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eBook The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Sterling Unabridged Classics) ePub

eBook The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Sterling Unabridged Classics) ePub

by Scott McKowen,Arthur Pober,L. Frank Baum

  • ISBN: 1402725043
  • Category: Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Subcategory: For Children
  • Author: Scott McKowen,Arthur Pober,L. Frank Baum
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Sterling; New edition edition (October 1, 2005)
  • Pages: 176
  • ePub book: 1689 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1265 kb
  • Other: lit mbr azw docx
  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 384


They're off to read the Wizard -the original, imaginative American tale written by Frank L. Baum just over a century ag. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required.

They're off to read the Wizard -the original, imaginative American tale written by Frank L. Baum just over a century ago. All the beloved characters are here.

Robert Ingpen's lush interpretation of L. Frank Baum's beloved classic transports children to the magical kingdom of Oz. Ingpen captures all the memorable moments and characters in his gorgeous illustrations.

M. Barrie (Author), Scott McKowen (Illustrator), Arthur Pober E. (Afterword) & 0 more.

163 pages, hardcover. Introduce a new generation to this classic tale by L. Frank Baum

163 pages, hardcover. Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Sterling Classics, Hardcover (9781402725043) by L. Frank Baum. When Dorothy and her little dog Toto get caught in a tornado, they windup far from the gray pastures of Kansas in a magical, colorful land called Oz. Join Dorothy and Toto as they befriend the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodsman, and the Cowardly Lion, and trek to Oz to meet the Wizard. whom they believe can help Dorothy find her way home.

10. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Baum, L. Frank. Published by Sterling Juvenile (2005). ISBN 10: 1402725043 ISBN 13: 9781402725043.

Home L. Frank Baum The Wonderful Wizard of O. Duke Classics does not accept responsibility for loss suffered as a result of reliance upon the accuracy or currency of information contained in this book. Frank Baum The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Home. The wonderful wizard o. .The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12. L. First published in 1900. ISBN 978-1-62011-174-1.

L. Frank Baum, Scott McKowen.

In magnificent watercolors, L. Frank Baum captures Dorothy and her motley band on their quest to the Emerald City and the fantastical creatures they meet along the way, too - from friendly Munchkins to the dreaded Winged Monkeys, from the evil Wicked Witch of the West to the wonderful Wizard himself. Other books for children followed the original Oz book, and Baum continued to produce the popular Oz books until his death in 1919.

The midwestern journalist, L. Frank Baum tells the story of Dorothy, a girl lost in a strange land far from her home in Kansas. Frank Baum took a different approach when he began writing The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. He intended to write a children's book with new fantasy creatures in a realm yet unexplored, and his efforts were a marvelous success. The midwestern journalist, L.

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Target/Movies, Music & Books/Books/Kids' Books‎. product description page. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - (Sterling Unabridged Classics) by L Frank Baum (Hardcover).

They're off to read the Wizard--the original, imaginative American tale written by Frank L. Baum just over a century ago. All the beloved characters are here, along with the splendid Emerald City and the heartwarming motto: "There's no place like home."


Mozel Mozel
Read it to the kids, 1-2 chapters a night. We got through the book quickly, but the kids asked many questions. What a fantastic book, this specific edition didn't have any of the updates, which was exactly what i was after. I don't want a PC twist, or version that is "sensitive" to this generation. Leave the story alone in its original format, offensive or otherwise. It was a great book, a great read.
Yggdi Yggdi
Books just do so much more for the imagination than the movie counterpart could ever do. Anyone who grew up watching the film, which is practically everyone, should certainly do yourself the favor of reading this book and learning for yourself why books are often made into big production movies. And here, again, find out for yourself why the book is always so much more enjoyable for those who love to read. Judy Garland and company did a fine job bring the main characters to life. But nothing tops the wild imagination stirred in the reader by turning the pages for himself. Don't pass up this classic. Don't tell yourself it's a children's story either. Be a child again. There's nothing to stop you. Not even flying monkeys.
Dobpota Dobpota
Something is missing, and I can't exactly figure out what. Perhaps I need to revisit the Soviet rip-off/homage to the series, which I read as a kid, and which was a deeper, darker and more nuanced exploration of the same storyline, and absolutely independent sequels. I guess it's because of this unshakeable comparison that I found the storyline in the regular Oz a little flat: the girl is bored in a desolate landscape, and travels to a queer wonderland. But, and I can't stop thinking of L. Frank Baum's job as a store window designer: this is what this book reminds me of, a masterful stylization on the theme that begs for a deeper, more thorough exploration. Which, I suppose, is a source of genius of its own accord.
Also, I really hate the person who told me about the gold standard subtheme, because it was really annoying to think about it all the time and never see it pay off in a satisfying way.
Ganthisc Ganthisc
I used to wait for this cartoon every week and had recorded all episodes over tape. Have been looking for this since my VCR broke down in 1998! This blue ray contains all the original 52 episodes in stereo. Also I don't see any interlace artifacts in the main content, it's only single visible in some of the intros and is hardly noticeable when viewed on the 120 Hz adaptive motion plus Samsung LCD.. Before this blue ray I've never been able to find this show except on which had long since closed down. Someone out there still cared to put this classic show in digital. My 5 and 7 year old also love this and can't get enough..
Lost Python Lost Python
Beautiful (albeit very BIG) box set! I never realized there were 15 some-odd books in the entire Oz series, fun surprise that & I'm immensely looking forward to starting the series once my reading list clears up a little (I'm one of those crazies who often reads multiple books at once). I've heard some complaints about the box the books come in being very battered looking, however, I haven't had that problem. I'm sure as time goes on I'll have to tape it up to help it avoid wear & tear, but I have not grumbles about the packaging. I grew up reading part of the Oz series when I was much younger & have wanted to find a non-Omnibus set for a while (omnibus being the great big books that combine several books into one). The cover art is very cute for its young audience.
caif caif
I purchased this book because it had all the original Denslow illustrations.

And while it delivers on that, the quality of the printing, formatting, and layout is poor.
Thorgaginn Thorgaginn
My daughter and I read this together and really liked it. I found the sentences to be a bit run on so when I was reading it out loud to my daughter I kept having to pause in the middle to catch my breath! That was a bit annoying.

But the story itself was pretty funny and a bit morbid IMO. If you have watched the movie but not read the book, lemme tell you; they are similar but by no means are they the same. The tin man’s reason for being tin was…..bordering on the ridiculous. My daughter and I kept laughing at each time he lost a limb.

And the Lion didn’t really come off as cowardly so much as bratty. But I’m sure that’s just our modern interpretation. I did love the flying monkeys. They played a much bigger part in the book. Each chapter was like a mini adventure, always something new that happened and was resolved by the end of it. It kept us engaged in that aspect.
One thing I will spoil for you….her shoes are NOT red.

And did you know, there’s like 13 books in this series? I had no idea. Anyway, it was a fun read. I definitely recommend it, especially if you had kids.
I introduced my 2 year old granddaughter to the original "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" with Judy Garland via good 'ole youtube. She loves, loves, loves that. And, also "We're off the See the Wizard". So, she was familiar with most of the wonderful characters and story (with the exception of the Wicked Witch of the West and the flying monkeys). I was happy to find this amazing book. The most challenging thing is to keep all the intricate pop-ups safe from her curious little hands. One tip I would offer is to turn the pages carefully! The story is a little long for her to sit through right now, but my abbreviated version as we turn the pages keeps her interest. I'm in hopes that it will only get better as she ages. I would recommend this engaging book - especially the "magic" Emerald City glasses !