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eBook My Best Man ePub

eBook My Best Man ePub

by Andy Schell

  • ISBN: 0758203179
  • Category: Literature and Fiction
  • Subcategory: Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian
  • Author: Andy Schell
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Kensington (December 1, 2002)
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  • Other: mbr lit docx lrf
  • Rating: 4.8
  • Votes: 707


Instead of driving east from the city, we’re driving west, to where there is nothing but the legend of West Texas.

Instead of driving east from the city, we’re driving west, to where there is nothing but the legend of West Texas. ioning, we have the windows rolled down all the way to let the wind fly in as we soar past parched mesquite trees, rusty fences, huge wheels of hay, and an occasional naked mobile home. Our hair is whipping around, our eyes are dry, and we’re having to yell to understand each other, but it’s plain we’re both as happy as two guys can be.

I liked Schell's writing. He uses lots of detail to create the emotional/social environment of which he speaks. In the end, it's a story of learning to love selflessly and thereby gaining true happiness.

There are lots of great gay authors out there who give you drama, theme, history, detail, etc. But there are also great authors, like Schell, who have done an excellent job of keeping those pages turning with what makes us laugh. And we all like to laugh from time to time

I liked Schell's writing.

what more could anyone ask for!

Please remove UK price from front cover, back cover and spine and update US price if need be. Thanks. what more could anyone ask for! It was great! Can't wait for Andy's next book. I highly recommend this to anyone! 0.

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and the freedom to live life on his terms.

Published 2000 by Kensington Books in New York.

Published 2000 by Kensington Books in New York.

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A rollicking and hilarious novel follows Harry Ford who, even though he wants to meet Mr. Right, gets ready to marry his roommate Amity Stone so that he can inherit a fortune, but temptation and destiny arrive in the form of tantalizingly sexy Nicolo Feragamo. Reprint.


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The setup is great--a gay male must find a wife to obtain his inheritance. Amity is a great character in fiction--bawdy, outrageous, gorgeous, amoral, compliant,sexy, uninhibited, and adventurous--a perfect wife, unless she discovers one of her own most attractive elements--a hidden streak of morality. This is a masterful comic novel that you will leave you anticipating the movie--who will play Amity?
Iphonedivorced Iphonedivorced
I found this book on the shelf, and knew right away that it was the kind of mindless entertainment I was craving. This book will never win major awards for accomplishments in literature, but it's certainly not poorly written, and it's a ton of fun. And really, one look at the cover and you know exactly what you're getting. ;-)
The story, while occasionally a bit uneven, is appealing enough to keep you reading. And while the casual drug use and unsafe sex are kind of appalling in today's climate (despite its 1984 setting, this book reads like a very modern story), you find yourself cheering on the protagonist, self-destructive behavior and all.
I do like to read the odd intellectually uplifting book, but as a rule all I want from a book is to be kept interested and entertained. A happy ending is also a bonus. This book delivers on all counts. It's fairly predictable. It's more than fairly trashy. But you know what? Who cares? If you're looking for a fun, feel-good gay romance, I definitely recommend "My Best Man."
Llallayue Llallayue
what a great book. I saw it in a gay bookstore, picked it up read the first page and began laughing. I haven't laughed this Hard since I read A Fairy Tale! What a gift this guy has; to tell a good story and have us laughing all the way through. We want MORE ANDY MORE! Hard to belive this is is first novel! Where have you been hiding yourself? Now if Hollywood beckons! This would be one hell of a funny movie! What's the name of that goffy acadamey award winning actress who was in Something About Mary? She would make a great Amity! Well done Andy Schell, I wait for the next one with deep longing!
I have been searching for a book like this since my closet door slammed open 2 yrs ago! Drama,comedy,sex,violence...what more could anyone ask for! It was great! Can't wait for Andy's next book. I highly recommend this to anyone!
Wel Wel
I found this book to be totally rivetting. Although it got a bit wordy at times, I followed the storyline throughout the novel. I could not put the book down and read the whole thing within 24 hours. This was 4 years ago.
I just reread the book this past week and found it even more enjoyable. Details,thoughts and some fellings escaped me the first time around. I REALLY couldn't put it down! This time, I actually visualized every character and situation. A screenplay of this would probably ruin it for me. Everything has become so vivid. I only wish that I could picture "Winston" in his later years.
I compare andy Schell's writing talent to that of another favorite writer - David Sadaris. They both have a wit and a way with words that enwrap you in the moment or situation, without you realizing that they are doing it.
My hat's off to Andy Schell for taking this brave move and look forward to MANY more books!
Peras Peras
My Best Man is a great book. The writing is superb. Simply masterful. My own writing does not do this book justice but I'd like to encourage anybody reading this review to just get the book and read the book jacket. You will buy it and you will be entertained. The descriptions are so witty and funny you will laugh out loud. Do yourself a favor and get this book. Sincerely, Zina Garrison
Eseve Eseve
As a married, straight thirtysomething female and the published author of more than forty novels of my own, I wasn't expecting to be bowled over by a gay first novel with a "cute" plot. But Andy Schell had me laughing from the start--aloud, and we're not just talking an occasional giggle. This book is hilarious--one of the freshest, funniest reads I've had in ages, with three-dimensional, quirky characters. That said, I must add that I'm shocked by the scope of the reviews on this page. Obviously, I'm in agreement with the raves. But I can't figure out how this terrific, funny, harmless book could have solicited such a vehemently negative reaction in some readers. The reader in me is bewildered; the writer in me--who knows how much those harsh, no-holds-barred Amazon one-star critiques can sting, especially for a first time novelist--wants to give Andy Schell a huge, reassuring bear hug. (Some of those reviews are so nasty it makes me think the reviewers know Andy personally and have something against him. Sheesh!! Lighten up!) I usually don't give first time novelists five stars but I'm doing so here--even if in part only to balance out those one star ratings. Andy, you're a terrific writer. Don't let 'em steal your thunder. MY BEST MAN is one of my favorite novels and I've whole-heartedly recommended it to all my friends, gay and straight. And for the record, Andy is a complete stranger to me!!
Some parts incredible but overall good reading. It also offers the idea that a gay man can and often does fall for a woman without really changing who he is.