» » The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users 2010
eBook The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users 2010 ePub

eBook The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users 2010 ePub

by Robert L Bogue,Amy Dehmer

  • ISBN: 0982419805
  • Category: Networking and Cloud Computing
  • Subcategory: Computers
  • Author: Robert L Bogue,Amy Dehmer
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: AvailTek LLC (September 24, 2010)
  • Pages: 574
  • ePub book: 1706 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1410 kb
  • Other: azw mbr lrf rtf
  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 128


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Robert L Bogue, Amy Dehmer.

My expectations were exceeded. The Shepherd's Guide is unique. There's nothing like it anywhere.

You will be able to find and use all of the common features that every user needs. With over 170 tasks you'll find what you need.

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Created October 14, 2016.

Paperback, 372 Pages. You will be able to find and use all of the common features that every user needs. With over 116 tasks you'll find what you need.

The Most Comprehensive and Authoritative End User Guide for SharePoint 2010This Guide for End Users is an outstanding tool to help your users maximize their utilization of SharePoint and build exciting and useful functionality.  Providing detailed examples, this guide will be the best resource for End Users to use in their pursuit of making SharePoint 2010 create real value in their organization.  Built on many years of SharePoint consulting and implementing in various organizations, this extensive guide was built to help organizations maximize their value from SharePoint.   Much of SharePoint's potential rests on the usefulness of this tool for end users.   A guide of this detail provides end users with step by step instructions to easily build and maintain applications and sites.Many industry experts and consultants claim this book to be a most valued resource for end users.  Help your organization realize the potential benefits of SharePoint by empowering your users with this helpful tool.


OwerSpeed OwerSpeed
I like the way this book is organized, and the author's content is well written - but all of that is virtually wasted because of the poor print job.

There are screen shots in this book showing views of SharePoint sites and menus on almost every spread. Every one of them looks like it was screened at 30 lines per inch or less to obtain the half-tones. The screen shots are so washed out that they are almost impossible to read. It reminds me of the screened photos that appeared in newspapers 50 years ago. That was acceptable for a photo, but not for an illustration of a website or menu.

What a disappointment! Where is quality control at AvailTek LLC? (the publisher)
Leniga Leniga
I like this book for end users because they can go directly to what they want to do and it has a short list of the steps required to do the task. However, the screenshots and some of the headings are very light and too hard to read. I bought one and was going to send it back, but since the steps were the important part I let it go. But I thought it was a misprint so I ordered another and it was exactly the same. How this got by the editors I don't know. If they reprint with readable screenshots it would be a much better buy. I am considering sending back both of them.
Mr.Death Mr.Death
I received the book very fast. It is as advertised and has very good information. I would recommend this book and this seller.
MeGa_NunC MeGa_NunC
Being a newbie to IT stuff, this book took some getting used to. Once I got the hang of the layout and vocabulary, it was much easier to reference.
Moogura Moogura
This book is a collection of basic tasks that you need to know in order to be a competent all around user of SharePoint, with a very reasonable use of selective screenshots.

That might not be tempt you to choose this book over others. However all descriptions of basic tasks are not equal, it is in the way the tasks are described that sets this book apart for me. Honestly, most of these tasks you could figure out for yourself once you get the hang of the interface, but there is enough trickiness from task to task and enough "gotchas" that a reference guide like this that points you to the right way of doing each task could save you a lot of frustration with many of the more idiosyncratic aspects of SharePoint.

The subtle thing that sets this particular guide apart from the others is its brevity and its functional focus in each task. Bogue excels at making casual comments throughout that will save you a lot of time and effort and at introducing complex ideas in simple single page summaries. Comments like: "this template contains a tab control that doesn't work on other sites." That means you had better be careful in choosing your templates if you are going to rely on that feature. Or "you can use about 50 characters in this field before it becomes intrusive." Nice to know before you have to go back and change it because it ruins the appearance of your site. Or "some features won't work with long URLs, so keep them short but descriptive." Those are good things to know that will save you a lot of time redoing things later and they typically aren't the sorts of things that are clear in most how-to guides.

When this book does introduce concepts, it does it in a very straightforward and accessible (low-jargon) way. There's a nice succinct 1 page discussion of whether to create a sub-site or a new site collection (one of the more important and confusing SharePoint administration decisions), a similar one for whether to create a new page or a new site, and one for whether to organize using folders or metadata. These are all very useful short, focused discussions and it would take some effort to cull these concise explanations from most other books on the market. Consider the way Bogue clears away much the mystery from content types: "the real magic (of content types) is in the idea that you can put multiple content types in the same document library or list ... different kinds of documents ... with different data storage and processing needs." That basic insight could take quite a bit of reading and experiment to realize.

This is not a book that experienced SharePoint admins or developers will get much out of, because the tasks and concepts it covers are very basic. For those who want a basic end user manual to SharePoint competence, this is the best I've come across. The one small quibble I have with this book is the typography. I personally found this book harder on my eyes than most, it seems to be printed in three shades of grey with bolder headings and the pictures are all light grey. That's not unusual for mass-market technical books, but for someone who reads a lot it is still annoying.
I'm a Russian Occupant I'm a Russian Occupant
SharePoint Shepherd's guide breaks down the barriers between users and technology. The task oriented style of the book is perfect for end-users who work on a daily basis with SharePoint. This non-traditional approach was embraced and found useful by several companies I'm involved with as a SharePoint consultant.

Most organizations continue to struggle with having their end-users embrace new technologies. Now managers have a resource that will no doubt encourage adoption of SharePoint within any company. This book contains just the right amount of technical detail; more complex concepts are well-explained. End-users will appreciate the bite sized chunks of information rather than having to get through chapter after chapter to become familiar with concepts.

As a frequent contributor to SharePoint forums, I continue to run into questions that this book readily answers. Want to see SharePoint calendar in Outlook 2010? Done! Deleted something by accident? Lookup the task `Recovering items from the recycling bin'. Got a group of people that must not be able to delete items in a list? Page to task: `Create a custom permission level'. The book is easy to use contextually. Anyone working in a team-site may run into issues, and now answers are available simply by looking up concepts in the book's index pages.

Gone are the days of having to open a helpdesk ticket just to edit a list view. Empowered knowledge workers will greatly enhance their team and contribute to the company's bottom line.

As some other reviewers pointed the book has some stylistic deficiencies, however, these issues do not detract from the value it provides.
Overall I'm impressed with this product. It's to the point and easy to use. My clients have been grateful for recommending this book.
Hra Hra
Very well written and covers step by step details for almost all the of the tasks that end users are likely to perform. Author certainly has a good grip on the subject matter and makes sure SharePoint elements like Lists, Libraries, and Calendar etc. are explained decently with reasonable depth.
If you are a SharePoint site admin this book is of little help. You will certainly learn some features that will help you but it's definitely not targeted to site admins. Actually this is the very reason why this book done so well because it has a focused audience and it does well for them. If you are an end user go grab this book!