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eBook Pete and Fremont ePub

eBook Pete and Fremont ePub

by John Manders,Jenny Tripp

  • ISBN: 0152062386
  • Category: Growing Up and Facts of Life
  • Subcategory: For Children
  • Author: John Manders,Jenny Tripp
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Harcourt Paperbacks; 1 edition (August 1, 2008)
  • Pages: 192
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  • Rating: 4.3
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Jenny Tripp (Author), John Manders (Illustrator). At the story's end, Pete pays Fremont back for his many kindnesses by helping him escape to a national park.

Jenny Tripp (Author), John Manders (Illustrator). Pete is an entertaining narrator who has all the bravado of a show-biz veteran. Young readers will enjoy this story of a circus in which the animals, unbeknownst to their human managers, actually run the show.

When Pete the poodle's performance becomes less than stellar at the Circus Martinez and he is bumped from being the star of the show, he gets utterly depressed, but a new friendship with a grizzly bear named Fremont turns things around as the two help each other in their own unique ways. For ages 0-5. Format Book 180 pages. Publication date 09 Apr 2009. Publisher Paw Prints.

Pete quickly teaches Fremont that though the big top is no place for a rookie, it's a breeding ground for loyalty. This story is full of daredevil schemes, legendary letdowns, and stunning victories. But it's Pete and Fremont's friendship that ends up as the knock-'em-dead finale. Purebred and razzle-dazzle pink, Pete the poodle is the biggest star in the Circus Martinez. But when he muffs a couple of flaming-hoop jumps, he gets bumped from the headliner spot.

Jenny Tripp, John Manders (Illustrations). Pete's Disappearing Act by. Jenny Tripp, John Manders (Illustrations). Tripp, Jenny Pete and Fremont. Pgs. 192. Harcourt Childeren's books. This book is interesting and parts of it are Tripp, Jenny Pete and Fremont.

JOHN MANDERS has illustrated more than a dozen award-winning books for children, including Humphrey, Albert, and the Flying Machine by Kathryn Lasky. He lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Purebred and razzle-dazzle pink, Pete the poodle is the biggest star in the Circus Martinez.

Illustrated by John Manders, Tripp tells an amusing story in Pete and Fremont. In the story, Pete is an elderly poodle who had been the star of a small traveling circus for several years. When he misses the mark and singes his tale during a jump through a flaming hoop, Pete gets recast as a canine cannonball by circus owner Moliere.

Screenwriter Tripp's Disney-esque debut pairs an aging circus poodle and a huge, unhappy bear. Pete, aka Pierre LeChien-"But if you call me Powder Puff, I just might take a piece out of your pants"-is proud to be top dog in Monsieur Moliere's Performing Pups. Despite their eventual triumph, Pete comes to realize that Fremont will never be happy under the Big Top, and so with help from the circus's other animal performers, engineers his escape back to the wild. A heartwarming tale of interspecies bonding; you can almost hear the soundtrack.

Published May 1, 2007 by Harcourt Children's Books.

1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Pete and Fremont from your list? Pete and Fremont. Published May 1, 2007 by Harcourt Children's Books.

Purebred and razzle-dazzle pink, Pete the poodle is the biggest star in the Circus Martinez. But when he muffs a couple of flaming-hoop jumps, he gets bumped from the headliner spot. Pete’s just about ready to roll over and play dead when he comes nose to nose with the new attraction, a supersized grizzly bearnamed Fremont, who was captured from the wild a few nights before. Despitetheir knee-shaky beginning, Pete and Fremont hit it off.And together they learn that, thoughit’s no place for rookies or hopeless has-beens, the circus isa breeding ground for first-class camaraderie.


As a child psychologist, I am always on the lookout for positive books for youth that I can recommend. This one has it all--friendship, teamwork, determination, dreams, etc. I also look for good writing in childrens' books, which can be hard to find. But this writer has done a fantastic job of painting verbal pictures, and the illustrator matches her well. It's a good read, even for adults, so I highly recommend it.
Linn Linn
Pierre Le Chien, commonly known as Pete, is a pink Royal Standard poodle and an all-circus performer. Living for his part in the small Circus Martinez, he dances on his hind legs on a five-foot rolling ball while twirling a baton in his teeth. And his finale is simply amazing: he leaps off a diving board and dives through a flaming hoop to land in a pool.

But things begin going south for Pete, starting with a messed-up somersault during the show. Suddenly, everyone acts like he's over-the-hill --- and catching his tail on fire during the finale doesn't help his reputation any. Later, Pete hears that the young upstart performer Lolly is practicing his routine and planning to take it over for "Poor Old Pete." Even his friends hint that his star days are behind him.

The circus acquires a new wild animal, "wild" being a new concept for the show since the two big cats are tamer than the average housecat. The newcomer is an enormous, ferocious grizzly bear that terrifies everyone with his aggressive actions. Pete is frightened until he realizes that the bear, whose name is Fremont, is also scared. When he hears that the bear's trainer has two weeks to train the beast before the circus gives him to the zoo, Pete is shocked at how concerned he feels.

Meanwhile, during the next show, Pete totally messes up his finale and --- oh, the horror! --- Lolly jumps in and performs it spectacularly, saving the day but killing Pete's pride. Pete's nightmare is complete when his trainer announces that Lolly will perform in his place from now on. Pete is so upset that he mouths off at Fremont, but the two finally agree to be friends. They need one another because Pete hates his new act, and the trainer is starving Fremont into submission. But can they save each other?

This is an enjoyable, good-natured tale of friendship with lots of breezy humor plus hilarious illustrations. The friends' wild adventures make for a lively pace. Since Pete's central problem is not resolved, I hope there will be at least a sequel if not a series in the near future.

--- Reviewed by Terry Miller Shannon
Manris Manris
Pete is a circus poodle. Fremont is a bear captured and given to the circus. Pete may be a headliner but he has been having problems. Fremont only wants to go back to the woods. I enjoyed this story. Pete is doing at he must to regain headline status. Teaching Fremont tricks so they can be a team has Pete rethinking what is best for him, Fremont, and the circus. I liked the support system the animals created for themselves. This is a fun read. The illustrations are marvelous. Good for your elementary school children.
Rollers from Abdun Rollers from Abdun
I read this to my son at bedtime. He is in 2nd grade but still loves for us to read to him. After the first night, I was hooked and I told my husband he was not allowed to read it to him when it was his turn to put my son to bed as I wanted follow the story. I can't say enough good about this book! Great story, great characters, no inappropriate content, just pure fun! Can't wait to read the sequel. Recently had the pleasure of meeting the author who conveys her fascination with the circus.

My son has declared this his favorite book (even over all the Star Wars, Horrible Harry and Jigsaw Jones...!). He is now reading it on his own before we read the sequel. Buy it, you won't be disappointed.