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eBook Practical Software Configuration Management: The Latenight Developer's Handbook (Bk/Cd-ROM) ePub

eBook Practical Software Configuration Management: The Latenight Developer's Handbook (Bk/Cd-ROM) ePub

by Suzanne Pherigo,Tim Mikkelsen

  • ISBN: 0132408546
  • Category: Hardware and DIY
  • Subcategory: Computers
  • Author: Suzanne Pherigo,Tim Mikkelsen
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Allyn & Bacon (June 3, 1997)
  • Pages: 336
  • ePub book: 1968 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1452 kb
  • Other: lrf lrf txt docx
  • Rating: 4.2
  • Votes: 981


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oceedings{alSC, title {Practical Software Configuration Management: The . As software developers create new applications, they must map each step for later reference and quality checks - like leaving behind a trail of bread crumbs

oceedings{alSC, title {Practical Software Configuration Management: The Latenight Developer's Handbook}, author {T. Mikkelsen and Suzanne Pherigo}, year {1997} }. T. Mikkelsen, Suzanne Pherigo. As software developers create new applications, they must map each step for later reference and quality checks - like leaving behind a trail of bread crumbs. Written for individuals or small development teams who do not have vast resources and budgets, Mikkelson/Pherigo is a complete package of everything you need to create professional software.

book by Tim Mikkelsen. Practical Software Configuration Management : The Latenight Developer's Handbook. by Tim Mikkelsen and Tim Mikkelson. This book provides a quick, easy-to-read introduction to the advanced concept of configuration management.

Suzanne Pherigo, Mikkelsen, Tim, Pherigo, Suzanne. Published by Prentice Hall PTR (1997). ISBN 10: 0132408546 ISBN 13: 9780132408547.

Practical CM covers both Hardware and Software CM best practices. The first chapter is a 1 page summary of change philosophy, followed by a chapter that sets the scope of this book with an in-depth treatment of how CM and engineering development interrelate, with an emphasis on design control.

Practical Software Configuration Management: The Latenight Developer's Handbook (Bk/Cd-ROM) ~ Usually ships in 24 hours. Software Configuration Management (Wiley Series in Software Engineering Practice) ~ Usually ships in 24 hours. Implementing a Successful Configuration Change Management Program. John Vacca, Hardcover, Published 1993 (Publisher Out Of Stock). Practical CM: Best Configuration Management Practices for the 21st Century.

T. Mikkelsen, S. Pherigo: Practical Software Configuration Management: The Latenight Developer’s Handbook, Prentice-Hall, 1997Google Scholar.

There are also many vendors in the market of selling courses to companies. Pressman: Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach, McGraw-Hill, 1997Google Scholar. Scott, D. Nisse: Software Configuration Management, in Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge, Version ., May 2001Google Scholar.

Practical Software Metrics for Project Management and Process Improvement. Practical Software Configuration Management: The Latenight Developer's Handbook. Software Metrics: Establishing a Company-wide Program. Successful Software Process Improvement. The Art and Science of Smalltalk. Thread Time: The Multi-Threaded Programming Guide.

Practical Software Configuration Management: The Latenight Developer's Handbook. MIL-STD-490A Specification Practices.

Download books for free. Topics include design, applying good techniques to construction, eliminating errors, planning, managing construction activities, and relating personal character to superior software.

With this book, individual developers and small development teams can gain the benefits of configuration management that were previously restricted to large organizations with large budgets.This pragmatic, easy-to-read guide to configuration management comes with all the freeware PC developers need to get started. Developers will learn the basic concepts of configuration management -- ways to keep track of source code files, graphical images, help files and other elements associated with software development. They will also learn how to customize basic configuration management techniques to their own working environments. The book focuses on the PC platform, discussing free and inexpensive tools and technologies, rather than the expensive, complex configuration management systems that have been developed for large teams.All PC software developers.


Questanthr Questanthr
If you are thinking of buying this book, you're probably concerned with some of those the extremely negative reviews it has. I was concerned too, but something made me feel that I shouldn't take those reviews too seriously, so I ordered it. I'm glad I did so.
This is a simple, straight to the point book aimed at the single developer (or small team), without any kind of theoretical discussions, just some basic explanations and simple rules of thumb.
IMHO, the authors of those harsh reviews are SCM managers that were looking for more complex and advanced books.
If you are a developer, you probably consider SCM as tool to make your programming life easier (and not a science or way of life) and you will probably consider this book a good introduction.
If you are looking for some convoluted theoretical mental masturbations on SCM, you should certainly skip it.
Hellstaff Hellstaff
I object to the unnecessarily harsh review being given to these authors for their excellent work.
Read the subtitle: "The Latenight Developer's Handbook"
In case you missed it, the authors state it again, on page xvi:
"The book does not discuss theoretical aspects of configuragtion management because we think that inaccessibility has been on of the barriers for broader use of configuration management."
Years of experience? Combined, the authors have over 38 years of practice and MANAGEMENT experience.
And I object to the presumption that it should be used only by small-project teams. This book is listed by the W3C for use by their developers, which is one of the largest collaboration efforts in history.
If you're looking for a textbook with which to teach a class, you may still want to consider whether you want to present "Big Science" configuration management to your students right away. Don't you have an obligation to prepare them with the survival skills they need in industry, before moving on to other topics you personally find more interesting?
These authors deserve better, with their multi-decade experience in bringing software products through the release cycle to the general marketplace, which are even now in day-to-day use by many organizations both large and small.
Put a cover on this book; you're going to wear it out referring to it with your colleagues.
Rich Vulture Rich Vulture
This book is targetted to the small development group, either the lone individual developer or the small team. The CD in the back provides RCS, a configuration management software tool. The book is written around using RCS, with specific command lines and examples. If you are already familiar with SCM, do not have an established tool environment, and are working in a small group, I would think this book would be an excellent source. But if you want theory, policy and procedure, or are working in an environment different than the 3 conditions given above, this book is light.
One sidebar comment: This book is not just for software developers. Anyone who is working on a PC to produce products that need to be version controlled would greatly benefit from this book. In particular, professional writers who may be totally unfamiliar with SCM concepts but reconginize the problems they have with versioning would be well served by this book. The authors provide everything a non-systems professional would need to create a modern change control environment on their workstation. Of course, the Unix-like commands may be too much for such a user.
Invissibale Invissibale
Picked up a copy of this not long ago and it is truly a developer's guidance for code management, as told by the authors. It is not a book on configuration management whatsoever, as some of the other reviews have indicated. It does not cover any of the CM discipline doctrine at all. The fact that the authors have chosen a very rudimentary tool such as CVS should indicate clearly that this is not for the more mature development shops whatsoever. This tool hasn't an integrated change management, release management, baseline management, etc. built into it as it is strictly a version management tool. So in a sense the title of the book is very misleading. If you want to see how to try to improve the management of your code base because your development area is rather out of control this might be a good place to start. If your looking for more informative books on the SCM/CM doctrine then this is not the book to purchase. This isn't the book if your on the SW-CMM/CMMI, ISO9001, ITIL, or any other model journey either.