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eBook Advanced Microsoft Visual Basic (Mps) ePub

eBook Advanced Microsoft Visual Basic (Mps) ePub

by Mandelbrot Set International Ltd

  • ISBN: 1572318937
  • Category: Programming Languages
  • Subcategory: Computers
  • Author: Mandelbrot Set International Ltd
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Microsoft Press; 2nd edition (October 1, 1998)
  • Pages: 896
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  • Rating: 4.7
  • Votes: 803


Advanced Microsoft Visual Basic book.

Advanced Microsoft Visual Basic book. In the authors' words, Our main aim in writing this book.

Authors: Mandelbrot Set International Lt. Advanced Visual Basic 6: Power Techniques for Everyday Programs.

Java All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies. Ready-to-Run Visual Basic(r) Code Library: Tips, Tricks, and Workarounds for Better Programming.

Advanced Microsoft Visual Basic 5 is a collection of essays on using Visual Basic (VB) 5 to build . The 18 essay contributors are programmers from The Mandelbrot Set, a British development firm long associated with VB and Microsoft's Visual Basic development team

Advanced Microsoft Visual Basic 5 is a collection of essays on using Visual Basic (VB) 5 to build enterprise applications-a task that frequently pushes VB past the limits of what it was meant to do. While these essays aren't meant to constitute a VB tutorial, they address many issues that you're likely to run into in when developing large production applications. The 18 essay contributors are programmers from The Mandelbrot Set, a British development firm long associated with VB and Microsoft's Visual Basic development team. Examples and sample applications from the book are included on the bundled CD-ROM.

Advanced Microsoft Visual Basics . : Expert Techniques and Solutions for Professional and Enter Developers. Explores all the possibilities open to a developer using Visual Basic as his or her primary client/server development tool.

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Microsoft Press, ISBN 1-57231-893-7). There is a little more there but not much

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In the authors' words, ""Our main aim in writing this book is to write the most advanced book yet available on Microsoft Visual Basic."" Written from the perspective of the professional Visual Basic developer, ""Advanced Microsoft Visual Basic, 2ND Edition"" explores all the possibilities open to a developer using Visual Basic as his or her primary client/server development tool. New to this edition is material on new data access technologies, accessibility issues for the physically challenged, increased support for IIS, BackOffice and mixed language programming, and enterprise support for server side objects, such as the component gallery and Microsoft Transaction Server. The accompanying CD-ROM contains sample code and valuable utilities developed and tested by the authors, The Mandelbrot Set.


Maucage Maucage
Excellent read when I was using VB6
Envias Envias
This book has a few good chapters in it "On Error GoToHell" - on errors, "Minutiae" on compiler options andother usually overlooked Visual Basic optimizations, "Well, at Least it compiled OK!" on testing, "Starting With Bases Loaded" on base code, "Mixing Languages with Visual Studio" and "Didn't I Write That Function Last WeeK?" on code reuse. I didn't read the chapters on IIS, databases and CE (if I wanted a book about these subjects, I would buy one). The most surprising chapters dealt with enterprise development and "How to Find, Recruit, and Retain Great Developers" which were just plain out of scope. TMS authors' should write about VB6 in a VB6 book. Those chapters should be elsewhere - maybe a management book. I also did not like the Accessibility in Visual Basic chapter which dealt with making your programs for disabled people. Also, the dating and programming with variant chapters were frivolous and not "advanced" at all.
This book is written by people who generally know what they are talking about and there is a lot of good stuff in there. However, like all books with multiple authors, some chapters are better than others and some just plain irrelevant.
The error handling chapter is probably the best. The "Programming with Variants" chapter is the most interesting but, if followed through, is a sledge-hammer to crack a nut. The "Minutae" chapter is also interesting but of no practical use. The chapter on Business Objects was the most dissapointing. It appears to have a lot of good stuff in it but falls dreadfully short on how to implement its theories. "How to recruit" was cetainly the most irrelevant chapter in a how to write code book. I guess it was there because it's a subject close to the author's (Mr Mandelbrot's) heart.
The book's biggest strength is its 'different viewpoint' to most other VB books. It's biggest weakness is that VB is rapidly heading for the history books. Despite its many shortcomings Java is now where it's at. Sorry.
Kerahuginn Kerahuginn
A simple must for all professional developers - I've had the book three days and cannot put it down although I've had to as my head will surely explode - it's already started to expand (and my daily rate with it too!).
The best chapters are for me (so far) are:
On Error GoTo Hell, Taking Care of Business, Minutiae, VB's Guide to Dating (a Y2K MUST read), Starting with the Bases Loaded, Databases are for Dorks, Accessibility in VB.
Nicely written and researched and written by some very well informed people.
Thanks again.
Xangeo Xangeo
If you think you have learned VB for all it's worth, Take a browse through some of this book's fascinating chapters (especially the first one) for a glimpse of VB techniqes like youve never thought of before. Even though i am an MCP in VB (70-176 & 70-175) and have been programming for a while in it, I could still find very good tips about everything, starting from Error handling techniqes such as "Error handling as transaction processing" or "Smart data types -Smarties". The writing is pretty funny at times, but is to the point.It DOES assume you know VB and and Object Oriented basics, and have been writing small-medium sized software for a while before reading it. There is a very nice chapter about the principles of programming for the WINDOWS CE interface which was illuminating.
This is something i keep for reference on my shelf in our company offices and every once in a while i would remember a good solution to something were working on and look it up .
The 1st chapter alone is worth the price of admission, and has changed the way i program drastically, giving me power tips and advanced techniqes no programmer should go without.
Stuff like "How to trace call stacks after compilation" and the "ERL" function have really made my day. "How to use assertions" is one of the better guides to program code that tests itself.
Cool information about extended use of API and subclassing, plus some of the undocumented functions of VB and a few undocumented API functions as well.
(p.s If you don't know what ERL means, it returns the line No. of an error and is undocumented..except this book)
In short, Buy it.
Rasmus Rasmus
The title of this book should be "How TMS implements VB"
If you're an Intermediate VB programmer who's looking to expand his/her skills, don't buy this book. I learnt this lesson the hard way.
This book is not really an Advanced book. Its really a super-advanced book with many special and arcane topics. There is good technical info at times but it is few and far in between. The book rambles along aimlessly. There is little explanation as to how one topic relates to another.
The authors are knowledgable in their fields but extremely conceited. They also try to be witty all the time. Gets tedious after a while. There are too few examples and too much prose.
Agrainel Agrainel
This book is composed of chapters written by individual authors. Each chapter about a particular aspect of VB programming (such as error handling, Y2K, Databases, etc.) and is written by the most knowledgeable perosn on TMS's staff. The chapter's are not designed for beginners, but are wonderful for helping an experienced developer excel. A must have book for serious VB programmers!
Most of the content in the book tries to examine the dissection of a programmer's knowledge as taken up by an employer and it is difficult for a hardcore programmer guy to swivel and adapt to the entirely new viewpoint. The reader could more often be gathering tips as to what a good developer should or should not do.
Some parts of the book present radical new ideas but on the whole are supported by very little example code which is mostly what a programmer understands. On the whole the book is good - only the developer will have to place himself for once in a totally different seat and take to the content in a different angle.