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eBook Crisis in command: Mismanagement in the Army ePub

eBook Crisis in command: Mismanagement in the Army ePub

by Richard A Gabriel

  • ISBN: 0809037114
  • Category: Engineering
  • Subcategory: Engineering
  • Author: Richard A Gabriel
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Hill and Wang; 1st edition (1978)
  • Pages: 242
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  • Rating: 4.7
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Book by Gabriel, Richard A


Kann Kann
Gabriel and Savage wrote Crisis in Command in the immediate aftermath of the Viet Nam War, a period in which the US Army was demoralized and fundamentally damaged by the war. Crisis in Command documents what went wrong within the Army, comparing the "managerial" style of leadership with the leadership methods that General Hans Von Seekt put into place in recreating the German army during the 1920s.

Crisis in Command shows all of the personnel and leadership pathologies that demoralized the army, the individual rotation of troops rather than of complete units, dating back to World War II, which prevented the "FNG" from being integrated into a combat unit during his brief (1 year) tour in country, the Army's desire to "blood" its officer and NCO corps in the only war available and rotating them likewise with blinding speed through units with more care for their careers than for their men. Gabriel and Savage used a memorable phrase to summarize the lack of leadership: "It is impossible to manage men to their deaths."
Fenrikasa Fenrikasa
This book covered a serious problem which was gaining traction as Vietnam was developing and continued to grow after it was at full strength. Mismanagement and the quality of leadership continued to erode the quality of units. It was well written and quite explicit.
Ueledavi Ueledavi
All true - I saw it myself
happy light happy light
A book everyone should read for the full story.
Kezan Kezan
As a young officer, I read this book shortly after it was published decades ago. I bought it for my sons who are now officers. The lessons Gabriel and Savage described are as important today as then for American military leaders.
Modifyn Modifyn
The book that I purchased was every bit as cared for as any new book might be. This book was read by one person and then resold - thankfullyI got it. The saving was substantial; without the discount I might not have been able to buy it. The story in the book was useful in my work environment.
Tcaruieb Tcaruieb
I first read this book as a student in ROTC in the mid-1980's. The author shows how thousands of years of military philosophy and practice were thrown away by the Pentagon in exchange for modern corporate practices. Soldiers must be lead; not "managed" to their deaths. Manamara and crew subverted lessons learned by commanders in battle through the ages, and substituted corporate methods which were the detriment of the US military; especially in Vietnam. An army can fight anywhere, anytime, so long as it is properly trained and led by skilled military leaders who innovate on the lessons of the past. Corporate practices should be left to those in Admin and Supply. The author cites examples of the military successes that were due to adherence to historical military truisms. This book will describe the REAL cause for our failure in Vietnam- to the surprise of most University intellectuals. This book causes an epiphany of ones sense of military history.
This book clearly and succinctly discusses what went wrong with the US Army leading to the debacles of Viet Nam. It is good reading for those interested in the military, but the lessons are just as true for industry. I highly recommend this book.