» » Big Blue Java: The Complete Guide to Programming Java Applications with IBM Tools
eBook Big Blue Java: The Complete Guide to Programming Java Applications with IBM Tools ePub

eBook Big Blue Java: The Complete Guide to Programming Java Applications with IBM Tools ePub

by Daniel J. Worden

  • ISBN: 047136343X
  • Category: Programming
  • Subcategory: Computers
  • Author: Daniel J. Worden
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Wiley (April 4, 2000)
  • Pages: 572
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  • Fb2 book: 1496 kb
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  • Rating: 4.3
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A comprehensive programmer's guide to developing sophisticated web-enabled applications with Java IBM has products in more than two-thirds of the existing commercial systems installations in the world. Over the next several years many of these systems will need to be accessible through the Internet, intranets, and extranets. IBM has chosen Java as the strategic technology for making all of their products ready for e-business. This book describes the Java tools available from IBM and explains how to use them to create Java-based applications. Worden details the challenges and techniques used to implement these technologies and shows you how these products can solve real-world application problems. Covering strategic as well as technical issues, Big Blue Java briefly introduces the emergence of Java and e-commerce at "Big Blue," IBM. The author then provides in-depth discussions on development tools, server products such as WebSphere Advanced and Enterprise, business and object modeling, the SanFrancisco Java framework, and Visual Age for Java as development environments. Also evaluated are the features and functions of the product suite offered by IBM, to help you find the right software for your e-business requirements. Inside you'll find: * Details of the IBM Java product development rationale and process * Key features of the IBM Java tool suite * Explanation of the role of related object tools including Rational Rose * Sample application models * In-depth description of the SanFrancisco environment The CD-ROM contains: * Sample code from the book * Visual Age for Java forms * Servlet samples * Rational Rose models * IBM support material


Ionzar Ionzar
As stated in the Introduction (Aims & Audience), the intention of this book is to introduce the role and features of the entire set of IBM tools in creating Enterprise Java solutions. It is clearly stated as being designed to be useful for people with little or no Java programming expertise. It is in no way about Design Patterns, UML, XML or TP Monitors. It will be especially useful for people who need to move from green screen shops to understanding the full range of tools and techniques needed to develop thin client applications for a WebSphere environment. While newer versions of some of the software have been released, the fundamentals remain sound and applicable. I have received many favorable responses from readers via email and I am perplexed by the implication that the entire book could be explained by a single IBM marketing rep. Yes, they're good people, but really now, let's be fair. There are a great many developers, architects and managers who can benefit from a ground up introduction to the full range of tools used to develop e-business applications in Java. That was and remains the main objective and audience for this book. I hope this clarification is useful for anyone contemplating whether or not to read Big Blue Java.
Rolorel Rolorel
I have worked with WebSphere for over two years, and this book makes some of the worst fundamental assumptions about Java, the power of Big Blue, and the overall direction object oriented technology is going. The book consists of misspelled words, poor examples, and countless programming errors. I really have no idea what qualifications Mr. Worden has regarding IBM products, but my advice to him is that he should actually learn the material he is writing about before he decides to preach from the pulpit about it.
Tygolar Tygolar
The book gives you excellent introduction to WebSphere, Visual Age for Java, Net.Commerce . The examples given are detailed and the reader need not no anything about web related technology before reading this book. Must buy book for AS/400 people to get into e-commerce stuff
Uafrmaine Uafrmaine
Daniel - One question: What is are "tales of owes?"