» » A Slip to Die For: A Stud Draqual Mystery
eBook A Slip to Die For: A Stud Draqual Mystery ePub

eBook A Slip to Die For: A Stud Draqual Mystery ePub

by William Maltese

  • ISBN: 0967242002
  • Category: Literature and Fiction
  • Subcategory: Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian
  • Author: William Maltese
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Millivres Prowler Group (August 1, 1999)
  • ePub book: 1954 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1489 kb
  • Other: doc lrf azw lit
  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 482


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Book in the Stud Draqual Mystery Series). Select Format: Paperback. ISBN13:9780967242002.

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a stud draqual mystery. This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Christ no! Just what is it you do for a living? I was about to add. esides find bodies on your doorstep?, but I bit my tongue.

William became thus an internationally best-selling author. A Slip to Die For: A Stud Draqual Mystery (1999). California Creamin' 2nd (2001). He has had published (under various pseudonyms), over one-hundred books in genres including gay erotica, sci-fi, science-fantasy, mystery, romance, adventure-espionage, and western. He presently resides in the Pacific Northwest. A Conspiracy of Ravens: A One-hand Read (2003). Circusex: A One-hand Read (2004). Slovakian Boy (2004).

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Murders in Fashion --

Someone not only killed the author, who'd been an "underground" movie star, who'd been a model, who'd been a hustler, who'd been a cross-dresser ... but killed the borderline drunk, who'd been a TV-network executive and anchor-man for the national news.

Someone dressed each corpse in Draqualian silk ... a very special silk, by very special silk worms, who ate very special mulberry leaves, to make very special cocoons pre-dyed, in Technicolor digestive tracts, to very special perfection.

Stud Draqual knew the silk ... knew the dead men ... and would eventually penetrate the mystery to his own eminent peril, to know the killer.


from earth from earth
I knew was in for a trashy read as soon as I opened this book. The first giveaway was the 32 point Dick and Jane primer typeface. The second was two murders within the first three pages, where the victims were discovered wearing exorbitantly expensive "Draqualian" silk slips. Both of the victims were men.
The luxurious intimates the dead men were wearing are traced back to Stud Draqual, the "Prince of Silk Nighties" who is probably the only man in the book that doesn't wear the unique lingerie he designs and sells. In addition to his profession, Stud's physical attributes...a too finely chiseled face, too thick, dark and long eyelashes, too purple eyes, too bee-stung lips, too slight physique and too tiny penis...all contradict his name. And naturally everyone in the book, including his shrink, thinks he is gay. Too, too, too much since the love of his life is his hand. The book is subtitled "A Stud Draqual Mystery," but the only mystery seems to be Stud, himself.
The book is full of plot holes, sexual innuendoes and unbelievable dialog; in other words, it has everything a good trashy book needs!
Dori Dori
I want to add a new category to Goodreads just for this book called "Regrettable purchases."
If you look on Amazon all of the reviews of this book are from before 2002 and some seem questionable if you look closely.
The book is the first in a gay murder mystery series but it's a series of two so take that with a grain of salt. The book is marketed to a gay audience by a gay author who is the former editor of Gay Times but the lead character is not gay. The book is presented as campy but the writing style is all dialogue delivered by straight men, I don't know where the camp is in that. The book jumps right into the action with two already dead and never stops to introduce any character. It does move along quickly but jumps all over the place. When I got to 40% and had no idea who anyone was still, other than the lead character who has said about twenty times that he is straight, I decided to cut my losses.
Dellevar Dellevar
Why didn't the publisher have the foresight to list this book under Gay, Gay Literature, Gay Fiction . . . et al? Was it decided, in some boardroom, that all of Mr. Maltese's gay readers would just assume this, his crossover-into-mainstream novel, has a lot of the same great "stuff" that makes his gay erotica (CALIFORNIA CREAMIN', SUMMER SWEAT), as popular as it is? Wrong! in that while a rose may be a rose may be a rose, authors have been known to have the same name and write entirely different kinds of books. I'm thinking of one gay author whose straight namesake publishes books on mathematics. A SLIP TO DIE FOR's publishers having done a major injustice to William Maltese's gay readers in making us guess this really great novel is not only by "that" writes-for-gays William Maltese, but that this book does, indeed, appeal to "us". Had I only known, before I inadvertently stumbled upon the fact, I would have had this book "grabbed up" long before now. I suspect, there are still hundreds of gays out there who haven't yet wised up to the fact this book is gay, this book is great, this book deserves a gay readership it likely now misses. The detective hero in this book is fantastic. The theme (haute-coutre lingerie) is one of a kind. If the protagnoist can't seem to decide if he's gay, straight, or bi, let me clue him in. "You're gay . . .Gay . . . GAY! and, I love you!" Any gay aficionado of the gay detective genre won't be able to help himself from loving him, either. All of us looking forward to Book II of this impressie "gay" series. Which, when it arrives on the shelves, can only hope its publisher has sense enough to get its you-know-what out of its you-know-where to wake up to the fact gays are as much interested in a good read as any straight audience.
Androlhala Androlhala
A friend brought me back a copy of A SLIP TO DIE FOR from the recent Frankfurt (Germany) Book Fair, where speculation was high as to whether one of the book's characters was based on America's RuePaul or Australia's Dame Edith Everege (Publisher emphatically stating: --Neither!). Whatever, I found the book lived up to its hype, in that it: (1) provides a fast-paced story, almost Hemmingway-esque, in its writing style; (2) presents fascinating insights into some sexual proclivities not usually detailed in a mainstream mystery; (3) surprises with some titillating insights into the world of silk and ladies' haute couture underwear. Best of all, though, the book provides a hero as confused by his ambiguous sexuality, in this changing world, as are a good many of us. I, for one, can't wait for the next installment of this thoroughly interesting and unique detective series! And I can't recommend it highly enough.
Breder Breder
Ever since I ran across my first William Maltese book of erotica, I was taken by his accurate "take" on hustling major-city streets. Reading his erotica was and is, for me, like taking an enjoyable busman's holiday. If this, his latest work, sees him temporarily having abandoned his erotic chronicling of hustling for something less hard-boiled erotic and decidedly more mainstream, those of us who read and enjoy his erotica needed be turned off by this latest offering. A SLIP TO DIE FOR is filled to the brim with erotic/exotic characters and a plot that swings the gamut from high-fashion women's haute-couture underwear, to Mafia kingpins, to New York City gay life. More imporantly, for those of us who are too busy for any book of "War and Peace" word-length, ASTDF is a fast-paced read that holds the reader's attention the whole way. Great book! I, for one, can't wait for the sequel.