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eBook Steal Away ePub

by Jennifer Armstrong

  • ISBN: 0606056238
  • Subcategory: For Children
  • Author: Jennifer Armstrong
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Demco Media (September 1, 1993)
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  • Rating: 4.6
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Two girls, one black, the other white, flee from the South to the North in a novel set during the Civil War.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Reprint.

Steal Away is a historical fiction book by the author Jennifer Armstrong. This book is about an orphan girl named Susannah and a slave named Bethlehem. Steal Away to Freedom. Susannah’s parents died and she had to move in with her uncle.

by. Jennifer Armstrong. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Alethea Bowser on January 31, 2012.

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1896, Susannah, Bethlehem, Mary and Free

In 1855 two thirteen-year-old girls, one white and one black, run away from a southern farm and make the difficult journey north to freedom, living to recount their story forty-one years later to two similar young girls.

Toggle navigationMENU. Working together despite the gulf between them (after they watch a battered group of stolen slaves shuffle past, Bethlehem reacts fiercely: & don't know,'' she says through tears, & can't ever know''), the two forge a bond that lasts even after they go their separate ways, one to a comfortable life in.

Jennifer Mary Armstrong (born May 19, 1961) is an American children's writer known for both fiction and non-fiction. She was born in Waltham, Massachusetts, grew up outside of New York City, and now lives in Saratoga Springs, New York

Jennifer Mary Armstrong (born May 19, 1961) is an American children's writer known for both fiction and non-fiction. She was born in Waltham, Massachusetts, grew up outside of New York City, and now lives in Saratoga Springs, New York. She was formerly married to the author James Howard Kunstler. As an author who has utilized multiple types of narrative structures, Armstrong believes that.

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Forty years after Susannah, the ward of a slave owner, helps Bethlehem, a slave girl, escape to freedom, Susannah's granddaughter, Mary, and Bethlehem's pupil, Free, learn the story of the heroic escape


Tyler Is Not Here Tyler Is Not Here
Steal Away is about two girls, Bethlehem and Susannah, that have bonded over a couple of months. They concluded that they should run away from Susannah's uncle's farm. Susannah has just been orphaned after her parent's death that occured up in Vermont. But there is a catch, it isn't so easy as it sounds. This takes place during the slavery times. The girls cut their hair and steal some old cloths that were once Susannah's cousin's cloths. They then packed all of their belongings and headed north. They have to overcome many of the challenges on their way and many dangers. They gain friends and enemies and have to run away from slavery. Susannah was from up north and when she was suddenly orphaned her only relative was her uncle. So she was brought down by her uncle to his farm in Virginia. Susannah never had a slave and her uncle's farm had many slaves. Susannah had her personnal slave, which was Bethlehem, and she tried to befriend her many times. She then persuaded Bethlehem to learn to read and write. Only Bethlehem knew that that was against the law and therefore Susannah had to persuade her. Over months Susannah kept it in her mind that she was going to runaway somtime soon but she never knew when that time was.

Susannah and Bethlehem didn't want to be classified by race or color. Susannah knew it was wrong and she wanted to run away up to her home, Vermont. On the day of Susannah's run away, she told Bethlehem that this was the day and that was when Bethlehem surprised Susannah by telling her that she was going to go with her, no matter what. But there was a secret kept between them. Bethlehem wanted to go to Canada which is what she pointed to when Susannah showed Bethlehem where Vermont was. This story is definitely worth reading just to find out the personal lives of two very unique children with a very large dream. I definitely recommend this book to anyone out there and it should be read by many students and teachers alike.
Daiktilar Daiktilar
This book is hard to put down, for Jennifer Armstrong weaves a compelling story of interracial friendships--a tale within a tale which spans 3 generations. Alternating between 1855 (when Slavery was grimly legal) and the "present" of 1896, STEAL AWAY presents readers with a literary device known shared narratives, so that each girl very has the opportunity to give a first-person account of their flight from Virginia to the their new life up North. Both their modern counterparts, Mary and Free, are captivated, as elderly women whom they love and respect recount the details of this 40-year-old odyssey; the girls share their writing-down task, as they marvel at the pages--the seal of their lifelong devotion. Will two strange girls be able to bond, by the mere act of the retelling, for it was both a physical and an emotional journey to find freedom and Home?
Thirteen-year-old Susannah is suddenly orphaned and forced to leave the family farm in Vermont, with all its precious memories of her parents, the boy next door, and her carefree existence. She must travel by train (an ordeal in itself) down to a new world, in Virginia, to the farm of her Reverend uncle, who firmly believes in the insitution of slavery. But Susannah will never fit into this genteel Southern society; she does not even know how to treat or address her own personal slave!
Longing to put plantation life and its immoral abuse of dark-skinned human beings behind her forever, spunky Susannah resolves to run away and sneak back to the only home she has ever known. But she needs the help of more worldy-wise Bethlehem, to prepare for this dangerous enterprise. Suddenly circumstances force both girls to depart together, with a minimum of preparation. Beth longs for Canada--a place on a map where there is no slavery. Would she truly be safe in free Vermont? Susannah has also broken the law, for she taught Beth to read, and now is helping a slave escape from its rightful owner.
Can two young teenage girls disappear without a trace, even disguised as boys? Will there be anyone to trust on this perilous undertaking? What do they know of the Undeground Railroad? Their relationship undergoes many transformations, as Susannah becomes increasingly dependent on her pessimistic companion for survival. Yet Bethlehem dreads the unspoken but inevitable fork in the road--where each one must choose which path leads to her true Home in a hostile world. A gripping tale which will captivate readers of all ages with its raw emotions and mutual coming of age; it offers implications for today's racial relations and should have won some Newbery award!
Ceck Ceck
Steal Away by Kacie Mazur Hour 7
I would rate the book Steal Away by Jennifer Armstrong with a fie star rating. I would rate it with this rating because of the time frame and how well it fit in with the characters. The whole book was just astonishing. The sense were just so really you would never want to put the book down. The book just went together so well. I loved this book, and all the details that it contents. The author really made all the events that dealt with discrimination. Also the belief that Susannah had for the black slave was so beautiful and that shows that some people really do care. I have not really read any books that really went along with this story but in the future will be filled with more of these types of books. The way that people were treated in the past and still today just makes the biggest different in the people that are here today. People to this day don't realize that all people have feelings and do care. The way blacks and slaves were treated in the past is just the biggest mess. "How can the slaves make a living if the whites just give then the bare minute?" asked Susannah. Well the answers to that one little question was answered but the people that didn't care. In ways the people cared it was just against the peoples beliefs to speak of.