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eBook The Cup of the World ePub

eBook The Cup of the World ePub

by John Dickinson

  • ISBN: 0385750250
  • Category: Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Subcategory: For Children
  • Author: John Dickinson
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: David Fickling Books; 1st edition (September 14, 2004)
  • Pages: 419
  • ePub book: 1943 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1436 kb
  • Other: rtf lit doc lrf
  • Rating: 4.7
  • Votes: 374


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Start by marking The Cup of the World as Want to Read . With every sentence written for this book's short summary, Dickinson just digs himself into a deeper hole

Start by marking The Cup of the World as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. John Dickinson has developed a powerful plot with characters that draw in the reader to such a degree that my heart actually hurt for them. Dickinson leaves clues along the way as the reader is absorbed into the events. With every sentence written for this book's short summary, Dickinson just digs himself into a deeper hole. Never was I thrilled, and it hardly had the "moral complexity and vision" he claimed it possessed.

John Geoffrey Hyett Dickinson (born June 1962) is an English author of young adult novels. His first novel, The Cup of the World, was published in 2004. His novel The Lightstep, written for adults, was published in 2008. Dickinson lives in Painswick, Gloucestershire. Dickinson is the eldest son of author Peter Dickinson and Mary Rose Barnard. He was educated at St Paul's School (London) and Trinity College, Oxford, where he achieved a First in History.

Here the lake, flooding north, divided and embraced the massif in two great arms ls

Here the lake, flooding north, divided and embraced the massif in two great arms ls. But the lesser arm turned east at once, wandering in a narrowing creek through the steep hillsides. Up this sleeve of water crept a boat under oars. The thorn slopes towered ahead and on both sides. Their reflections darkened the surface of the lake. The sun was falling to the west. It was a still evening, with very little wind.

John Dickinson (Author). Book 1 of 3 in the Cup of the World Series. The corrupting effect of conquest is a weighty subtext for this genre, but Dickinson successfully weaves it into the story in symbolic terms that will remain with readers long after they leave this troubled, beautiful world.

John Dickinson was born in London in 1962. Educated at St Paul's School London and Trinity College Oxford, he joined the Ministry of Defence in 1985, with spells at the Cabinet Office and NATO. In 2002 he left MOD to be house-husband, touchline Dad and writer. He is also the household cook, a struggling tenor and treasurer for the parish church.

Dickinson's world is a recognisably medieval one, feudal, patriarchal, as barbaric as it is spiritual, and . The whole book is a luminous animation of those misleadingly termed Flemish Primitives: detailed, glowing rich and unforgettable. Jan Mark's The Stratford Boys is published by Hodder.

Dickinson's world is a recognisably medieval one, feudal, patriarchal, as barbaric as it is spiritual, and religious - but not Christian. In place of a redeemer stand four angels, the one most often invoked being Umbriel, who sees all and records the truth. And there is no universal Satan. Whatever may be the aberrant impulse that holds the land in thrall, it is a local one, born at the beginning of this world's short history, a manifestation of insatiable revenge. Children and teenagers.

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John Dickinson writes a tale of exceptional experience, of growing up and following ones heart instead of ones .

John Dickinson writes a tale of exceptional experience, of growing up and following ones heart instead of ones head. Truly a book that can be read and read, and still read again with out knowing everything The Cup of the World has hidden with in its pages. Based on one girl's, Phaedra's, time growing up and discovering herself along with others she thought she knew, this is a must read for any teenaged girl on the brink of insanity.

David Fickling Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; ctlibrary; china; americana. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Delaware County District Library (Ohio).

FILLED WITH IMMENSE characters, this thrilling medieval fantasy filled with moral complexity and vision announces the arrival of a special new writing talent.Phaedra, the beautiful daughter of a baron, has been visited in dreams by an elusive knight for almost as long as she can remember. And when his presence becomes a reality, she is forced to choose him and a new life over her home and her father. But this sets off a chain of events that she could not have foreseen—a battle between good and evil, which is in turn violent and psychologically compelling. This stunning novel grapples with the huge themes of life, and turns the reader’s expectations upside down again and again, with one vertiginious plunge after another.


