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eBook Change One : The Breakthrough 12-Week Eating Plan ePub

eBook Change One : The Breakthrough 12-Week Eating Plan ePub

by Peter Jaret,John Hastings

  • ISBN: 0276429737
  • Category: Nutrition
  • Subcategory: Fitness and Nutrition
  • Author: Peter Jaret,John Hastings
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: David & Charles (December 31, 2004)
  • Pages: 320
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  • Rating: 4.7
  • Votes: 151


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Hastings, John, 1962-; Jaret, Peter; Hermann, Mindy . A guide to the 12-week program that focuses on changing your eating habits, one meal at a time.

Hastings, John, 1962-; Jaret, Peter; Hermann, Mindy G. Publication date.

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Change One : The Breakthrough 12-Week Eating Plan. ChangeOne: The Diet & Fitness Plan: Lose Weight Simply, Safely, and Forever. I'm exercising for the first time in years and the best part is I'm not hungry! Forget the gimmicks - come back to the real world and learn how to eat for the right reasons.

by John Hastings, Peter Jaret, Mindy Hermann. ISBN 9780276429736 (978-0-276-42973-6) Softcover, David & Charles, 2004. Find signed collectible books: 'Change One: The Breakthrough 12-Week Eating Plan'. The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet: Smart, Simple, Science-Based Strategies for Losing Weight and Keeping It Off. by Barbara Rolls PhD, Mindy Hermann.

Change one eating habit at a time, and slowly get used to healthier eating habits. Reader’s Digest have now come up with a complete on-line format containing all the advice from the book plus additional tools. The name Change One comes from the idea that you make a single change to your lifestyle and diet each week. Start out by altering breakfast habits, then lunch, then dinner and so on.

A breakthrough plan developed by experts that is safe, effective, and easy to use. Change your eating habits one at a time and in 12-weeks transform your relationship with food. Includes recipes, pantry stocking tips, food diary pages, and other essential tools-plus hundreds of tips for permanent weight loss. Age Range:18 years and up. Grade Range:Grade 12 and higher. Health Health, Fitness & Dieting Health, Fitness & Dieting Medical Medical Books Other Diets Self-Help Social Science Social Sciences Weight Loss.

The 12 week year is a book you can open to any chapter and find valuable insights and practical actions you can put into practice . It's a simple approach to creating breakthrough results. Chief Distribution Officer, Allianz.

The 12 week year is a book you can open to any chapter and find valuable insights and practical actions you can put into practice today. read it; study it; apply it!" Head Coach -Tom Izzo. Michigan State University Men's basketball team ) My name is, Brian Moran, Co-Author of the New York Times Bestseller, The 12 Week Year. Senior Vice President, Mass Mutual.

All Copies the breakthrough 12-week eating plan, by John Hastings, with Peter . Hermann, Mindy G author.

During each week of the programme, readers simply change one element of their eating habits. At the end of four weeks, readers will have replaced all their usual meals with healthy, calorie-counted options. ChangeOne : lose weight simply, safely forever : the breakthrough 12-week eating plan, by John Hastings, with Peter Jaret and Mindy Hermann. Hastings, John, 1962- author. Publication Information. Pleasantville, NY : Reader's Digest.

Devised by leading weight loss experts, this is an easy-to-live with 12-week programme with no calorie counting! It works by slowly introducing subtle changes to your eating and lifestyle habits, one at a time, so that you acquire the habits and mindset necessary to lose weight and keep it off. During each week of the programme, you simply change one element of your eating habits. For example, in week I replace your usual breakfast with one of the Change One breakfasts, and continue to eat what you normally do for lunch and dinner. In week 2, in addition to eating the Change One breakfasts, you will replace your usual lunch with one of the recipes offered in the book. At the end of 4 weeks, you will have replaced all your usual meals with the healthy, calorie-counted options in Change One and will have built up the habit of healthier eating. Change One is not like other diets. Instead of concentrating on not eating, the emphasis here is on following a healthy eating plan that means you can still eat your favourite foods and you don't need to go hungry. Change One is positive and encouraging: it doesn't say you can never eat out again but instead offers advice on how to eat healthily in your favourite restaurants and suggests tips on how to snack sensibly. Change One will show you how to change the way you eat, shop, cook, visualise and interact with food, to give you a whole new outlook that will help you keep the weight off.


