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eBook Clown of God ePub

eBook Clown of God ePub

by Tomie dePaola {de Paola)

  • ISBN: 0416879403
  • Subcategory: For Children
  • Author: Tomie dePaola {de Paola)
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Hamlyn young books; 1st Edition edition (1979)
  • Pages: 48
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  • Rating: 4.1
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This is a magnificent book. I first encountered The Clown of God in college, during a course on spirituality and developmental psychology

This is a magnificent book. and the beautiful pictures bring the story to life. The children who hear it always want me to read it again. I first encountered The Clown of God in college, during a course on spirituality and developmental psychology. It tells the story of a poor beggar boy who finds joy and fame in his juggling - and surprising blessings as well. dePaola does an excellent job adapting this "old story" to medieval Italy; the setting fits the story like a glove. The delightful illustrations bring the story to life.

Thomas Anthony "Tomie" dePaola /ˈtɒmi dəˈpaʊlə/ (born September 15, 1934) is an American writer and illustrator who has created more than 260 children's books such as Strega Nona. He received the Children's Literature Legacy Award for his lifetime contribution to American children's literature in 2011.

The author has several books with religious themes without being religion books. The story is heartwarming, and yet still brings me to tears all these years later, after so many reads. Every once in a while I discover it again somewhere, and find to my delight that it's still as compelling, and emotionally charged as it was back when I first watched it in 1982. It's not often a story can stay with you like that, for more than 30 years. To discover that this tale is actually an old one, and then to further find the story told in a children's book by Tomie dePaola is priceless.

The Clown of God book. Little Giovanni is poor and homeless, but he can do something wonderful: he can juggle. The people of Sorrento marvel at his talents, and before long, he becomes famous throughout Italy for his rainbow of colored balls that delight the nobility and townspeople alike

Stories for kids presents, "The Clown of God".

Stories for kids presents, "The Clown of God". Giovanni was an orphan boy who was a great juggler. These all time great picture books can be used as bedtime stories, stories to watch while in the car, or for general entertainment. BeachBabyBob retells over 100 of the best stories ever from his years as an primary elementary school teacher and used story activities to make his students love school and be smarter humans.

Tomie dePaola is the author and/or illustrator of more than 250 books for children. He receive a Caldecott Honor for Strega Nona and a Newbery Honor for 26 Fairmont Avenue.

By (author) Paola De Tomie. Tomie dePaola is the author and/or illustrator of more than 250 books for children. He is also the recipient of the American Library Association's Laura Ingalls Wilder Award for his substantial and lasting contributions to children's literature. He lives in New London, New Hampshire.

Tomie dePaola (pronounced Tommy da-POW-la) is best known for his books for children

Tomie dePaola (pronounced Tommy da-POW-la) is best known for his books for children. He's been published for over 40 years and has written and/or illustrated nearly 250 books, including Strega Nona, 26 Fairmount Avenue,The Art Lesson, and Christmas Remembered. Over 15 million copies of his books have sold worldwide.

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Title from data sheet. Based on: The clown of God, told and illustrated by Tomie de Paola. Issued also as filmstrip. Presents an Italian folktale about a poor juggler who returns in his old age to the city of his birth, where he takes refuge in the church on Christmas Eve. He offers his only gift to a statue of the Christ Child and a miracle occurs. Intended audience: Kindergarten through intermediate grades.


The Clown of God An Old Story


Gadar Gadar
Our two-year-old adores this book. She made me read it over and over when it first arrived, sometimes three or four times a day. We adjusted the ending to suit her age -- Giovanni falls asleep at the end instead of dying. It's worth reading once through if your child is very young to decide how you want to handle that. On the plus side, she loved learning the interesting words like Sorrento, Giovanni and maestro. She caught on to the concept that Giovanni was aging throughout the book, and had a lot of fun spotting him in each picture and saying, "There's Giovanni!" She also learned the words "serious" and "stern," which came in handy when trying to explain other books to her. ("Why is Olivia's mommy mad?" "She's not mad, she's just *stern* because Olivia wants to read five bedtime stories and her mommy just wants to read one.") Lastly, it teaches the beautiful concept that bringing joy to others also honors God.
Forcestalker Forcestalker
We recently got this and the first time I read it to my 3 year old, I almost choked in tears on the last page. It's very moving. What a beautiful story that spans the life of Giovanni, introduces the breathless aspect of the skill of juggling and offers a glimpse into spirituality. I myself am Buddhist but I believe it's important for my daughter to know about Jesus and so that was something nice about this book. It's not overtly religious but you get the sense throughout and certainly at the end, that spirituality is an essential component to the story. The page where Giovanni collapses is a bit jarring and I quickly turned to my daughter to see if she was shocked or upset- I think she was just trying to process and she did ask me several times afterwards 'why did he die?' it may take more time for her to get the full depth of the story because she is too young to really understand death yet. Nevertheless, it's a really beautiful message- not only that making others happy is beautiful, but that giving all that you have and what you alone have, is the greatest gift of all. It's written well- to capture the sweetness of Giovanni and also to help create excitement during the juggling scenes. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous, too. A feast.
skriper skriper
I bought a copy of this picture book for myself...although I do share it during school programs with kindergarteners and first graders. This is a magnificent book...Tomie dePaola is a master storyteller and an incredible illustrator...and this book is one of his best!

This is a simple, yet poignant retelling of an old folktale...and the beautiful pictures bring the story to life. The children who hear it always want me to read it again. What a lovely story to read during the Christmas season...or any time of the year.

This is a book that belongs on every young child's bookshelf.
Vivian Kirkfield
Author of Show Me How! Build Your Child's Self-Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cooking
Tansino Tansino
I forgot how much I loved this book. I am in my 30s and I haven't read this since I was a teen, but the end made me cry. Wonderful story!

I purchased this for a christening gift.
Painbrand Painbrand
Tomie dePaola has written some of my families most beloved books. Without a doubt our favorite is Clown Of God. It is a heart warming story of a clown who's dying gift brings a smile to God's face. My children and I read and reread the story to each other for years. It is a story that helped me teach my kids that they are loved and that their lives have value. I decided to pass this wonderful tradition on, gifting my most recent purchase to a friend's child on the occasion of her first Communion. Both mother and child love the story and have spent many nights reading it together.
Endieyab Endieyab
An absolutely wonderful kids book. Great story about offering your talents to God. I about teared up the first time I read the ending, and it still gets me each time!
Nirn Nirn
One of my all time favorite books. Beautiful, albeit very sad story and some of dePaola's best illustrations.
This is a hauntingly wonderful book, one of my very favorite children's books.