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eBook iPhone 5 Portable Genius ePub

eBook iPhone 5 Portable Genius ePub

by Paul McFedries

  • ISBN: 1118352785
  • Category: Hardware and DIY
  • Subcategory: Computers
  • Author: Paul McFedries
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (November 13, 2012)
  • Pages: 384
  • ePub book: 1672 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1195 kb
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  • Rating: 4.5
  • Votes: 351


Paul McFedries (Author). You don't have to be a genius to use the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. But if you want to get the very most out of yours, put this savvy Portable Genius guide to work.

Paul McFedries (Author). ISBN-13: 978-1118677797.

Paul McFedries is a Mac expert and full-time technical writer. He has written more than 75 books that have sold more than four million copies worldwide. Библиографические данные. iPhone 5 Portable Genius Portable Genius (Том 123).

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This full-color guide is designed for the visual learner, featuring plenty of screenshots that illustrate various techniques

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Save yourself time, hassle, and confusion with this essential guide to the iPhone The popularity of the iPhone continues to grow every day and shows no sign of slowing down. Now that you've got the latest and greatest iPhone, it's time you discovered all the best and most fun ways to use it This handy guide presents you with all the important and interesting information you want to know, in a hip, helpful way.

Paul McFedries is the president of Logophilia Limited, a technical writing company. Paul encourages all readers to drop by his Web site, ww. cfedries. David Pabian is a freelance writer and Mac enthusiast. A self-taught Mac expert and early adopter, he can often be found troubleshooting all things Mac for his family and friends.

Make the most of everything your exciting new iPhone 5 has to offerNow that you have the latest and greatest iPhone, it's time to find all the best and most fun ways to use it. This quick and handy guide presents all the important stuff you want to know, in a hip, helpful way. John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Make the most of everything your exciting new iPhone 5 has to offer

Now that you have the latest and greatest iPhone, it's time to find all the best and most fun ways to use it. This quick and handy guide presents all the important stuff you want to know, in a hip, helpful way. Packed with tips, tricks, and techniques, this edition covers the practical as well as the newest and coolest features, things like iOS 5, Siri, FaceTime video calling, HD video recording, multitasking, and much more.

Packs a boatload of tips, tricks, and techniques in a handy size to help you get the most out of your iPhone 5 Uses the hip, practical Portable Genius approach, designed to show you the key features that keep your digital lifestyle humming Spotlights innovative ways to complete various tasks and help you save time and hassle Reveals tips and tricks for working with the newest features, including iOS 5, Siri, FaceTime, HD video recording and editing, multitasking, and more

iPhone 5 Portable Genius is an essential accessory to your new iPhone.


Nejind Nejind
I had bought a previous book from this author. So I knew that it was excellent and easy to read, and understand. I will continue to buy these books when new phones come out.
Obong Obong
Great book, easy to follow. Certainly makes working with my iPhone easier.
Yggfyn Yggfyn
The book that should have been included with the purchase of the phone...Easy to understand and comprehend. I recommend it highly.
Frei Frei
This book is great especially if you are a newcomer to the Iphone 5. Its features cover most of the of the really pertinent data needed to get started on the right foot.
Doukasa Doukasa
One of the main reasons I got this book was for instructions on the dictation feature of the phone. However, dictation is not in the index, nor the TOC. I read the entire index looking for information on this feature and found none.
Beanisend Beanisend
This is the sort of manual that Apple should have included when you bought the phone. I mean you spend 3-5 hundred bucks, depending on memory, and get no useful guide, whatsoever.

The author presented the material in easy to use form, and there were plenty of pictures to help you visualize throughout. I did find several items discussed which were not true for my phone, but they may be due to my carrier, which is Sprint. But like it or not, I am stuck with a 2 year service plan as I assume most others will be also, so I will make the best of it. Just don't expect everything to be covered or explained, although a good 95-97% discussed works as the author described, and my personal issues may be due to the carrier as I said earlier. But without this manual, I wouldn't know how to basically do much more than make calls, since I am new to the APPLE universe, although I have had other brands for the last 25 years.

The book takes you through the machinations of the phone in a step by step process, so is best read first all the way through and then used as a reference manual on particular aspects as questions pop up, and they certain have for me.

Excellent guide and well worth the price for all newcomer and novice users of the iPhone 5. Some things simply work differently on the Apple than Android type phones, so don't be discouraged if a few things don't work quite as you thought they would.

Highly recommended.
This book introduces the reader to the features of the iPhone. Along the way, it provides tips that the reader may not have learned on their own while playing around with the phone. The book covers information about:
the hardware - including buttons, ports and the touch screen
configurations and settings
networks - wifi vs cellular
the phone app
web browser - safari
synchronizing the iPhone with a computer
music player
camera, photo software and videos
contacts and appointments
GPS and the map app
issues with the phone

The book provides some useful tips (one of my favorites was how to precisely position the cursor when editing text) and is worth a read to get the tips. But I only rated the book with 3 stars because there is missing or confusing information. Much of this can be corrected by searching the internet, but the purpose of the book is to provide this information. I think the book could use some proof reading or editing.

Here are a couple of examples of the problems I saw:
The book mentions customizing the home screen by moving the most used apps to the dock. The next hint section mentions that you can also update the menu bar. There are no pictures in this section of the book. So where are the dock and menu bar? I guessed the dock was at the bottom, but again, where is the menu bar? I searched the internet and could not find a difference between the two. Are they different or are they the same?

Another example, the book mentions using the Caps Lock feature. It talks about changing a setting to turn it on. My phone came with this setting already set. But that is not the big issue. The problem is, after stating how to make the setting, the book does not explain how to actually use Cap Locks. I already knew this, but you have to double tap the shift key. Someone who has not found this by accident would not be able to do this by reading this book.

A final example, the book mentions setting up people with relationships so you can use Siri to state "call brother" for example. Here's the problem, you would think "wife" would be a normal relationship, but it is not there. You can use spouse. But if you want "wife", you have to add a new label. The book does not mention this until many chapters later. It should have at leats mentioned that you should read a later chapter to add a missing relationship. Worse, it states, find a contact and set the relationship then pick another contact. Why?? After searching the internet, I found the answer. If you set spouse on a contact, you are telling Siri who that contact's spouse is, that is why you need to pick another contact. How do you set your spouse? You have to add yourself as a contact. This is not mentioned in the book at all (it actually took longer than expected to even find on the internet).

These are the types of things I expected the book to answer, not leave me hanging and have to search elsewhere. There are not a lot of these issues and most tips are very handy, but these issues exist and at the price of the book, I can't rate this book any higher than 3 stars.