Ironrunner Ironrunner
A subtle love story that develops in the undercurrents of the page. Events unfold entirely through the perspective of the main character, leaving you to surmise as she does.
Falya Falya
Phaedra, only child of the Warden of Trant, refuses all suitors, both for fear of dying in childbirth and for love of a man she has met only in dreams. When the king's son courts her, her dream-lover comes to take her away, and proves to be the mysterious and ill-famed lord of the province across the inland sea. Her elopement is the trigger for war, and she hardly knows who to trust, who will betray her, or who she must betray next.

Not an ordinary fantasy. The world setup is fairly standard - a continent with an inland sea, ringed with provinces & city-states, unstable politics and a king holding on by the fingernails. But the rulers came in ships, and there were aboriginal people, so there's a conflict rarely examined in fantasy. The hillmen (shades of Kipling perhaps?) have a mythology involving a Great Mother, quite different from the near-Christianity of Phaedra's people.
Phaedra is not an entirely sympathetic character, somewhat cold and self-centred (also only 15 in the first chapter) but with an inner core of toughness and endurance. What really stands out is how much of the story is what happens at home while the battles and raids and treaties are happening elsewhere, and how much of the intrigue and discovery is Phaedra's story and coming of age.
Kagaramar Kagaramar
This book is set in a King-Arthur type age. There is one kingdom and several regions each with a baron leading them. The main character is a baron's daughter, Phaedra. Phaedra comes of age and has several suitors. She marries someone her father dislikes, and she moves to his region.

After Phaedra moves to the castle, the storyline becomes dark. She starts seeing shadows and people close to her die. She feels aliented from the servants and accosted by the ghosts/demons/whatever in the castle. She begins to question what dark powers exist in the castle and if her husband plays a role in them.

I haven't reached the end of this book (about 20 pages left to go,) but I really like this book because it's different than ones I have read. My favorite books are romantic fantasy with a female lead (Sharon Shinn - Angelica, Angel Seeker, Samaria; Robin McKinley - Blue Sword; Garth Nix - Abhorsen, Liriel, Sabriel.)

This book is different. It's not an overt fantasy. The "shadows" that Phaedra is seeing seem to be madness. Not only is the fantasy played down, but romance is not a large part of the story. The story displays the ups and downs of marriage as in Mists of Avalon. Phaedra suffers when her husband is gone at war for months. Friendships become important when her husband leaves and they eventually end up saving her.

Overall, the writing is good and the story is great. It's a realistic fantasy that becomes more and more fantastic at the end. I loved the friendships and relationships in this book.
mr.Mine mr.Mine
The story starts off in a rather stilted manner, but gradually becomes more flowing and thus more enjoyable as the book progresses, although halfway through it gets a little bogged-down and I felt as though in a dream, with something just out of reach - almost understanding, but not quite - until we discover exactly what the cup is and does.

Unusually, the story is told only from the central character's viewpoint; so wars happen and coups take place, but we only hear about them as and when Phaedra does, which can be a little disconcerting until one gets used to it. Aimed at the early teen audience, it is nevertheless enjoyable to the older reader.

An apparently simple plot; the teenage daughter of a powerful lord attends her coming-out presentation at court, only to spurn all advances in favour of her dream prince - literally, she has never laid eyes on him until he abducts her. Seemingly oblivious to the war she has just started she marries him and embraces her new existence with hardly a thought for the pain and turmoil she has left behind her, or for the strange society she now lives in. And, like a typical willful, insecure child, nothing suits her, everyone and everything conspires against her - you just want to give her a good smack!

But then, seemingly disparate threads come together with a sense of trepidation and foreboding to create a complex, compelling mediaeval tale in the old fantasy tradition. ****
Inerrace Inerrace
This medieval fantasy is a story within a story, powerful and intriguing.

Phaedra gets telepathic whispers from someone she's never seen, who claims to fall in love with her. He lives in a land on the other side of the Circle Sea. She's a princess and he's a lord of his own land. Through long months they communicate, and come to understand each other so well that she decides to marry him.

Maybe she should have thought again....

Read this, enjoy it, then give it to your young teenage friends or kids. They use the internet to talk to people they don't know.