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eBook Famous Men of Rome ePub

eBook Famous Men of Rome ePub

by John Haaren

  • ISBN: 1604595248
  • Category: History
  • Subcategory: For Children
  • Author: John Haaren
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Wilder Publications (March 26, 2009)
  • Pages: 120
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  • Fb2 book: 1882 kb
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  • Rating: 4.8
  • Votes: 483


This book is a wonderful survey of the famous names of Rome: names that every classically trained child should know.

Famous Men of Rome is a series of biographical sketches written for the purpose of making the study of history lively and interesting by giving insight into the men who lived during this time. Слушать в Apple Podcasts.

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This captivating book offers young readers a memorable and meaningful introduction to the famous leaders and great men of ancient Rome

Rome is the model civilization, it provides a foundation . John Haaren I really like this book. I find it informative and a great way to teach my son about the men of Rome.

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The Romans were history's great men of action. Collected here are thirty stories covering the history of Rome from its founding under Romulus to the last emperor in the West. Your children will see the rise and fall of a great civilization through the lives of Horatius, Camillus, Caesar, Cicero, Marcus Aurelius, and many others. Rome is the model civilization, it provides a foundation for all other history study.


Onoxyleili Onoxyleili
This book is a wonderful survey of the famous names of Rome: names that every classically trained child should know. It is the most complete resource of this kind (at the elementary level), and for that I give it 5 stars. It's a book that I'm glad to own.

I am removing a star, however, because of the poor writing (and editing). The true test of writing is having it read aloud; in this area, the book does not score well. I'm reading the book aloud to my children, and it's awkward in many places. The content is still worth reading, so we plow forward, but it really is bumpy at times.

I also have a few quibbles with the emphasis on (or spin of) various facts, as mentioned by other reviewers. As such, I feel it's important to read the stories in advance so that I can edit as I see fit.
Our family is using this text with the workbooks from Memoria Press in our classical homeschool adventure. I give it a two thumbs up, as the stories are interesting and I am enjoying the history as much as my 4th and 6th graders! The text is well written, easy to understand, and keeps your interest unlike various other history texts books my public-schooled older children had used.
Mitynarit Mitynarit
We (myself and three sons) are reading this book together, and the Memoria Press text is in a nice, easy to read font with WONDERFUL, full color pictures. The pictures add so much to the text, they are truly works of art. The stories cover many famous Roman men, starting with Romulus. Most of the chapters are short, and provide a nice biographical overview of the men. I prefer to introduce history with interesting biographies of people, rather than expecting young children to remember a chronology of events, and the Famous Men books fill that need for us.
Wohald Wohald
This is the best introduction to Roman history that I know of. The focus on individual Romans while laying the foundation of major events in Roman history makes the book both enjoyable and extremely edifying.
MisTereO MisTereO
This book is horribly written. You would do better looking up blogs for many of these stories- also this book is accessible online the COMPLETE book so you can read it and see for yourself if it's worth it- I wish I had before purchasing.
Usic Usic
This book has been great to read aloud to my 4th and 1st grader. They listen to me read while they color a related color sheet. It has helped us to keep the Roman rulers in order chronologically in order to understand an overview of Roman history. The format is a bit "boring" with small type and small black and white sketches for illustrations, but the content seems to be solid and does not overload the reader with too many details.
JoJoshura JoJoshura
This is a review of the publisher NOT the book content. This was an inexpensive book, but all the pictures were removed and the font is about a size 8. It doesn't even line up on the pages. It is virtually unreadable.
The print in this book is so tiny that it is nearly impossible to read without a magnifying glass - and I have 20/20 version. This was purchased for a class discussion, and the group leader had to find something else for us to read just because of the print. I would up getting a full refund of my money, so that was much appreciated - thank you.