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eBook Heavyhands: The ultimate exercise ePub

eBook Heavyhands: The ultimate exercise ePub

by Leonard Schwartz

  • ISBN: 0446380040
  • Category: Exercise and Fitness
  • Subcategory: Fitness and Nutrition
  • Author: Leonard Schwartz
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Warner Books; Warner books ed edition (1984)
  • Pages: 278
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  • Rating: 4.9
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Heavyhands: The Ultimate Exercise Paperback – February 1, 1984. I hope some enterprising exercise scientist is looking to update the experiments that Dr. Schwartz performed on himself.

Heavyhands: The Ultimate Exercise Paperback – February 1, 1984. by. Leonard Schwartz (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. I'd be interested to learn if HH is still the best way to increase your VO2MAX.

Publisher: Warner Books Inc (P) (1838).

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Leonard Schwartz documents in rich detail, the secrets to HeavyHands "ing" your way to ultimate fitness. The great thing about the exercise system described in this book is that there are no hard or fast rules to follow. I have used his HeavyHands books extensively for over 14 years to guide me from a state of obesity with at least 5 life-threatening overweight-related diseases to prime fitness. This level of fitness is attested to by the fact that I currently compete successfully in . You set the pace you want to work at, pick the music you want to listen to, decide where and when you want to work out.

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Presents a system of familiar and new exercises which combine the exertion of two or more major muscle groups and which are structured to result in weight control and increased physical strength, flexibility, fitness, and endurance. Vintage 1980s hardcover book has some light shelf wear. The dust jacket has some shelf wear, with corner and wear, and some light creasing. The pages have some light tanning, but are crisp and clean, and are without any markings or tears.

By Leonard Schwartz, . I was pleased when my friend Clarence Bass offered me the chance to publish an up-to-date note on Heavyhands, the method, since the rubber clad, glove-like (strapped) dumbbells with interchangeable weighted ends are about to be relaunched. Here's a brief history and explanation of Heavyhands, together with some new directions and notions about Heavyhands exercise. In 1982, my book HEAVYHANDS: The Ultimate Exercise was published and simultaneously AMF produced and distributed Heavyhands weighs.

Heavyhands: The Ultimate Exercise by Schwartz, Leonard (1984) Paperback. The Heavyhands Walking Book focuses on the multiple benedictions of 'Muscle Loading; or Panaerobics. 138Q8/?tag prabook0b-20. Heavyhands: The Ultimate Exercise System.

ISBN 10: 0446380040 ISBN 13: 9780446380041. Publisher: Warner Books, 1984. Pioneering work on exercise fitness by Leonard Schwartz . using a combination of hand weights with aerobic exercise.

Pioneering work on exercise fitness by Leonard Schwartz M.D. using a combination of hand weights with aerobic exercise. Leaders in the fitness industry who really explore and investigate fitness methods, have cited Heavyhands as a seminal work on an effective method of all over body toning and strength training. This is an exercise regime you can do at home, with very little equipment and limited space.


Arashitilar Arashitilar
From my husband: In 1982 I learned about heavy hands at a time when I was looking for a simple way to lose weight and become fit. I had seen lots of runners carrying the red-handled hand weights, but for me, running wasn't an option because of a back injury. One day I picked up this book by Dr Schwartz and learned that by pumping the weights, you can get a great workout while simply walking. Over the next seven months I lost 50 pounds with this book as my exercise bible. Now almost 68 years old, I've kept the weight off and become amazingly healthy.

I find the book both illuminating and inspiring. It's not just a how-to manual; it's also packed with research data and Dr Schwartz's wry observations. At some point, I lost my copy and was therefore delighted to find a used hardback in very good condition.
Ielonere Ielonere
I am 44 and have had rising blood pressure over the past several years. It was getting worrisome. I saw a reference to "heavy hands" on the Vox Populi blog comment section and googled for it. I was intrigued. I bought the book around 7 weeks ago; it's now July 3, 2017. Since my purchase I started with 3lb weights and have worked my way up to 6lb weights. I began as a fairly big and strong guy who did regular strength training, so I was surprised how a couple of 3lb weights could kick my butt so thoroughly. I expect to graduate to 8lb weights in the next month or so.

My routine has been to do HeavyHands walking on a track 3x per week for between 40m and 60m per session. Afterwards I do another 30m or so of regular strength training (Jefferson curls, pull ups, lunges, etc). For the HeavyHands cardio, I maintain between 70 & 85% max heart rate and monitor it with a heart rate monitor.

In 7 weeks my blood pressure went from 140/100 to 110/65. To say I am shocked is an understatement. My weight is unchanged however my body composition has greatly improved. My arms, shoulders, back, and abs are getting very defined. I also found the "HeavyHands Plus" workout video on Youtube which is a 47m aerobic video; I downloaded it and added it to my NAS for safekeeping. It provides a nice little change-up from the walking exercises. Highly recommended even though it is thoroughly 80s.

I agree with other reviewers that some of the science in the book is dated. For example, the notes on gripping the weights very hard being bad for blood pressure is outdated info. There's been quite a bit of science related to using isometric gripping to lower blood pressure over time (resulting from a study of fighter pilots who were gripping their control sticks very tightly). Perhaps their suggestions to get the special HeavyHands weights with the strap were motivated by selling more of their own branded merchandise. It doesn't matter. I use regular little dumb bells and grip them tightly the whole time.

I hope some enterprising exercise scientist is looking to update the experiments that Dr. Schwartz performed on himself. I'd be interested to learn if HH is still the best way to increase your VO2MAX.
NiceOne NiceOne
Like many here, I've made Heavyhands part of my long-term approach to fitness for more than 30 years. As a consequence, I've been able to build and maintain fitness and health to support not only everyday challenges (e.g. holding back overweight and general physical and cognitive deterioration with age) but also an outdoor lifestyle that includes the enjoyment of hill-walking, cycling and alpine skiing. I've noticed with every passing year the advantage this has given my wife (another regular heavyhander) and myself as compared with many of our more sedentary contemporaries. Furthermore, compared with those addicted to a more limited and inflexible form of exercise such as jogging, I observe that we haven't suffered from the knee and other below-the-waist joint problems that are so often the lot of many (usually ex) amateur running enthusiasts. An incipient lower back problem first experienced in my thirties was also tamed quite easily by heavyhands and consequently hasn't been a problem for more than 30 years since. In fact it's one of the supreme features of this system that you can work around almost any niggle for as long as required by just changing the emphasis of the moves you perform. In this way, the niggle is prevented either from stopping your practice or turning itself into a longer-term problem by "working through injury". Anyway, enough said. Buy the book. Get with the programme.
betelgeuze betelgeuze
This is a great system to get yourself in shape with minimal/ no gear to buy or excess complication.
Dr, Schwartz spent a whole lot of time and money doing research and lab work to see how to burn maximum calories and work all your muscles efficiently and simply.

This system had a good run of popularity back in the 1980s but then faded away after Dr. Schwartz died

If you get the book, or just want to see what it's all about, I would suggest looking up the videos online. There are only two or three videos with the doc that have survived here and there and a few newer ones done by others in later years. Seeing the exercises helped me clear up some questions on how to do them.

This is why only three stars, the book didn't quite get it across to me how some of the exercises worked and in what rythmn/speed. The videos made it instantly obvious.