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eBook The Enemy Ace Archives, Vol. 2 (DC Archive Editions) ePub

eBook The Enemy Ace Archives, Vol. 2 (DC Archive Editions) ePub

by Joe Kubert

  • ISBN: 1401207766
  • Category: Publishers
  • Subcategory: Funnies
  • Author: Joe Kubert
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: DC Comics; First Edition (US) First Printing edition (September 6, 2006)
  • Pages: 196
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  • Rating: 4.8
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The first volume of the Enemy Ace Archives contains the first ten Enemy Ace stories; the second has the next ten - ending with the first crossover with Balloon Buster.

The first volume of the Enemy Ace Archives contains the first ten Enemy Ace stories; the second has the next ten - ending with the first crossover with Balloon Buster.

This very fine second volume of Enemy Ace Archives is almost as great .

This very fine second volume of Enemy Ace Archives is almost as great as the first volume. All stories written by creator Robert Kanigher, but this time artist Joe Kubert is joined by Neal Adams (Kubert inking Adams is something to see(, and other comics legends Russ Heath and Frank Thorne. The book SHOWCASE PRESENTS: ENEMY ACE does include all the stories in these two volumes and several more, but 1) They're in black and white, and 2) I don't want to pay for this, when I already have most of the same stories in a better format. Their art styles are very complimentary to Kubert's and fit right in with the overall look of this volume. Although Enemy Ace never had his own self-titled magazine, he was the headliner for Star-Spangled War This very fine second volume of Enemy Ace Archives is almost as great as the first volume.

They include more than 160 Golden Age and Silver Age comic properties currently owned by DC Comics, regardless of whether DC Comics was the original publisher. The series first published Superman Archives Vol. 1 in 1989. Most of the restoration work to make the pages suitable for quality printing has been done by Rick Keene, who has restored more than 2500 pages.

com: Welcome to the Official Site for DC. DC is home to the "World's Greatest Super Heroes, including SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, GREEN LANTERN, THE FLASH, AQUAMAN and more. Death stalks the skies above Europe once more in this second volume of THE ENEMY ACE ARCHIVES, reprinting the classic adventures of World War I German fighter ace Hans von Hammer from the pages of STAR SPANGLED WAR STORIES from 1969 through 1976! Talent. Inker Joe Kubert, Frank Thorne, Russ Heath.

Star-Spangled War Stories ("The Devil's General"). Star-Spangled War Stories ("Death Takes No Holiday"). Star-Spangled War Stories ("Return of the Hangman"). Star-Spangled War Stories ("A Grave in the Sky"). Star-Spangled War Stories ("Luck is a Puppy Named Schatzi"). Star-Spangled War Stories ("Reach for the Heavens"). Star-Spangled War Stories ("3 Graves to Home"). Star-Spangled War Stories ("Rain Above - Mud Below").

Joe Kubert sealed his reputation as one of the greatest American .

but he had been working in comics since the 1940s. In fact, young Kubert produced an exciting, significant body of work as a freelance artist for a variety of comic book publishers in the postwar era, in a glorious variety of non-super hero genres: horror, crime, science fiction, western, romance, humor, and.

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Follows World War I German fighter pilot Hans von Hammer, a.k.a. the Enemy Ace, as he struggles with his conscience while carrying out his duty to his country.


Zeks Horde Zeks Horde
The Enemy Ace comics expertly drawn by Joe Kubert were amongst the best of the "war" comics, followed by the Sgt Rock (also drawn by Kubert), and the Sgt Fury series. All dealt with the trials and tribulations of our guys in the European Theatre during World War II. These three series had wonderful story lines and character development light years beyond what you would expect in a comic book. The Enemy Ace series however focused on taking an introspective look at a German Pilot and what was going on in his mind as he prowled the skies of Europe looking for his prey in his Fokker Tri Plane during WW I. Dramatic art, wonderful story lines, twisting and provocative plots, and the range of emotions all combine to put you in the pilots seat of this great series.
Peles Peles
I used to read DC Comics war stories when I was kid. Sgt Rock, Gunner & Sarge, Johnny Cloud, Haunted Tank and an occasional Capt Storm. But my favorite was Enemy Ace, Hans Von Hammer. Now his exploits (not all of them though) are collected in a two volume set. Joe Kubert was THE artist for war comics, showing war to be the gritty business that it was. Resigned to the fact that he is a killer in the skies, and that war is hell, he does what he feels is his duty to his Fatherland. Kubert actually took great care to render the drawings of airplanes as accurately as possible (even if some of the color schemes added to them were sometimes off), which was a big plus. While he doesn't have his own book anymore, Von Hammer does pop up from time to time, showing that he survived the First World War, flew in the Second (in all red Messerschmidts, without a swastika), and retained his Fokker Triplane after the war for some adventures in the Far East. Now if they would collect all of the American World War One pilot Steve Savage's stories in a hardbound trade paperback, I'd be very happy!
Arashitilar Arashitilar
Remembering the stories that moved me to build model plane kits and thrill at the attempt at the same thing as portrayed in the comics was my escape from reality.
Cia Cia
I have had a good time reading up on the Hammer of Hell's journey through WWI. Joe Kubert's art is still as awakening as ever. Biplanes and pilots of the era seem to carry a legacy and its all well represented in this Archive Edition. Long live Enemy Ace!
Rageseeker Rageseeker
I'm a very happy customer. I would definitely buy from this seller again.
Malara Malara
As an Artist myself, my only remark is that the Archives edition was not true to the original comic's colors; especially the light tones and tints...
The printed colors were a bit too enhanced... But still a DC's Comic Masterpiece. I salute all those involved ever since...
Cogelv Cogelv
Read all these issues when I was younger. Still have all the comics. I love the stories and artwork for Enemy Ace. Now I can reread them when ever I want without having to get the book out of its sleeve.
This volume of DC Archives reprints the Enemy Ace comics from Star-Spangled War Stories from 1969 to 1976. "The Enemy Ace" was Hans Von Hammer, a German World War I flying ace inspired by The Red Baron. Enemy Ace was (as far as I know) the first war comic to told from the "enemy" point of view. Von Hammer was a deeply conflicted character, torn between his sense of duty and his hatred of war, Published during the Vietnam War, these comics have a noticeable anti-war slant. Written by Bob Kanigher and drawn by Joe Kubert, Enemy Ace was one of the best war comics of the era.