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eBook Learn Python the Hard Way ePub

eBook Learn Python the Hard Way ePub

by Zed Shaw

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  • Author: Zed Shaw
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Zed Shaw’s Hard Way Series. Visit informit This book’s job is to teach you the three most essential skills that a. .

Zed Shaw’s Hard Way Series. This book’s job is to teach you the three most essential skills that a beginning programmer needs to know: reading and writing, attention to detail, and spotting differences. 4 learn python the hard way. If you are reading this book and ipping out at every third sentence because you feel I’m insulting your intelligence, then I have three points of advice for you: 1. Stop reading my book.

Zed A. Shaw is the author of the popular online books Learn Python the Hard Way, Learn Ruby the . Zed Shaw takes you through 52 exercises that will teach you everything from writing your first program (the classic "Hello, World!" program) up through lists, dictionaries, loops, and so on. Shaw is the author of the popular online books Learn Python the Hard Way, Learn Ruby the Hard Way, and Learn C the Hard Way. He is also the creator of several open source software projects and has been programming and writing for nearly 20 years. Most of his free time is devoted to the study of painting and art history. By the time you finish the 52 exercises, you will have a solid foundation for learning more about Python. Shaw has incorporated numerous graphic images to allow the readers to comprehend the steps listed within each exercises. That was not the hard way, there were some extremely Read the whole book overnight

Zed A. Finally, this book provides a little appendix section for all the sudo codes you can perform on consoles for the Windows, Mac, and Linux. Overall, this book is great because it starts with the basics of Python; I would highly recommend this book to new coders as this book is easy to comprehend and follow through. That was not the hard way, there were some extremely Read the whole book overnight. Was hoping for some really hardcore chapters, but went through it like a knife through the butter.

Each book in the series is designed around short, understandable exercises that take you through a course of instruction that creates working software. All exercises are thoroughly tested to verify they work with real students, thus increasing your chance of success. The accompanying video walks you through the code in each exercise. Zed adds a bit of humor and inside jokes to make you laugh while you’re learning.

The best way to learn Python is by doing. and techniques of data analysisTrain efficient Machine Learning models in Python using the supervised. This book includes a complete. Statistics and probability for engineering applications with Microsoft Excel. Absolute Key To Occult Science, The Tarot Of The Bohemians. 56 MB·71,354 Downloads·New!

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zed shaw learn python the hard way. Zed A. Shaw - Learn Python The Hard Way book.

Zed Shaw has perfected the world’s best system for becoming a truly effective Python . developer. Preface This simple book is meant to get you started in programming

Zed Shaw has perfected the world’s best system for becoming a truly effective Python . Follow it and you will succeed-just like the tens of millions of programmers he’s already taught. You bring the discipline, commitment, and persistence; the author supplies everything else. Preface This simple book is meant to get you started in programming. The title says it’s the hard way to learn to write code, but it’s actually not. It’s only the hard way because it uses a technique called instruction. Instruction is where I tell you to do a sequence of controlled exercises designed to build a skill through repetition.

бесплатно, без регистрации и без смс. You Will Learn Python! Zed Shaw has perfected the worlds best system for learning Python. Follow it and you will succeed-just like the hundreds of thousands of beginners Zed has taught to date! You bring the discipline, commitment, and persistence; the author supplies everything else. Type their code precisely. No copying and pasting!) Fix your mistakes.

Learn Python The Hard Way is a book I wrote to teach programming to people who do not know how to code. It assumes you are probably a power user of your computer, and then takes you from nothing to programming simple games. After reading my book you should be ready for many of the other programming books out there.


Qag Qag
Practically this entire book can be found online for free. But this is a good printed back up. This was purchased for my college attending son.
Togar Togar
I had to get this for a class at USC,we followed right along with it and breezed right through it.I bought the paper copy and I think it worked out for the best but some bought the e copy (pdf I think) and they were able to cut and paste the code, thus possibly short changing themselves.
Ariurin Ariurin
Seriously, this book changed my life. That is all. It has great examples, and great pedagogy. Zed is the man.
Bulace Bulace
A great way to start programming but will be slow for somebody already has a language or two under their belt.
Bremar Bremar
the beginning few chapters weren't bad/hard. but later chapters are harder to understand what I was doing because it doesn't explain why something is done. the extra questions at the end of each chapter aren't always helpful.
Biaemi Biaemi
I really don't understand why this book is so popular in the Python Community as it's not very good.

Way too much time is spent at the beginning of the book teaching you how to print things. What Shaw covers in the first 10 lessons could be covered in 2-3 even maintaining the very simplistic nature of the text. He then dives into manipulating files, a subject that doesn't need to be introduced until much later and really only needs one lesson for the beginner. By contrast Tuplas, a very important concept in Python only get one paragraph very late in the book. It's the same with Objects/Classes and OOP in general. All of these concepts are forced into 3-4 lessons late in the text and Shaw seems way more concerned about the reader using the correct terminology than he is about actually explaining practical uses for the concepts.

The idea of "practical use" is actually my biggest complaint about the book. After completing the whole course I realized that it doesn't actually prepare you to program anything original in python. In order to solve the simplest programming problem you have to basically read the Python documentation and/or search for code online because very little of the standard library is addressed. Much less any of the non-standard but frequently used libraries. At best the book gives a very general overview of programming and Python. The same can be learned from a free course on or similar.

My other complaint is that Shaw doesn't really explain concepts after he introduces them. At least like he should. His answer to that is to have the reader research on their own. The problem there is that a lot of information found via Google is way over the beginners head. Shaw really should just take the time to explain concepts better. Currently it just seems like he's taking the easy way out.

The book does do a really good job of introducing logic and functions and some core concepts of programming. Sadly those core concepts aren't really explored beyond the superficial level in any meaningful way. At the end of the book I know how to program a very simple text adventure game but couldn't even come close to solving even the simplest problem at a website like
Jarortr Jarortr
Like many others I've tried reading intro to programming books, and even tried to pummel through Udacity's Intro online class. The author (Zed) really gets you to roll up your sleeves and start coding. The exercises are great and approachable. One of my complaints with other approaches is that a lot of instructors use abstract values etc, this book actually uses examples you can understand to begin to connect the dots. I am half way through the book and loving it.

One recommendation is you can read the online version, and read through the comments which are the best! So much insight and gold nuggets are in the comments.
I tried to learn Python for so several years - giving up after weeks each time, then trying again. I came across this book, LPTHW. The peculiar thing about this book is - you have to suspend judgement. Just type what you see in the book - short exercises of about 20 lines or so (gets bigger later!). Then run the code and see the output. When you type it wrong, you get an error - you just look again at the book - and see what you typed wrong. Somehow - Zed knows how - you start seeing the logic in the code you typed.

It's a very cleverly designed book. By allowing you to make mistakes and letting you fix them yourself, it teaches simple bug-fixing. In chapter 43 of the book (total 52 chapters), I typed about 120 lines of code...made many mistakes - the program crashed - I was able to understand and fix the errors each time till the program ran smoothly. What an achievement, thrilling!

I was able to write a small program all by myself - which asked me 7 random questions from a text file I created full of questions! I still am struggling - but I can see myself coding within a year - turning out some nasty code perhaps, but code that works. And eventually, I will write good programs. There's tons of free stuff available on Python - tutorials etc. I had tried them all. There's other books - and there's LPTHW.

I purchased this book and signed up for Zed Shaw's online tutorials from another website. Truly worth the time, money, effort - if you want to learn Python - don't look any further. Just make up your mind to not give up, and open LPTHW.