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eBook SharePoint 2010 For Dummies ePub

eBook SharePoint 2010 For Dummies ePub

by Vanessa L. Williams

  • ISBN: 0470476435
  • Category: Networking and Cloud Computing
  • Subcategory: Computers
  • Author: Vanessa L. Williams
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: For Dummies; 1 edition (May 10, 2010)
  • Pages: 408
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  • Rating: 4.3
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Vanessa L. Williams has more than a decade of experience in information technology and information systems.

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The Office 365 version includes significantly enhanced cloud capabilities.

Part of the Dummies Series). by Vanessa L. Williams.

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Learn the nuts and bolts of SharePoint 2010 the fun and easy way

Microsoft SharePoint, the powerful collaboration tool, sometimes blurs the line between technical and non-technical users. Whether you're an administrator who needs to install and configure SharePoint or a non-techie who's been charged with managing content on a SharePoint portal, this book will make your job easier.

You'll find the nuts-and-bolts information that enables you to install and configure a SharePoint portal, plus specific solutions for SharePoint issues and the knowledge you need to design, populate, and maintain portal areas.

SharePoint is Microsoft's complex but powerful tool for enabling collaboration through a portal site Both technical and non-technical people may be called upon to work with SharePoint in some capacity; this guide addresses the needs of both Focuses on making a confusing topic clearer by walking you through real-world scenarios for getting a SharePoint portal up and running Provides essential information for administrators, solutions for specific problems, and a guide for those in non-technical positions who are responsible for sections of a SharePoint portal

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 For Dummies breaks a complex topic into understandable pieces so you can succeed with SharePoint.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.


Vozuru Vozuru
This is a superb book. She admits it's meant for beginners - not developers - and that's true, but in fact there is a tremendous amount that can be done without writing any code.
I've been a SharePoint developer for over 7 years and when I say this book is good, I mean it. So, why would someone like ME buy - and benefit from - this book? SharePoint is an application space (and platform) that covers a lot of ground. Having worked on SharePoint since version 2003, it has been impossible to cover all that SharePoint has to offer.
HOWEVER, Vanessa manages to cover the landscape without skimping on the details. For me, this helped me quickly become conversant on areas I just haven't had the time to get into. For the beginner, it can be used as a reference or a tutorial.
As a "for dummies" book, it assumes you know next to nothing, yet manages to gently bring you up to speed without boring you, and without going to fast - an amazing feat for any author.
Another person rated the book poorly because they didn't like the SharePoint product. That is an unfair criticism of the book.
Steamy Ibis Steamy Ibis
A great place to start if you are a user/owner of a site and are new to SharePoint. Assumes nothing, and is not overly technical. I recommend reading more than one books about SP, it is so complex, and this is a good one.
Maman Maman
Let me preface my thoughts by saying that I am "very new" to SharePoint 2010. I have taken a "Introduction to SharePoint course, and bought this book as a suppliment to build off of what I learned.

The major issue I had in reading this book is the Author rarely has complete thoughts or describe processes from Start to Finish. The repeated pattern is to give a very brief "hint" at what something can do, and then to say "I will discuss this more in Chapter BB"... so a person reads quite a bit of material- or jumps to Chapter YY to follow the thread... and the Author gives a slight mention of the item and says "I covered this in Chapter AA ." Furthermore, I found it rather frustraiting that the book leans on SharePoint Designer as a crutch... the Reader is given a snippet of information in SharePoint, but the Author then explains the wonders of SharePoint Designer. As a "Dummies" book, this could of been written better.
greed style greed style
I am writing this review because this book deserves more than a "1 star" rating that another e-version reader provided. I have the hardcopy/print version which includes plenty of screen shots. The book is written for those unfamiliar with SharePoint. However, even as a 20+ year IT veteran, with extensive SharePoint experience, I found the book to be useful as both a refresher for features I haven't used very much and as a intro to "what's new" in 2010.

I give the book 4, rather than 5, stars simply due to its intro-level coverage of SharePoint features. This is NOT a book for troubleshooting issues. It IS a book for anyone new to the SharePoint platform who is looking for some basic "how to" information and for gaining a solid, easy to read, understanding of how and why to use most SharePoint 2010 features.
Nikobar Nikobar
As SharePoint help goes - this is good. I don't think there's a fantastic resource out there because IT isn't a fantastic tool!
Lightseeker Lightseeker
I would be lost without this! Instructions are clear and the tips are great.
Uris Uris
Excellent "quick reference" guide for someone who is new to SharePoint and is thrust into the role of having to manage SharePoint content.
managing the knowledge base for a worldwide enterprise service desk - my limited skills have reached their limit. Time to take it up a notch. When in the Army years ago, we managed our Unix environment with the Dummies book, and did quite well with it. 15 pages in, and I like this one, too!