Ironrunner Ironrunner
There are no magic tricks here, just sound nutritional principles. I've wasted too much time and pain on fads in the past and this diet is the perfect antidote. Good food, taken in moderation with strong behavioral guidelines to help you. I'm a month in and I've lost 17 lbs and it feels like I will keep them off. The balanced diet has eliminated the hunger and cravings which have haunted me in the past. The book is a joy to read and so easy to follow.
The Rollers of Vildar The Rollers of Vildar
I am so excited that I decided to order this book. I am already into week 3, and feel that this will finally be the catalyst to help me change my eating habits! This is an easy-to-follow, no-nonsense plan for easing into a healthier lifestyle. Everytime I've gone on a "diet" I usually last about 3 days, before all of the food I've labeled "forbidden" begins to tempt me. By using this book, and taking necessary changes step by step, instead of "all or nothing", I am on the way to eating healthier, and am losing weight as well. The info in this book certainly isn't "new," but is laid out in such a way that success seems much easier to attain.
Feri Feri
came on time, great gift idea, loved the product, wonderful service, nice to have around when you need good read
Meztisho Meztisho
Informative good book
Phallozs Dwarfs Phallozs Dwarfs
My husband and I loved this book after we read it , it has had many outings to friends and family. The book takes a real approach to changing how you eat. It was a good purchase.
Helldor Helldor
This book by John Hastings puts an important issue in it's proper context and provides thorough and complete steps to achieve one's goals. The focus is to go slow yet also be comprehensive. Our bad habits can't be shoved under the rug in a day. The initial enthusiasm for those partaking in other "new" programs and fads wanes if one denies themselves of this-and-that, and forces one to eat or drink that-and-this. How long does that usually last? You can answer that yourself. The purchase price of this book will help you if you're serious, and save you a lot more than videos, "new" workout equipment or everyday gimmicks we're bombarded with by the Diet Industry.
Focusing on sound, proven, and common-sense nutritional principles, Change One offers the healthiest and most wholistic guide to health AND weight loss that's been produced in some time. In contrast to those who advocate ramming fat and protein down our throats, not eating before noon, or spending money on the "Hollywood diet shake."
Under Change One, a person doesn't have to deny themselves everything of what they like, but moderation is important, like everything in life. One can eat out in restaurants at times and there are recommendations on ordering a variety of things so as not to sabotage your progress. There is also a self-assessment guide to give you a look into what your habits are. Hastings takes a not-at-all-boring-approach to caloric intake, portions, adjusting the kitchen to good eating, stress relief, and exercise, which are all components to healthy living. If being healthy and of optimal weight is important to a person they should take it seriously. Other programs sell quick-fixes, gimmicks, and defeatist magic tricks that only focus on one aspect of weight-loss and often times are detrimental to our health rather than helpful.
Meri Meri
First, let me say I am so glad I bought this book, and I highly recommend it. I am following the suggestions in the book for changing my way of eating and thinking about food. The plan eliminates the overwhelmed and famished feeling normally experienced at the beginning of a diet, because the changes are made so gradually. The book is the best way to learn about the new plan, although I was a little disappointed because I think some questions are unanswered. This may be on purpose, because there is an effort to keep things simple, and addressing every issue in detail would detract from that. I am also a member of the website, and that has been disappointing. Although I am not having problems with my computer and can access other message boards, for two weeks I have been unable to access the message boards at the Change One website. Customer Service has been disappointing. BUT, if they can fix the problems, I think the book and the website will be awesome resources for those of us trying to change our lifestyle.
I bought ChangeOne by John Hastings almost a month ago and it has been a lifesaver! I poured through the book section looking for something that would help me to permanently take off the extra weight I have been carrying for years. Every book out there, had a gimmick. Protein diets, the Hawaii diet, Sugar Busters, Atkins, etc. I wanted to skip the diet and go straight to maintenance so that I could change my lifestyle to become healthier and thinner. ChangeOne contains the basic information that you need to learn about eating healthier, portion control and how to deal with eating out, family pressure and social gatherings. They have meal suggestions and calorie guidelines. Everything in this book makes sense. Eat healthy. Watch your portions. Exercise. The weight comes off slowly, but surely. I have lost almost 30 lbs in 13 weeks, which is not slow, but I went on the "Fast Track" by incorporating the entire program during the first week instead of one meal at a time. When you understand what size portions you should be eating and begin to follow that routine, you will feel satisfied after eating. I love the website that supports the book and I have had no problems accessing any part of the website. I have 20 more pounds to lose and I'm looking forward to losing it and maintening it with ChangeOne!