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Город: Los Angeles, CaliforniaПодписчиков: 166О себе: Greetings earthlings my name is Candy D. .

Город: Los Angeles, CaliforniaПодписчиков: 166О себе: Greetings earthlings my name is Candy Darling from the planet glamtron.

Candy Darling (November 24, 1944 – March 21, 1974) was an American actress, best known as a Warhol Superstar and transsexual icon. She starred in Andy Warhol's films Flesh (1968) and Women in Revolt (1971), and was a muse of The Velvet Underground. Candy Darling was born in Forest Hills, Queens, the child of Theresa Slattery, a bookkeeper at Manhattan's Jockey Club, and James ("Jim") Slattery, who was described as a violent alcoholic.

Candy Darling, Massapequa Park, New York. The Life And Times Of Warhol Superstar Candy Darling. See us over in the backroom at Max's. Come on over, Candy & Jackie are waiting. 27 December 2019 at 02:29 ·. : Andy Warhol and Truman Capote.

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Darling seems to have been a pre-operative transsexual, rather than a "drag queen

Sweet, sad, mixed-up and not terribly bright, she stumbled through life on hopes and her great looks, actually managing to achieve some success as an actress (not just in Warhol films, but other films and Off-Broadway) before she died at 26 of leukemia.

Not simply a painter’s studio, it was the center of Warhol’s assembly-line production of films, books, art, and the groundbreaking Interview magazine.

A look into what moved Andy Warhol’s greatest muse. Located at 33 Union Square West in the heart of New York City’s pulsing downtown scene, Andy Warhol’s Factory was an artistic anomaly. Not simply a painter’s studio, it was the center of Warhol’s assembly-line production of films, books, art, and the groundbreaking Interview magazine.

Candy Darling: Memoirs of an Andy Warhol Superstar, . 8, Open Road Media. Book by My Face for the World to See: The Diaries, Letters, and Drawings of Candy Darling, Andy Warhol Superstar, 1997. People, Different, Real. 23. I feel like I’m living in a prison. There are so many things I may not experience. I cannot go swimming, can’t visit relatives, can’t get a job, can’t have a boyfriend. I see so much of life I cannot have. 5. I'd rather be a silly old fool than a lonely old woman. This is my barbed wire dress.

Candy Darling - Candy Darling. These diaries give us a glimpse into Candy Darling, human soul. Candy Darling entered this world on November 24, 1944. By all appearances she was a baby boy and was thus assigned the gender male. Candy’s parents named her James Slattery. Where did the real Candy Darling start and the carefully constructed public persona of Candy Darling end? Was there a difference? Candy was a complex, frequently self-contradictory person.

diaries of the late Warhol-era drag queen


Rainshaper Rainshaper
Really great info about Candy Darling. The formatting of the ebook however left something to be desired. It wasn't clear with the diary section where one entry began and the next ended. An interesting book, but parts of it could be formatted better.
Ger Ger
Although she passed away the same year that I was born, denying me the chance to really get to experience her life, Candy Darling was one of the very first transgender icons to whom I aspired. Not only was she stunningly beautiful, but she was accepted, validated, and celebrated as a muse of both the infamous Andy Warhol and punk pioneers The Velvet Underground. Never mind that I didn't get Warhol's art, and was never a fan of Lou Reed's music - Candy, for me, eclipsed them all.

Given that she died far too young to pen her own memoir, I was excited by the idea of Candy Darling: Memoirs of an Andy Warhol Superstar. As a book, it's deeply flawed and painfully opportunistic, but it still provides some wonderful insights into the mind and the personality behind the icon.

Comprised primarily of journal entries and personal letters, interspersed with contemporary reflections on her life and influence, it's a very odd book to read. There's no narrative flow, no logical structure, and it doesn't follow any timeline of events. What's more, the material is presented precisely as Candy wrote it, awkwardly formatted, sometimes hastily scribbled, and in need of a good editor. Surprisingly, for such a short book, there's a lot of fluff and a lot of filler included, but it's all worth it for the deeply personal pieces, including letters addressed to her closest friend.

It's there that we find a fascinating look at what it was like to be a transgender woman at a time when the gay rights movement was just starting to make waves, but when the idea of being transgender was still very far from any sort of open acceptance. She talks of her dreams, coming across as an exceptionally passionate woman, full appreciative of her successes, but also desperately longing for acceptance and validation. There's a voyeuristic feel to reading it, knowing that we're seeing her through papers she never intended to be public, but it's also a fitting way to celebrate one of the very first transgender superstars.
Fenrikasa Fenrikasa
Candy Darling: Memoirs of an Andy Warhol Superstar by Candy Darling is a free NetGalley ebook that I began reading in early March. I was extremely interested in reading this book after watching a documentary of a similar name (and front cover) on Netflix and looked forward to learning more about Candy through a different dimension/form of media.

Reading the first section of this book reminded me about reading The Letters of Andy Warhol many moons ago. This book, however, is much more interesting and has a substantial amount more.....heart. Not to say that Andy Warhol has a vapid or less caring personality (because he probably doesn't), but Candy's diary and personal notes come off as poetic with more pathos. Maybe because it seems like it's between just us girls.
Windforge Windforge
Candy Darling was part of lower Manhattan's art and boho scene in the late 60s and early 70s. Specifically, Warhol's Factory and, the hang out for all involved, Max's Kansas City. She was a tall and big boned "gal" with a face that demanded a cinematic close up. But as for this little book, Ms. Darling definitely had a talent for putting pen to paper. Candy poignantly evokes the bittersweet attention she receives through songs, film and stage productions she's inspired, while suffering the void left from lack of any intimate connection. Whatever Candy shared with any man, those match ups were few and fleeting. The real tragedy here is that Candy Darling (a/k/a James Slattery) lived her whole life from the outside looking in.

Candy Darling has famously been memorialized through Lou Reed's "Candy Says" and "Walk on the Wild Side." On stage and film, she appeared in "Pork" and "Women in Revolt." As an actress, she most definitely had a flair for light comedy, and surely this was the result of her close study of Hollywood films during her "exile" on Long Island.

The irony here is that, for someone who had always been fixated on Hollywood heroines, Candy Darling ended up being one herself.
Nawenadet Nawenadet
I found the book to be interesting for the Factory information.
Winenama Winenama
Very disjointed and poorly formatted as an e-book, it was really hard to glean much of anything from this book. I understand wanting to portray the troubled and artistic sides of Candy Darling, but a reader has to be able to follow the narrative to see those sides. The diary entries and letters by Candy are more disjointed than anything Bill Burroughs could concoct. The second part with a more straight-forward biography (as an introduction) and a couple of what appear to be essays is a much easier, and much more informative read. The third, a return to Candy's own writings, is again a bit difficult to get through, but seems to have had a bit more care taken with it.
Nirn Nirn
Warhol superstar and transgender icon Candy Darling comes back to life in this beautiful memoir. Tragically dying at the young age of 29, Candy wasn't around long enough to write an official memoir so what we are left with is her personal journals. Published the way Candy wrote them, spelling errors and all what we get is what most peoples journals are like, ranging everywhere from light streams of consciousness to deep personal thoughts and feelings. The fluff, such as cooking recipes, personal grooming tips, and discussion about the celebrities Candy adored and strived to be like leave you smiling but it's the personal letters addressed to her closest friends and entries on self identity and the struggle of being a pioneer trans woman long before there was any beginning of public acceptance that make this a worthy read. Those who are looking for a Warhol scene tell-all will be disappointed. What's here is a human being struggling to figure out their place in the world.

*Obtained through Netgalley for an honest review*