exorcism of death, in these pages Isabel Allende explores the past and questions the gods.

Island Beneath the Sea, Isabel Allende's newest novel, is about the complicated relationship . Chapter 1 The Spanish Illness.

Island Beneath the Sea, Isabel Allende's newest novel, is about the complicated relationship between a slave and her master, who owns a sugar plantation in Haiti during the slave revolts that preceded the Haitian Revolution. Toulouse Valmorain arrived in Saint-Domingue in 1770, the same year the dauphin of France married the Austrian archduchess, Marie Antoinette.

I am going to have a long life and my old age will be a time of contentment because my star-mi z'etoile-also shines when the night is cloudy. I know the pleasure of being with the man my heart has chosen. Island Beneath the Sea. Translated from the Spanish by Margaret Sayers Peden. To my children, Nicolas and Lori.

Translated from the Spanish by Margaret Sayers Peden. Many had come from the four corners of the globe and had no way to prove the purity of their blood, or their past; in the best of cases they were merchants, artisans, friars of little virtue, sailors, military men, and minor civil servants, but there were always troublemakers, pimps, criminals, and buccaneers who used every inlet of the Caribbean for their corrupt. He had nothing in common with those people.


JoldGold JoldGold
Such an intimate memoir as Isabel Allende is known for, does not disappoint. She describes her tribal family as its unquestioned matriarch. All the ups and downs, losses and gifts of her life, make up The Sum of Our Days. Because it is also and particularly a family story, so it is not just her days, but a collective of "our days." Although the narrator is the driving force, she learns that to continue to be the director of her tribe will deprive them of her gift of herself. Her story is one of stripping away her personal armour and control. It is then that she finds the rewards of a life well lived and well loved. As with her other books, this one is spiritual and imaginative, and the reader emerges feeling enriched with her imagery.
Nightscar Nightscar
Thank you Ms. Allende, for sharing your life with us with so much truth, honesty and compassion, not only for the people of your tribe, but also for yourself. There is a lesson in this for your readers- to open our hearts and share the love and kindness within and be kind to ourselves as well... To be able to dissect your life, your fears, pain and loss in your messages to Paula, has been an inspiration for me and I am sure, everyone of your readers who have lost a child too soon... I will reread this dialog and share your words of wisdom over and over again! Thank you again from my heart...
Beanisend Beanisend
In terms of literature, a bit of a disappointment -- it certainly isn't a candle on "Paula," and I kind of agree with the reviewer who said it seemed hastily written. It does, and there's little of the lyrical language that made "Paula" such a treat.

On the other hand, it IS interesting to see more of the whole "tribe" here, and people are depicted more as real people, including Isabel herself. I was shocked and surprised to find that Paula, who came across as almost too saintly in the last book, didn't like children, but it made me like her a lot more as a real person. (Perhaps it was just her youth; I can imagine her, like many woman, wanting a child as she got older.)

I'd say this book is best for people who have already read a lot of Allende and are interested in her and her family. I wouldn't start anybody off with this one, and even for diehard fans, the hardcover price may be a bit much. I'd say wait for the paperback or borrow from a library.
salivan salivan
Isabel Allende's biographical writing is every bit as wonderful as her fiction. It is very interesting for me to read about the personal life of a writer whose work I have been reading for many years. Her web site should be visited after (or before) reading this book, as there are photographs of all the people she writes about in The Sum Of Our Days. She is a fascinating woman with an equally fascinating life. I love the way she communicates with loved ones who have passed on. I have had this experience many times in my own life, and it is always good to be validated.
The Sphinx of Driz The Sphinx of Driz
I had not read Ms. Allende's books before because I knew something about her history and felt her writing would only involve South American political issues. How wrong I was. This book is autobiographical and filed with countless stories of humor, tragedy, political intrigue, familial connections, and just wonderful day-to-day experiences. Her triumphs and failures, confidence and insecurities are all laid out for us to share with her. I did not want the book to end and look forward to reading more of her work. The writing is exceptional and well worth the reader's time and interest.
Ceroelyu Ceroelyu
It made me want to read or re-read all of Allende's books. More importantly,it made me want to get back to writing my own memoir-in-progress with renewed inspiration. All things become part of a beautiful whole in the light of Allende's writing. She gives voice to the fundamental tragedy and hope of being human -- to never be apart from those we love, even if our love is so expansive it threatens to take over the world. Allende seems like the secret best friend I carry around inside of me who nurtures the passions I am constrained from expressing.
Reddefender Reddefender
For some, family is a matter of pure biology. For others, it is the forging of bonds that become central to our identities and begin to form a people who are interdependent and no longer isolated and left to their individual devices. It takes creativity, patience, and permeable boundaries. There is reconciliation, but there is also pain and loss. There is no magic here, but there are the whispers of the spirits.
Well, I am a fan of Isabel Allende anyway. Still I love this book for its simplicity its everyday practical advices (for me anyway), a lot for the truth and the value of acceptance when we cannot change what is.
And I love the humor. Just when we the reader feel slightly that perhaps we could get a little bored, she wakes us up with something so funny that we find ourselves shaking with uncontrollable laughter.
Read it, you'll see what I mean.
And should you have velleity of becoming a writer this book could help also...