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eBook DVD Demystified Third Edition ePub

eBook DVD Demystified Third Edition ePub

by Jim Taylor

  • ISBN: 0071423966
  • Category: Engineering
  • Subcategory: Engineering
  • Author: Jim Taylor
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics; 3 edition (January 31, 2006)
  • Pages: 700
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  • Rating: 4.5
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Ships from and sold by bookloverswarehouse. No matter what you need to find out about DVD, this book gives you the answers you can understand, use, and count o. - - Fred Grossberg, President, Mill Reef Video, Washington, DC. Revised and expanded including the newest technologies, formats, and production details.

In DVD Demystified, Jim Taylor combines the technical expertise of an engineer with the imagination of a visionary. The book is a must-read for those who require factual information about the great potential of DVD technology for delivering digital video content

In DVD Demystified, Jim Taylor combines the technical expertise of an engineer with the imagination of a visionary. The book is a must-read for those who require factual information about the great potential of DVD technology for delivering digital video content. Dana Parker, Consultant, DVD Diva, and coauthor of the CD Recordable Handbook "DVD Demystified is required reading for everyone involved in DVD. If you are new to the DVD business this book will save you time and money

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We ask you to make a distinction between a complaint and cancellation. We try to assess the exact condition of the goods as objectively as possible. Jim has actively participated in DVD Forum working groups since 1998 and serves as Chairman of the DVD Association.

This is not merely ‘a’ good book to help you make sense of DVD, it is ‘the’ book that you will return to over and over as you explore and come to understand this exciting new optical media format.

I met with Jim in San Francisco later and got his book with his auto-graph. For the past three years, Jim Taylor’s DVD Demystified has become the authoritative bible of the industry, bar none.

McGraw-Hill New York San Francisco Washington, . Auckland Bogotá Caracas Lisbon London Madrid Mexico City Milan Montreal New Delhi San Juan Singapore Sydney Tokyo Toronto. I met with Jim in San Francisco later and got his book with his auto-graph. It sits nicely on my shelf as a monumental book that gave me the confidence that we are doing the right thing. I am certain that every self-respecting DVD professional in the business owns a well-worn, dog-eared copy.

The Demystified series is burgeoning.

by. Taylor, Jim. Publication date.

U.S DVD sales will top $8.1 billion in 2002, an increase of over 50%, according to Adams Media Research. DVD sales this year surpassed video, even though only 30% of households have DVD players (compared to 90% for VCRs). In August 2002 the New York Times dubbed DVD “the most successful home entertainment device in history…a true pop-culture phenomenon.” DVD Demystified has served as DVD’s bible since the format first shipped in 1997. Demystifying not only basic technology issues but detailing production and authoring processes, making sense out of the plethora of battling video, audio, and data formats, and clearly explaining how DVD standards and specs dovetail or clash with related digital media standards, this book has not only become DVD’s standard reference, but also required reading for DVD enthusiasts who wanting to peer behind the scenes and figure out how to get the most from their technology. Since then, Jim Taylor has become DVD’s most visible guru, now President of the DVD Association, author of the internet DVD FAQ, and profiled by E!Online and DVD Report. This third edition will be almost completely rewritten to cover the major technology, format, and standard changes of the past three years, and will once again include a DVD designed to show the extreme limits of performance of this dynamic technology.


Onnell Onnell
I bought this book because it got high ratings along with promising reviews here on Amazon and because of what was "promised" on the back-cover of the book; namely the following two bullet-point statements:

"This book is a MUST read if ...
* You can't afford thousands of dollars for the standards and specifications books
* You read the standards and specifications books but didn't understand them"

My search on the interwebs brought me to this book. I was searching for info on detailed description of file structures present on DVD media (chiefly IFO files but also VOB files). There is some info on these on the web, but it is not complete. There are open source code that read and create these files but they aren't fully documented, and some are not pretty to read.

This book seemed to promise to deliver such info as it specifically claims to clarify and "demystify" the 'expensive' standards and specifications after one has read them and still needs further help understanding them. In this regard this book fails to deliver. The two bullet-point items quoted above are a LIE.

This book does, however, have a good history of video (and audio) media evolution throughout the decades past. It does introduce the key players in each step of the evolution of video media up to the current Blu-ray and HD-DVD (now defunct). In that respect, I would say this book does serve well to give a nice summary.

In my opinion this book is not technical enough, certainly not to the extent it boasts to be.
Gadar Gadar
Taylor's been the man for DVD sooo many years now and this latest revision is the first I've purchased. The depth of detail and fullness of the technical specification information is fantastic and what one would hope from a classic-staying-fresh.

I was only after a relatively narrow batch of information, and this certainly worked for me on that. Beyond that, it certainly tempts me to learn more about DVD authoring and what the formats are capable of (inc. Blu-Ray/HD DVD).

From a money point of view, "DVD Demystified" has always been a good value and still is.
Eayaroler Eayaroler
This is an excellent book that caters for a wide range of knowledge bases and explains some of the technical issues very clearly. It also gives some very useful background about the development of VHS and DVD, and this also helps to understand the rationale behind the various standards.

Quite technical in places, but certainly answers most questions concerning anything to do with music and video media. Very useful for anyone working in entertainment to know some of this. A good book, I recommend it.
Togor Togor
Jim Taylor's books on DVD and BD are the standard on the topics. Gives an in-depth and mostly readable account.
Silly Dog Silly Dog
This book is a bit too wordy.
The material could be put in a book half its thickness. At times I catch myself drifting from the main subject, since the author seems trying to impress the reader with his writing. I really like the material that is presented in the book; it gives the reader a great deal of information about the technology.
Yannara Yannara
Not familiar with technical aspects of this book it is a gift to someone who is a sound audio technician unable to review at this time
Fearlessdweller Fearlessdweller
I needed to learn about creating a DVD, and most of the recommendations that I got steered me towards DVD Demystified by Jim Taylor. The book, and accompanying DVD, do exactly that - it demystifies the DVD media.
I enjoyed the review of the history of DVD, including the interesting machinations that moved the standard along and continues to scare the entertainment producers. The section gave valuable information without diving into the technical details too quickly.
After that, the author gets technical enough so that a novice can learn about the requirements. Everything from information for the home set-top box buyer to material preparation, standards (such as they are), file formats and clear explanations of the terms used in DVD and the programs with which you create them are all there. While the book doesn't give hardware or software recommendations, I actually think this is a plus. The field is changing so rapidly that such a book would be useless in short order.
To me, two of the best chapters of the book are those on DVD myths and the accompanying chapter "What is Wrong with DVD?". It both gives you an idea of what improvements could be coming to this technology in the future, plus if you need to convince your boss to transition to this technology, it breaks down the misconceptions about DVD in easy to understand language that can be easily converted into a presentation that even Dilbert's boss could understand.
The DVD has some program demos and some odds and ends that I couldn't get very excited about. There is also a website associated with the book that is updated monthly and is a terrific resource. Since Amazon throws out reviews with web addresses in them, suffice it to say that you need to type "dvddemystified" into Google and look at the first address listed.
The only real disappointment I had with DVD Demystified is that the scripting language of the media is not explored. Anything that I have learned about scripting has come from the authoring program I am working with, but I would like to have another reference to fall back on.
Thus, if you need to move towards delivery of DVD products, I do recommend you read this book.
It's practically the bible of all things DVD related. If you're in the digital, archiving, film, advertising biz of some kind, this book is an incredible read. WOW. Just wow. Demystified is not the same as "for dummies". There is hardcore, fabulous info in here. I'd be more specific except that I'm still on the "high" from having read it.