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eBook If You Sailed on the Mayflower ePub

eBook If You Sailed on the Mayflower ePub

by J. B. Handelsman,Ann McGovern

  • ISBN: 0590418017
  • Subcategory: For Children
  • Author: J. B. Handelsman,Ann McGovern
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Scholastic (November 1989)
  • ePub book: 1525 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1322 kb
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  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 192


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by. Ann McGovern (Goodreads Author), . Handelsman (Illustrator). What I most remember about this book is the horrid food that the Pilgrims ate while on the Mayflower. I believe hardtack was mentioned. I don't remember if the book touched on death at all. Did people die on the Mayflower? I can't remember and I no longer have this book.

Ann McGovern (Goodreads Author), . If You Sailed on the Mayflower (Hardcover). ISBN: 0590171224 (ISBN13: 9780590171229). Published November 1st 1991 by Turtleback Books. Author(s): Ann McGovern (Goodreads Author). ISBN: 0606006796 (ISBN13: 9780606006798).

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Ann McGovern has been writing children's books for over 35 years. Our 2 grandsons have at least 7 ancestors who sailed on the Mayflower. series, and SCRAM, KID! (Viking, 1974), which won the Horn Book Award. McGovern spent part of her career at Scholastic, where she created the See-Saw Book Club. McGovern lives in New York City. Since the children are very young, I wanted a good solid hardcover book about the Mayflower so I could write all this information for them to have when they are older.

Learn how the Pilgrims traveled to the New World on the Mayflower and built the town of Plymouth in this colorfully illustrated text. What if you were there?

What if you were there? If you sailed on the Mayflower -What could you take with you? - -How would you keep clean? - -What would you do when you first got to shoer? Get ready to go back in time to 1620 to discover what it was like to sail the Mayflower. Like a master alchemist, Ann McGovern takes historical facts that are too often dry and uninspired, in their presentation, and transmutes them into a tale that illuminates the imagination.

McGovern, Ann; Handlesman, J. illus. Questions and answers describe the voyage of the Mayflower and the Pilgrim's first year in the New World. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

This popular book in the If You series answers a variety of questions about Pilgrim life-both on the ship and on shore . Four-color illustrations. Grades 2-5 If You Sailed on the Mayflower (9780590451611) by Ann McGovern.

This popular book in the If You series answers a variety of questions about Pilgrim life-both on the ship and on shore-helping readers understand what it was like to have lived at that time.

Books related to If You Sailed on the Mayflower. Who Was George Washington? Roberta Edwards. Who Was Ben Franklin? Dennis Brindell Fradin. Scholastic Inc. Release Date: September 30, 2014. Imprint: Scholastic Paperbacks.

What kind of ship was the Mayflower? How did the Pilgrims feel when they saw land? What was the first building in Plymouth? In lively question-and-answer style, this fact-filled book answers all sorts of questions about the Pilgrims' journey on the Mayflower and their first year in America. Boys and girls will find out why the Pilgrims left England to live in America, what they took with them on board the Mayflower, and the hardships they endured. They'll learn what the Mayflower Compact was, how the Pilgrims made a peace treaty with the Indians, and how these brave settlers managed to survive in their new land. Ms McGovern has carefully researched the Pilgrims' journey and their first year in America. Her portrayal is full of fascinating detail about their everyday life. Young readers will be intrigued to discover that Pilgrim boys and girls slept on corn husk mattresses they made themselves, and that most of the houses had only one chair -- which was reserved for the man of the house! The humorous, true-to-life illustrations serve as effective complements to the informative, fun-to-read text.


Survivors Survivors
This book does an amazing job of conveying the truth of traveling on the Mayflower. They don't sugar coat things and make it pretty for people. It has lots of facts, including a page with an inside view of how the Mayflower would have looked and all the difficulties of traveling for so long with so many people on a crowded vessel. It's a really great book. We use it in our homeschool study of Thanksgiving.

The whole series of "if you..." has been great. There are many of them about all types of different topics throughout history and we have only been able to get through a small amount of them so far, but they are all loaded with great factual information about history as far as I can tell. I plan to buy the whole series for our homeschool library. We are avid readers and I love how much these little books can teach.
Mr.Twister Mr.Twister
This was exactly what I was looking for! Our 2 grandsons have at least 7 ancestors who sailed on the Mayflower. We did a lot of research and found their names and stories. Since the children are very young, I wanted a good solid hardcover book about the Mayflower so I could write all this information for them to have when they are older. Hopefully it will be kept safe and not meet the fate of many paperback children's books.

Beyond that, I was so pleased that this book was so interesting and really gives the reader a sense of what it must have been like for the Mayflower passengers and crew. One story in particular made me realize how lucky I am to have my grandsons. A great, great, great grandfather of theirs fell overboard and almost wasn't rescued!

As a child, there was always something magical about the story of the Mayflower and first Thanksgiving! I wish every family had a copy of this book to set on the Coffee Table next Thanksgiving Day. Children and adults young and old would enjoy the great pictures, colors and tales.

Do you know the name of the baby born on the Mayflower?
Bad Sunny Bad Sunny
I thought this might be a little over my kids' heads (ages 5 and 3) but they really enjoy it. We are reading a little bit each day and they are retaining the information pretty well. It's well written to appeal to younger kids in both content and style.
Moronydit Moronydit
Very interesting and engaging book. Bought it for cubscouts in 2nd grade to learn about the pilgrims and it definitely held their attention. It's more of a reference book than a short story (long and detailed with many facts). It's a good reference book for a young student or to glean sections out for story time with younger kids.
We love this book--I read it with my 3- and 5-year-old (the 5-year-old gets more out of it, of course). It takes the reader through a full story of the pilgrims' daily live, in appealing language with appealing illustrations. The only downside is that I think it could use an update--I think some of the information is a bit out-of-date, and new findings have been revealed. But that's probably me being nit-picky, and it's totally fine for a young child.

Also, this is a fairly thick book--it's not the type you read through in one sitting, but it's organized into questions and answers so we easily find a stopping point. I love using it to introduce my kiddos to history, and as I'm planning to homeschool, I know it'll continue to get a lot of use!
Great book that teaches the kids of the Mayflower journey and the hardships they encountered
HelloBoB:D HelloBoB:D
I am descended from four of the 103 passengers on the Mayflower, & this is an excellent book for my grandchildren learn how their ancestors struggled on their journey.
I love this. This book corrects the wrong story being taught in schools. My grandaughter came home with the wrong information. She said the teacher stole the Indians land and murdered them. Not true. The Indians under Chief Powhatten welcomed the Pilgrims and taught them to farm new crops. That is why the Indians were invited to what is now known as the first Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims also help Powhatten fight Powhatten enemies. Those that came AFTER the Pilkgrims did indeed steal land and murder many Indians - but not the Pilgrims.