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eBook AppleScript Studio Programming for the Absolute Beginner ePub

eBook AppleScript Studio Programming for the Absolute Beginner ePub

by Jr. Jerry Lee Ford

  • ISBN: 1598633031
  • Category: Programming
  • Subcategory: Computers
  • Author: Jr. Jerry Lee Ford
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Cengage Learning PTR; 1 edition (October 27, 2006)
  • Pages: 384
  • ePub book: 1631 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1477 kb
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  • Rating: 4.8
  • Votes: 126


AppleScript Studio comes free with Mac OS X and provides the framework and integrated development environment for creating applications that include fully functional graphical user interfaces.

Jerry Lee Ford, Jr. is an author, educator, and an IT professional with over 24 years' of experience in information . is an author, educator, and an IT professional with over 24 years' of experience in information technology, including roles as an automation analyst, technical manager, technical support analyst, automation engineer, and security analyst. He is the author of 40 books and co-author of two additional books. The Absolute Beginner books attempt to make learning scripts less than tedious by involving the reader in writing games using the code. I found this very engaging with Python.

by Jr. Jerry Lee Ford. 15 MB·13,049 Downloads. Absolute Key To Occult Science, The Tarot Of The Bohemians.

Ford, Jerry Lee, Jr. Publication date. urn:acs6:ford:epub:8b9-89f787fb7dbf urn:acs6:ford:pdf:f71-eca33c4f3479. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Developed by computer science professors, books in the for the absolute beginner series teach the principles of programming through simple game creation. AppleScript Programming for the Absolute Beginner provides you with the programming skills that you need and shows you how to put these skills to use in real-world scenarios.

As part of the for the absolute beginner series, Programming for the Absolute Beginner teaches all the concepts through the creation of simple computer games, making the learning process much more fun and enjoyable.

This book focuses on teaching the reader how to program using AppleScript, the language that controls and automates applications on Mac OS X. Unlike other books on AppleScript, AppleScript Studio Programming for the Absolute Beginner focuses on AppleScript's role in supporting the development of AppleScript Studio applications. AppleScript Studio comes free with Mac OS X and provides the framework and integrated development environment for creating applications that include fully functional graphical user interfaces. Throughout the book, users will learn the key functionality of both the AppleScript language and the AppleScript Studio application development framework by developing graphical game-based applications that are actually fun to create. Topics covered include values, variables, classes, conditional logic, loop building, strings, lists, records, handlers, and much more. Although intended for readers new to programming, there is also additional coverage of more advanced topics; users will learn to work with drives, files and folders, how to control applications, and how to debug programs and handle errors. The companion CD-ROM includes all of the source code from the book.


Uthergo Uthergo
This book is a wonderful idea, but unfortunately, it's a total disaster. Here's why:

1) The book is poorly edited and a vast majority of the examples provided in it simply don't work.

2) The book claims that there's a companion website, but they don't tell you where it is.

3) After searching the web, I finally found on the company's website an MS Windows-only executable file, which contains the book's examples. Unfortunately, Mac users cannot open "Microsoft" programs, making the example files worthless.

As I said, this book is a good idea, but they did a terrible job producing it. This is definitely a DON'T BUY ITEM...
Gandree Gandree
The book has too many errors and is poorly edited. Some of the errors are minor. For example, pg 26 step 5 says to quit the Interface Builder and save when prompted. The very next step says to select the button control and click Show Inspector... hmm, can't do that if the Interface Builder is closed. There are several instances of these kind of errors sprinkled throughout, and I'm only on pg 57 (of 363.)

Which brings me to my next problem. The second project is creating the Fortune Teller app. I've stopped at pg 57 because I can't get the app to run. The code is typed in exactly as in the book and it gives me an error when I build and run it. I'm running OS X 10.4, same as the author. No problem I thought, I'll just go to the web site and see if there are any corrections. Appendix A is called "What's on the companion web site?" and describes the code examples in the book. That's great, but they neglected to print the url to get to the site. I searched for 10 mins looking for it and found it in small print on the back of the book [...].

Now for the inexcusable part. I found the web page for this book with the download link to the code samples. The link shows as "33031_AppleScript_Source.ZIP". However, the link is really pointing to "33031_AppleScript_Source.exe". An executable? Well, not really because when I downloaded it, Get Info shows it as a document. I can't even open this document. I tried changing the extension to .zip but that didn't work. I also tried .gz and some other popular compression extensions but nothing works.

It's a shame. This book has the potential to be a great introduction to Applescripting and building apps that interact and leverage the power of other apps on your system. As it stands, I think absolute beginners, the target audience for this book, would quickly become frustrated and give up.
Utchanat Utchanat
I gave this book five stars because it deserves it. The other reviews are from folks who still don't know their
programming environment. The book is also the only one available that is contemporary enough to incorporate Tiger utilities. The VTC training course (you can view examples online) is excellent but outdated--the instructor
still uses Project Builder instead of XCode.
I think this is an excellent beginners book in that the author uses "fun" applications, which can be of psychologicl help for those who have never programmed.
I have a degree in Computer Science with a focus on Unix System Administration. I've read ALOT of technical books and know how hard it is to convey subjects such as programming to the novice.
In my estimation this guy has done a great starter book.
Briciraz Briciraz
Someone needs to write a book on Applescript Studio. This sure isn't it. 95% of it is on Applescript ONLY. This was supposed to on Applescript Studio, remember? I suspect the Studio part was left out because the author doesn't really know it very well. What few items look at Applescript Studio, and they are very few, are screen shots of menus, etc. This book was a big disappointment! I would buy a real Applescript Studio book in a heartbeat. Hopefully there is someone capable and willing to write it.

Very, very, poor.
Yanthyr Yanthyr
AppleScript has been growing in popularity since its introduction a dozen or so years ago. Down through the years it has been expanded and developed to a higher level. With the release of OS X, it has dramatically increased its utility, power and ease of use. Now bundled under the general name AppleScript Studio, it is included with OS X after version 10.1.2.

Basically AppleScript is an English language like programming language that continues the Apple tradition of making their computers easy to use. It is a fast to learn, fast to write language.

This book follows the same concepts, it begins with a simple application (a Knock-Knock joke), goes into the editing system, and from there into the standard programming rules: variables, conditional logic, loops, strings, building a GUI and so on. (Yes, I know AppleScript is a scripting language that doesn't do GUIs. But Cocoa is supplied almost as a part of AppleScript, and Cocoa does do GUIs.)

This is an excellent beginners book to learn programming the Apple way.