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eBook Thinker Doodles: Think, Draw  Color, Beginning, Pre-K ePub

eBook Thinker Doodles: Think, Draw Color, Beginning, Pre-K ePub

by Michael Baker,Danielle West

  • ISBN: 0894558692
  • Category: Activities Crafts and Games
  • Subcategory: For Children
  • Author: Michael Baker,Danielle West
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: The Critical Thinking Co. (2005)
  • Pages: 48
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  • Rating: 4.1
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Thinker Doodles activities develop a wide variety of thinking skills as they engage your child in drawing and coloring. More fun than mindless coloring books, Thinker Doodles develop organized analysis and motor skills needed for success in reading, writing, and mathematics. These quick, fun activities can be used in the classroom, after school, at home, and on trips to stimulate developing minds. Clues amp Choose asks your child to use visual clues to match complete pictures with their unfinished forms. After identifying the pairs, students draw the missing parts to make matching pairs. Once the drawing is completed, students follow directions and apply creative thinking to color the pictures. Author: Michael Baker Reading Level: Grade PreK Format: 45 pages, Paperback Publisher: The Critical Thinking Co ISBN: 0-89455-869-2


skyjettttt skyjettttt
I am a big fan of the Critical Thinking Company, and this workbook is fabulous because it is geared towards the younger ages. While many critical thinking skills can't really be honed until the more mature ages, this book can be used with kindergartners. Basically each page has a coloring exercise with directions, which encourage the child to analyze some drawings, complete the missing parts, and compare them all before they color each of them in.

For example, a page might say:
1. Look at each boat above, and find its unfinished picture below.
2. Color the boats with three windows using four colors.
3. Color the boats with two windows using three colors.
4. Color the boats with one window using two colors.
5. Add something different to each boat.

So you can see that different thinking skills are used, including induction, deduction, inferential thinking, creative thinking, etc. Also the kids are taught to follow directions, read directions very carefully, and understand comparative language ("at least", "no more than", "other than," etc). This last thing is often very hard to teach young children, so it's worth purchasing just for this skill!

It's a great book and a great length, especially if you photocopy it so you can reuse it. However, I felt I had to downgrade it by one star because sometimes the directions are a little vague. There are multiple ways of interpreting some of them, which perhaps is done on purpose but I felt was too confusing for this age. I had two children doing the same page simultaneously, and when they were done, I had to carefully analyze if they'd followed the directions because they'd interpreted them slightly differently. As my children got used to questioning each instruction carefully before coloring, they'd often ask me discerning questions that were not explicitly answered. So I think that could be better.

Also, and this is not a bad thing, this book works best with careful supervision. It's not something a little kid can do without help on their own, and it causes lots of tears if they get to the end and you check it, and they've colored it all wrong because they misunderstood something little somewhere--another good reason to photocopy the pages. It's a coloring book but each page takes some time and discussion. Especially for pre-K, which it's recommended for. I did it with a 5 and 6 year old, which worked well.
monotronik monotronik
This is very useful to get a child to analyze what they are seeing and drawing correctly from their analysis. Amazingly enough, my 4 year old had a hard time making small connects needed in the first few pages. It definitely will help a child process what they see if you are looking for something more than just a simple coloring books. This will help with thought process and using a writing tool. Highly recommend even if my son is not sailing through it.