» » The Revelation (Animorphs, No. 45)
eBook The Revelation (Animorphs, No. 45) ePub

eBook The Revelation (Animorphs, No. 45) ePub

by K.A. Applegate

  • ISBN: 0439115191
  • Category: Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Subcategory: For Children
  • Author: K.A. Applegate
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks (September 1, 2000)
  • Pages: 144
  • ePub book: 1824 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1591 kb
  • Other: mbr lrf docx lit
  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 161


Book 45 of 53 in the Animorphs Series. The Resistance (Animorphs, No. 47) by .

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And most importantly, other people are finally realising that the Animorphs are no longer children.

Things were already really weird. And most importantly, other people are finally realising that the Animorphs are no longer children. That's what makes it 'real' in a way it hasn't been before. This is pretty much a pitch-perfect Animorphs book, IMO. Battling to have Earth

Things were already really weird. Battling to have Earth. And still trying to be normal. With the purchase of Kobo VIP Membership, you're getting 10% off and 2x Kobo Super Points on eligible items. Your Shopping Cart is empty. There are currently no items in your Shopping Cart.

The Revelation (Applegate novel). Redirected from The Revelation (Animorphs)). The Revelation is the 45th book in the Animorphs series, written by . It is known to have been ghostwritten by Ellen Geroux. It is the first book in the ten-book arc that finalized the story of the Animorphs. It is narrated by Marco.

But the revelation of a inside cover up tosses Aldrea into a war no one wanted. Oh no, Lee says, and Sokka says something that involves a lot more curse words and a lot of creative applications of them and a lot less sense.

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Children's Book Series That Should Not Be Missed: 'Animorphs,' by . Rons rescued treasures.

K A Applegate - - The Revelation. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The Animorphs and Rachel must discover why she's morphing uncontrollably before her secret is accidently revealed. Children's Book Series That Should Not Be Missed: 'Animorphs,' by . Animorphs, The Predator, Paperback Chapter Book, Scholastic Reading Level 5, RL5.

David, the traitorous Animorph, is back. When the Animorphs decided to give another human being the power to morph, it was one of their biggest mistakes. David tried to destroy them all - and almost succeeded. David tried to destroy them all - and almost succeeded They were wrong. Rachel knows what a threat David is. He's cunning and dangerous. Worst of all, he knows their secrets. Now he's captured Rachel as part of his plan.

Listen to books in audio format. Ax and the Animorphs find new hope when they learn that he is not the only non-infected Andalite on Earth. But being an ANIMORPH is by no means just fun and games. Rachel knew better than anyone. One of her best friends, Melissa, is acting very strange.

Now that the Yeerk invasion of Earth is beginning to have public consequences, Marco determines to keep his father out of a secret project for developing Zero-space before he disappears like Marco's mother did.


Nekora Nekora
My son loves this series!
Jan Jan
Good series for kids
Vozilkree Vozilkree
What're they supposed to do when humans start discovering weird stuff about space-time on their own, just when it's going to muck things up for those who are using it to Earth's benefit? Oh you crazy Earth scientists. Ahem. Marco's dad. o_O Seriously, was this accident coincidence?

Notable moments and inconsistencies:

This book is ghostwritten by Ellen Geroux.

Marco finally expresses some semblance of sulkiness over being the only romantically single human Animorph in this book, against the backdrop of his dad having just gotten married as well. Usually his cockiness and his insistence that girls love him precludes him from expressing such things.

When Marco is showing his dad his morphs to get him to believe what's going on, he says he can morph "about twenty other animals" after he's shown three. In reality, his total is closer to forty. Could be a mistake, or could be Marco literally has no idea how many he's acquired.

A misspelling of Erek was included in this book. One line called him Erik.

At one point Marco's dad reaches through a hologram that a Chee is projecting for his body, able to touch the real android inside. It's said in previous books about the Chee that they also have force field abilities that they use to make their illusions seem to behave like they're solid masses. It's not really said why Erek didn't turn his on with the visual part of it, enabling Marco's dad to reach through it.

Marco and his dad have to fake being killed by Controllers at one point, and it's surprising that even though their cover is being legally dead, there are never any reactions from anyone--Jake was his best friend, and people had to wonder how he was taking losing his best friend. The book didn't go into whether there were any funeral arrangements or how many people really knew Marco was supposed to be dead.
Delaath Delaath
The last few Animorph books have had some big changes in them, hinting that there will be even bigger changes yet to come in the series. Since we are on #45, there needs to be some changes and shake-ups, or the series will at some point get a big dull.
As we already know, Marco's mom is Visser 1. She has been a controller for quite some time. We have seen Marco's anguish at knowing his mother has to suffer. And Marco's anguish that he cannot tell his dad that his mother is still alive. Marco's anguish grows when Dad marries a math teacher with a yappy poodle. How hard is that? To know his mom is still alive & to have to accept a new step-mom without spilling the beans about his mother?
Also, in past books Marco has had to face up to making difficult choices. He knows the group doubts he can keep the two sides of his life separate. How can Marco be expected to battle Visser 1 and be in the position of possibly having to make the decision to kill Visser 1, when it involves his family? In #45, Marco is again faced with another of these impossible situations. His dad seems to be marked to become a controller in the near future. Should Marco stand by and let the last of his family taken as a controller? If he interferes, will he be branded as a person in the group who cannot accept the responsiblies dumped on him? If he tries to save his dad, does he endanger the group? What difficult choice will Marco have to make? The Chee are in this book to help out.
Read this exciting book to see the impossible choices Marco and the Animorphs are faced with.
Liarienen Liarienen
This book starts up a ten-book story arc that could see the end of the war against the Yeerks and the salvation of the Earth. But... that's not happening just yet. Instead, we see quite a bit in the way of changes in this book. Marco's dad is an engineer and his company is working on developing Z-space technology. The Yeerks decide that Marco's dad will have to be infested, and Marco can't bear the thought of losing another parent. So he breaks all the rules he sets for himself and tells his dad about everything. The invasion of Earth. How Marco got involved in the war. Everything. Now Marco and his dad have been targeted for temination by the Yeerks. They fake their deaths and go into hiding. But the development by humans of Z-space technology may offer a chance for the Animorphs to contact the Andalite home world and ask for help. But first, they decide on a risky mission to free Marco's mother from the grasp of the dying Visser One. The Animorphs books are back on track with this new story arc, which starts out with a blast.
Aver Aver
This is it. One of the most awaited Animorphs ever is here. In this book, Marco's father's company has discovered zero-space and the yeerks arn't happy. They want Marco's father infested and Marco won't loose another parent to the yeerks, so he riskes all the animorphs lives to save his father. I think he did the right thing, any of the animorphs would of done it, but now, with the help of the Chee, Marco and his father fake their deaths to fool the yeerks and go into hiding. And how does Marco's father deal? Just follow his son around while they battle Hork-Bajir and try to save the world? Nope, take a deep breath, cus it's finally happened - Marco tells his father everything. EVERYTHING, the yeerks, the animorphs, and Eva. But the story dosn't end there, becuase with the help of a human-made Z-space transponder the Animorphs hear Visser One is being exicuted in the yeerk pool, and if she dies, Visser Three will get promoted and will make the invasion of the yeerks totaly public. If that happens, the animorphs won't matter. Earth's history will end. It's my new favorite animorphs, a touching and well-written story that's the first in the story-arc running to book #54, when K.A. Applgate's contract official runs out. Is this the end of the war? Maybe, but whoever wins, these are going to be books way worth reading.