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eBook Candy Bombers (The Wall Series, Book 1) ePub

eBook Candy Bombers (The Wall Series, Book 1) ePub

by Robert Elmer

  • ISBN: 0310709431
  • Category: Literature and Fiction
  • Subcategory: For Children
  • Author: Robert Elmer
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Zonderkidz (August 27, 2006)
  • Pages: 160
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  • Rating: 4.9
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Candy Bombers, book 1 in the Wall Trilogy series, follows cousins Erich and Katarina as they struggle to survive in a city still devastated by World War II. Candy Bombers takes readers to Berlin, Germany in the spring of 1948. Teenage cousins Erich and Katarina are just trying to survive Soviet isolation and starvation when they see that Americans have food.

The book exposes readers to some of the prejudicial political sentiments of the times and would make good . What do you hope folks will gain from this project? I wrote this series for kids who love fast-paced adventure - like I do.

The book exposes readers to some of the prejudicial political sentiments of the times and would make good extra-curricular reading for tween homeschoolers. ▲. Author: Robert Elmer Located in: Bayview, Idaho Submitted: December 21, 2006. But there's so much more to it than that.

Candy Bombers, book 1 in the Wall Trilogy series, follows cousins Erich and Katarina as they struggle to survive in a city still devastated by World War II. Erich sneaks inside a .

Candy Bombers, book 1 in the Wall Trilogy series, follows cousins Erich and Katarina as they struggle to survive in. .Candy Bombers: Is written for young readers aged 9-12 Important historical fiction genre Is the first book in the Wall Trilogy series. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

This book is a part of one of the best book series, ever. Robert Elmer is a fantastic Christian author and does amazing work through his writings. I would definitely recommend this book, and the whole series to anyone looking for good books to read. оставлен 1975daylilly28. I have several of his past series to my chidren and we enjoyed them.

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Berlin, spring 1948. Teenage cousins Erich and Katarina are just trying to survive in a city still devastated by World War 2 when the Soviets blockade the city isolating its citizens―and starving them―behind the Iron Curtain. But the Americans have food, so Erich sneaks inside a U.S. cargo plane…where he is caught by a sympathetic American sergeant who tries to befriend him. Though Erich has plenty of reasons to resent this man, in the end he must decide―should he cling to bitterness or learn to forgive?


Nanecele Nanecele
It has happened The Iron curtain is up it is 1948 in Berlin wasn't it enought just to live thru WWII? There is not much to eat (again) as the Russians are limiting food to Berlin. Teenage cousins, Erich and Katirina are struggling to survive with their families under stressful post-war conditions in Germany. Erich sees the Americans(who he hates and distrusts due to the death of his father) have food and he aims to break in and see what he can get. His attenpt fails and he is caught and is warned not to try it again. Howerver when you are hungry you cannot be stopped so Katarina and Erich break in again hopefull this time to get some food.

The addition of the stories of the air drops of food to the people of Berlin from America softens some of the resentments. Candy and gum are dropped thus the name candy Bombers.

It was a difficult time for adults to live thru so you can imagine how hard it was was children and teens. This book is a real page turner and can be read quite quickly. Great to have on hand when your teen is home with the flu or cold this winter, better than the whole day in front of the TV.

The Cold War in Berlin was a hard time and this book is written in and interesting and entertaining manner so that young poeple get a hunger for history.

The Christian aspect to the book is not too pushy to turn away non beliveivers, there is prayer though.

I highly recommend this for teens and adults who love history, especially the WWII era.
Rude Rude
This is an awesome book to read to a classroom or 3rd -5th graders. It is a fictional account of how the cancy bombers after WW II could have started. My students loved it and remembered it years after.
I read this book with my son for a religious book report in 4th grade. It captures the reader's interest right away and continues to hold the reader's curiosity all the way through. There are chapters that jump ahead by weeks or months in the story line which was a little frustrating, but overall it is a good book to read. The religious aspect is very casual with few references to God, forgiveness and "love your enemy" lessons.
Excellent reading for my students. Well written and should hold their attention. It is in a series of three.
Goldfury Goldfury
Haven't read the book, yet, but it has been interesting to flip through. It looks like an interesting book to read
Iseared Iseared
I had never heard of the Candy Bombers before so when I heard about this, I knew I had to read more about it. The idea of the Candy Bombers occurred after WWII when Berlin was divided amongst different countries and an American pilot decided to take matters into his own hands. This one individual started a movement, a movement to bring some happiness to the children in the area. His one small act touched the lives of many.

Erich and Katarina are two young teens living in Germany after WWII. They are living in the American section but their Oma refuses to move in with them, as she has roots in the area that she is living in. The teens know that the Americans have food at the airport and Erich has the idea to raid their stash of food. It sounds like a great plan until they get caught. The Americans scold the teens for their actions, give them a small portion of food and then send the teens on their way, telling them to get home. Erich has a huge heart as he instantly thinks of his Oma when he gets the food from the Americans and he wants to share it with her. Erich is determined to head back to the airport tomorrow to obtain more food but this time, as the teens check out a cargo plane for food, the plane begins takeoff. Stuck on the plane, the stowaways are scared of what awaits them aboard this plane.

It’s a interesting read and although it doesn’t give you much in-depth information about the Candy Bombers, you get a great adventure story and become a part of the Candy Bomber crew. I enjoyed the story, as I thought it was entertaining, adventurous and educational. A great book for young readers to find out about this event in history.
Zulkishicage Zulkishicage
"Candy Bombers" is definitely a historically accurate and riveting novel with an ingenious plot and a good Christian emphasis. I am 15 years old, but Robert Elmer has been one of my favorite authors since I was 11. He is a master of young adults' historical fiction, bringing history to life through exciting stories overlaid with long-lasting lessons about God and the Christian life. I HIGHLY recommend this book, this series, and all of Robert Elmer's books to young adults everywhere!
Robert Elmer weaves a great tale of teenagers Eric and Katarina who are trying to survive after World War II. Even though the war is over the devastation has caused a lack of food and meager living quarters. Erich persuades his cousin, Katarina, that he can sneak on the American base and steal some much needed food. Of course, the best laid plans go awry and Erich is caught. The title of the book Candy Bombers is a true life action that the Americans did after the war . . . dropping hundreds of candies and gum to those below. Can Erich let go of of his preconceived hatred for peoples he only knows as the enemy? Can he and Katarina get back to their home through the devastation? And even though the war is over is there still "war in the hearts" of those who live???
I read this book to my class of third graders who loved the action and were very interested in soldiers who would drop candy for kids. A wonderful story for preteens (even though I'm an adult I too loved the story!). The story has a lot of history and facts about the devastation of World War II and the attitudes of both the Germans and Americans.
This is a fantastic 5 star read! I'm looking forward to reading Book 2, Beetle Bunker.
*I reviewed this book for Zondervan/ZonderKidz*