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eBook Dead Heat (Thoroughbred Series #35) ePub

eBook Dead Heat (Thoroughbred Series #35) ePub

by Joanna Campbell

  • ISBN: 0061065641
  • Category: Animals
  • Subcategory: For Children
  • Author: Joanna Campbell
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: HarperCollins (June 3, 1999)
  • Pages: 176
  • ePub book: 1350 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1532 kb
  • Other: txt lit lrf lrf
  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 259


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Ashleighs Farewell Thoroughbred Series Joanna Campbell paperback. Customs services and international tracking provided.

Thoroughbred is a series of young-adult novels that revolves around Kentucky Thoroughbred racing and equestrianism.

I stopped, but in the middle of the series. The last book i read ended with Ben (I think his name was?) proposing to Cindy. Just curious, as it has been years, and I never found out, did she say yes? what happened?

I stopped, but in the middle of the series. Just curious, as it has been years, and I never found out, did she say yes? what happened? Follow. 3 answers 3. Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Great deals on one book or all books in the series. Authors: Mary Newhall Anderson, Joanna Campbell, Alice Leonhardt, Karen Bentley, Karle Dickerson. Related Series: Thoroughbred: Ashleigh. The Thoroughbred book series by multiple authors includes books A Horse Called Wonder, Wonder's Promise, Wonder's First Race, and several more. A Horse Called Wonder.

Volume 35 - Dead Heat - small light crease on front cover. Volume 36 - Without Wonder. Marguerite Henry Children's Horse Books - You Choose Which Ones.

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by. Campbell, Joanna.

Melanie Graham is thrilled. She loves exercise riding, and she's good at it, too! Her aunt Ashleigh says Melanie would make a great Jockey-she's really thriving at Whitebrook.

But Melanie's not alone. Her friend Kevin McLean also wants to exercise-ride, and soon Melanie and Kevin are galloping together on the Whitebrook track. Racing for fun turns serious as Melanie becomes more and more competitive, testing their friendship to the limit. Kevin thinks Melanie is pushing herself too hard. Will she slow down before it's too late?

Whether jumping a cross-country course, galloping a powerful racehorse, or just riding on the trails, only one thing matters to Christina and her friends: the special bond between horse and rider. If you love horses, then you'll love reading all the books in the Thoroughbred series.


Whitestone Whitestone
I have not read this book yet and I can not weight
Dagdalas Dagdalas
Not-the-Same Not-the-Same
If there's a 4 1/2 stars choice up there, i would pick that one, but oh well. I read it. It sounds like I the only one so far, well of course not. This book was great but the author shouldn't have follow the tracks with the stupid On the Track author. They still said Leap of Faith is a gray filly, and they said Cassidy is in ninth grade? What the heck? She's in eighth grade. She shared some of the same classes with Christina. Ok,Mike and Ashleigh sold Heart of Stone, it was so sad. They also should have add more things about Christina's lessons and stuff, just plain racing and Melanie problems is boring. As you might see, (my e-mail address), I love eventing. Why do you all hate Christina? I personally like her. Ok you all, if there's no romance stuff, just plain racing, that would be super boring. People at my school start dating in sixth grade, well, not seriously. I think Dale Blackwell rules! She's the best writer of all the authors who had written for tb, including Joanna Campbell. You people stop think that she's a the God or something. Kevin sure have changed in this one. He wasn't like this. About the C.D.P stuff,(Christina,Dylan,Parker) I don't know, but it makes the book much better. Christina should go with Parker, I mean, they've known each other for years, she only knew Dylan for less than a year or something. This book is really worth buying! Go get it! It's great. Even though I though they should includ at least some eventing. P.S to the authors- Stop writing Christina so snotty sometimes,try to make everyone like her the way I do. And stop saying Christina always wear jeans. Like she's poor or something. Say she wears shorts, T-shirts, tank tops etc. P.S to the drawers of the covers- Christina always wear blue jeans and a red shirt. And at least draw a tail for each horse, they don't have any tails! And add a saddle pad too. P.S to my fellow Tb lovers(readers)- E-mail me and share your thoughts with me!!! Please. And stop saying Christina is a brat, she's snotty, she's a snob etc. eventing lover.......
Kashicage Kashicage
In Dead Heat, Melanie Graham has found something she really loves, racing. Since Ashleigh Griffen has started helping Melanie excerise Whitebrooks thoroughbreds, nothing can be better. First Melanie started out riding Heart Of Stone, one of Whitebrooks horses, melanie found another horse she wants to ride, Prides Perfection. A foal out of the horse of the year, Wonders Pride. Pride was a champion in his days and now he has passed some of his speed talent of to his offsprings. Perfection is one of the best yearlings that year and Melanie wants to be the first to ride him. Melanie has been working harder than ever to become a great excerise rider and be able to have the chance to ride Perfection. Melanie and her cousin Christina Reesse starts getting up early in the morning to workout and jog around. But Melanies good friend, Kevin McLean, the head trainers son is acting weird. Soon he starts telling Melanie all she cares about is becoming the best rider and dont have time for eachother. Soon melanie belives that Kevin is made at her; and Melanie soon discovers that he is. Will Melanie take it easy and slow down on her riding before she loses Kevin? Find out in Dead Heat. and please go to [...]to help save the Thoroughbred series.
Cordaron Cordaron
I am very glad that the series is back into racing, but supposedly the plot of this book is that Melanie goes overboard losing wait to become a jockey. This series isn't supposed to be about common teen problems! But that's what it's turning into. Christina's love life. Melanie going anorexic. Dylan not sure what he wants to do with his life, soccer or riding. I mean, the focus of this series is supposed to be racing! The eventing ones are ok if they have good writers, but the series is already sort of ruined. The girls have boyfriends, first of all. Ashleigh hated boys until she met mike. Also, all the girls love shopping and fashion. Very unlike Ashleigh and Cindy. Also, instead of spending her summer training and eventing, Christina goes off to summer camp. If she was really serious about eventing, she wouldn't waste her whole summer at camp, even if it is eventing camp! Also, she didn't need to buy Sterling. Sierra would probably had a good foal for eventing! They would also probably have a steeplechaser. Cross COuntry jumping and steeplechasing are pretty similar, so Christina might like it. And what happenend to Cindy and Glory and all the Glory foals like Zero's Flight and Glory's Joy? And besides that, Sammy would NEVER become an eventer. This is getting ridiculus
Pringles Pringles
To answer a question Sierra was gelded in book eight. I totally can not wait for Dead Heat to hit the book stores. I love Thoroughbred and can usually read one it about a day. I really didn't know about Thoroughbred until my friend(hi Katie if your out there) bought one for me. I have to admit that i like the new generation better then the first and I think that putting romance into the books puts it up a step in advanced reading and takes the place of the shortness of the books.I like reading about Christina and agree, we should start a fan club, I mean look at all the people that commented on Thoroughbred! I also think that it is funky that the authors can't keep the gender i.e. coat colors of the horses straight. I also think that Christina going to Camp Saddlebrook was a very worthwhile experiandce. She was aroung people that were working at Preliminary level of eventing and that could give fer a lot of advice. Oh, and who gets the girl? Parker or Dylan. I am dying to know! I also think that Christina can be kinda snotty sometimes, but not to bad. Anyway to sum it all up: I LOVE THOUROUGHBRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!