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eBook Accounting Information Systems ePub

eBook Accounting Information Systems ePub

by George H. Bodnar

  • ISBN: 0133099938
  • Category: Hardware and DIY
  • Subcategory: Computers
  • Author: George H. Bodnar
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Pearson/Education; International ed of 11th revised ed edition (June 1, 2012)
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  • Rating: 4.7
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The book was in good condition with few markings and was a great bargain for the price. Published on October 10, 2012.

Software for test management.

Detailed material on business processes and internal control is central to the topical organization. The business process chapters are SAPTM-oriented and rely on SAP concepts to illustrate contemporary ERP systems. Software for test management. TestGenEQ Testing Software is by Tamarack Software, Inc. This easy-to-use computerized testing program can create exams, evaluate, and track student results.

The text's emphasis on business processes and internal controls makes it ideal for a first course in business processes, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), AIS, or for preparation for the auditing course.

by. Bodnar, George H; Hopwood, William S. Publication date. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

by George H. Bodnar and William S. Hopwood.


Androwyn Androwyn
Unfortunately, the 8th and 9th editions are out of date, having been published in 2000 and 2003 respectively. Now this book is in its 10th edition, published in August 2009.

I just can't believe you can get these older edition used for a few dollars before shipping. When a new textbook comes out in this subject, it is never cheap. The 10th edition is currently $146.67 and worth it if you're getting into AIS (accounting information systems). Still, the former editions can serve in places as a reference to this day.

For convenience, here's a link to the latest edition: Accounting Information Systems (10th Edition). I wrote a review for the edition in this link, the 10th edition.

Since I am in the field, although my area in not purely AIS since I'm a practitioner and not a designer of accounting systems, I can say things are good still. What I mean by that is that so far in this economic downturn, accounting information systems work has not been on the decline to my observation and from talking with others in it.

Of course, the subject is very dry. And if there is one warning that I may give it is about caring for your back. I had to reach a level in many subject areas as does everyone in AIS. Along the way I got advanced degrees and many certifications. But I ended up with serious back pain, surely the result of racking up plenty of sitting time in totally non-ergonomic chairs. It's not just something to think about but you need to manage it early through exercises to strengthen the core muscles that hold up your spine, stretching throughout the day, and using ergonomic chairs and principles.

One more thing. Not all AIS books are equal even though they're probably all with their special strong points.
romrom romrom
Fhois Fhois
Did not find it useful for my Accounting Information Systems class at the University at Buffalo (MGA 311). Professor provided all information necessary.
Redfury Redfury
If you are buying this book for accounting for eccommerce at FAU do not waste your money.
Ballazan Ballazan
With technology, we are constantly revamping our ideals and our techniques. This book has the reader left in the dark ages. Sadly, there are not many books on this specialized topic, so schools are still forced to use it. In my experience, this book is excellent when discussing internal controls and does a nice job of giving the reader a brief overview of how an accounting system works. Great for newbies into the field, but very dull for someone like me who has been worked with several different systems over the past ten years. That brings me to another point, the book is very dry. Don't look for humor or interesting facts here. Just plain information.

If you are a teacher considering this book, I encourage you to either supplement or update the information provided in the text or to find another book.
Drelahuginn Drelahuginn
Good quality and quick shipping!
Fearlessrunner Fearlessrunner
Good product.