» » C# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design (Introduction to Programming)
eBook C# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design (Introduction to Programming) ePub

eBook C# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design (Introduction to Programming) ePub

by Barbara Doyle

  • ISBN: 0538453028
  • Category: Programming
  • Subcategory: Computers
  • Author: Barbara Doyle
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Course Technology; 3 edition (August 11, 2010)
  • Pages: 1088
  • ePub book: 1105 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1720 kb
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  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 232


Learn the fundamental programming principles using C, one of the most widely used programming.

Learn the fundamental programming principles using C, one of the most widely used programming. C++ Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design. 76 MB·2,019 Downloads·New!. 37 MB·26,312 Downloads Introduction to C++ (and C) Programming. 39 MB·50,969 Downloads. Intro Classes E ciency OOP Outline 1 Intro to C++ programming About C and C++ Introductory.

Distinguished author Dr. Barbara Doyle has been teaching introductory programming courses for more than 25 years. She received her P. from Florida Institute of Technology in 1991 and shortly after joined the faculty at Jacksonville University

Distinguished author Dr. from Florida Institute of Technology in 1991 and shortly after joined the faculty at Jacksonville University. She currently chairs the CS Department, where they prepare majors in Computing Science and Information Systems.

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C Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design.

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This book assumes no prior programming experience. However, some adequate mathematics background, such as college algebra, is required.

Gain a solid understanding of today's most important programming principles with Doyle's C PROGRAMMING: FROM .

Gain a solid understanding of today's most important programming principles with Doyle's C PROGRAMMING: FROM PROBLEM ANALYSIS TO PROGRAM DESIGN, 4E. This insightful introductory book highlights the latest Visual Studior 2012 and C . software with a unique, principles-based approach to give you a deep understanding of programming concepts. Respected author Barbara Doyle admirably balances principles and concepts, offering just the right amount of detail to create a strong foundation for beginning students

C# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design has been thoroughly revised for Visual Studio 2010. As in previous editions of the text Doyle introduces a variety of basic programming concepts, from data types and expressions to arrays and collections - all using C# as the programming language. Every chapter begins with an identification of objectives and ends with a case study solidifying concepts presented in the chapter. New to this edition, each chapter ends with a new "Coding Standards" section summarizing style issues and links to additional Resources. Ideal for both novices and programmers with experience in other languages, this book goes beyond traditional programming books by including new, advanced software topics such as an introduction to database connectivity using LINQ (Language Integrated Query) and ADO.NET. A full chapter is devoted to web programming using ASP.NET.


Malakelv Malakelv
First, I've only made it through the first nine out of fifteen chapters so that being said here are my initial impressions. What this book does well is to present and subsequently reiterate certain key points as the reader progresses through the material. For this reason I would give it another star from a beginner's perspective. This same reiteration was a bit bothersome to an experienced programmer. However, there were a couple of topics that were glossed over on the first presentation (presumably they would be revisited in later chapters for additional clarification). I also found that the index at the back of the book rarely had the topic I was looking for.
From the perspective of a more experienced coder I was dismayed by occasional errors, and appalled at the short history of computing that made some annoying statements from the perspective of someone who was there in the early years of the PC.
Here's the quick overview - for the first eight chapters you wrote DOS-style console applications; and in Chapter nine you are introduced to Windows Application development. If you are using anything but Visual Studio (VS) you may also be disappointed as there are constant VS-specific tips. Of course VS is free for download so that isn't isn't a major issue unless you are working on Mac or Linux. This is different from at least one other text I've looked at that started with Windows Applications from the very beginning.
Finally as an absolute nitpick - the font was somewhat bothersome - sometimes it seemd like spaces between the end of one sentence and the beginning of the next were missing. Bit a big deal but after a long day, a bit annoying. The color-coding was very useful and very helpful, but it was global at times - i.e., some random occurrences of C# keywords were highlighted when they apparently didn't need to be. But these were relatively trivial.
spacebreeze spacebreeze
I've purchased several books that cover C#. I happy to report satisfaction with all, including this one. Although I think purchasing this one was redundant. The book claims to not focus on C# syntax but after reading the first two chapters, I think it does. I don't see how a book titled as such can avoid C# syntax. This title doesn't only focus on C# syntax, it teaches analytical problem solving and designing the solution to the problem. Everything a programmer needs in one book.

The book is loaded with colored illustrations of main topics of each chapter. The illustrations are of tables, charts, flowcharts and example code. I think this book extremely detailed with all topics covered and is worthy of your consideration if you enjoy reading lectures. The end of each chapter is loaded with questions and exercises to aid in retaining the material, a huge plus. I think a new edition has arrived which would explain why I was able to get this for $15.00. The content is presented in a professional and detailed manner, but definitely not worth the $180.00 price tag.
Nalmezar Nalmezar
This book was purchased for use as a textbook in an into to C# class. I have read the book and worked many of the exercises through chapter 3 so far. Since I have something of a background developing .NET applications (VB.NET) I have found the book fairly easy to navigate. A total beginner might find it more difficult if they are not already familiar with Microsofts' Visual Studio 2010 IDE or they have no prior programming experience.

The concepts of classes and methods and how to use them is a little dry but not as bad as many other books I have read in the past. I have certainly found much useful information in this book and all concepts (up through chapter3) are clear and the examples are good. I haven't found any typos in the examples (through chapter 3). I understand that later in book there are some advanced topics included. Looking forward to tackling those chapters soon.

Overall, I would say this is a good book to learn C# if a person already has some knowledge of building .NET applications. I wouldn't want to try to use this book if I was a complete novice.
Dagdatus Dagdatus
I just started learning C# for a college class and this book has made the class so much less painful. I have read many text books where the text seems robotic and boring. That is not the case with this book. This book is a great reference book with 100's of examples scattered throughout and a great explanation for (as far as I know) anything involving C#. Though there are a few points in the book where the amount of information is still rather abstract and confusing.

I will definitly be keeping this as a reference book though. One of the better Programming books I have read so far :)
Justie Justie
This book is a great introduction to the C# programming language for students or anyone interested in it. I used it for a college class years ago. Some of the more advanced topics are not covered in-depth, but that's because it provides an introduction. Topics such as events, working with databases, and object-oriented programming features are covered well in this book. I believe that this book would be good for people who don't have any experience with programming since most of the explanations and examples are easy to understand. But for students that are at the advanced level, I would look for another book to continue learning about C#.
Xwnaydan Xwnaydan
The material (contents) meet my expectation regarding problem solving techniques and practical example of solution to everday business problems. One thing I was disappointed with was there was no resources to answers for the Exercises at the end of chapters. Otherwise, the book is an exellent tool for training in programming C# and .Net Web applications.

I would appreciate if anyone can direct me to the resources to answers to the Exercises in the back of the chapters.
Cheber Cheber
Excellent beginners book, but too pricey. Price gouging college students that have to purchase the book for a class.
Book moves at a very fast pace without critical thinking analysis.