» » THE SEARCH FOR NEFERTITI. The True Story of a Remarkable Discovery.
eBook THE SEARCH FOR NEFERTITI. The True Story of a Remarkable Discovery. ePub

eBook THE SEARCH FOR NEFERTITI. The True Story of a Remarkable Discovery. ePub

by Joann Fletcher

  • ISBN: 0340833041
  • Category: Africa
  • Subcategory: History
  • Author: Joann Fletcher
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton; First Edition edition (2004)
  • Pages: 350
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  • Rating: 4.4
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I am not having good luck with books today.

Her power was rivaled only by her beauty  . I am not having good luck with books today.

Fletcher’s study of the life of the legendary queen Nefertiti is scholarship in just this sense

Fletcher’s study of the life of the legendary queen Nefertiti is scholarship in just this sense. A learned and intensely personal book, it spans Fletcher’s near-lifelong involvement with the study of Egyptian culture, from her first trip to Egypt as a teenager in 1981 to her most recent excavation in February 2003. Along the way, she provides the reader with a concise introduction to ancient Egyptian history as well as a rough guide to the shifting ideological landscape of professional Egyptology over the last 200 years.

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But the questions were just beginning

Her power was rivaled only by her beauty. Her face has become one of the most recognizable images in the world. She was an independent woman and thinker centuries before her time. But the questions were just beginning. Nefertiti first rose to prominence in Egyptology in 1912, when a old bust of the queen was unearthed and quickly became a recognizable artifact around the world. But pieces of Nefertiti's life remained missing. The world had seen what she looked like, but few knew about her place in history.

by Dr. Joann Fletcher. This body happened to have a wig, which Dr. Fletcher knew was a clear sign of power.

com User, November 14, 2004. After I watched Nefertiti Resurrected on the Discovery channel I hoped that this book would be wrote. when I received my copy I did not want to put it down until i finished it. The author brought the 18th dynsity alive.

The True Story of an Amazing Discovery. by Dr.

In this book, Dr Joann Fletcher and a team of experts have helped identify the body which has been considered missing for more .

In this book, Dr Joann Fletcher and a team of experts have helped identify the body which has been considered missing for more that 3000 years and the story it confirms casts Nefertiti in a new light. Read full description. See details and exclusions.

Joann Fletcher (author). It tells a story which will forever change the way we see Nefertiti - and women throughout Egyptian history.

Nefertiti - 'the Beautiful' - is one of Egypt's most compelling and mysterious figures. Wife of the controversial pharaoh Akhenaten, she lived through perhaps the most tumultuous period in the country's long history. The so-called Amarna Period has long held a fascination - not just for the enormous changes it brought to the religion, art and administration of Egypt, but for the many mysteries which surround it. Mysteries, that is, until now. Leading Egyptologist Dr Joann Fletcher has taken a fresh eye to the evidence and arrived at one of the most dramatic discoveries in recent times. Working with a team of leading experts, she has identified a long-forgotten mummy as the body of a female pharaoh of the Amarna Period, whom she believes is Nefertiti herself. Lying for over three thousand years in an unused side chamber of Tomb KV.35 in the Valley of the Kings, it tells a story which will forever change the way in which we view Nefertiti - and indeed women throughout Egyptian history. Now at last we see the full significance of her role as co-regent and later Pharaoh of Egypt, as well as understanding the astonishing luxury and decadence of her life in Amarna - a life she led as the country around her began to disintegrate.


Taur Taur
I found this book absolutely wonderful. I am 73 years old, and ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by a group of ancient people whose pictures portrayed them in wonderful clothing, beautiful jewelry and makeup, shown facing forward, but with their feet and faces turned in profile. I saw the Discovery special in which Dr. Fletcher opened KV55 and studied the three mummies who have recently been moved to the Cairo Museum. She was, and still is, convinced that the younger mummy is that of Nefertiti. However, Zahi Hawass, the director of antiquities in Egypt, is not. He believes that it may be Kiya, who supposedly is the mother of Tut and who may have died in childbirth. However, Kiya was a very young woman, while the one in the tomb that Dr. Fletcher is interested in is seemingly mid to late 30's and maybe into her 40's. Dead giveaway is the arm that was wrentched off the mummy. Kiya was not a royal, only a secondary wife, and as such she would not have been buried in the royal position, with the arm bent at the elbow and the fist up by the opposite shoulder. In spite of all the above, I do not believe Nefertii's remains may ever be found. This was a very traumatic time for Egypt, and even though Ankhenaten has been identified, his mummy is in very bad shape and the face and name on his coffin have been scourged out. Nefer's mummy may no longer even exist, or be so well hidden that it may someday be discovered only by accident. By the way, I heard it said that the most dangerous place to be on this planet is between Dr. Hawass and a television camera! And, as far as hair and wigs go, Dr. Fletcher has carved a niche for herself with her amazing studies and discoveries about the uses of wigs and hair styles and even dying and bleaching that the Egyptians used in their everyday lives. Again, this was a wonderful read and I highly recommend it to anyone who is even remotely interested in Egyptology.
Conjukus Conjukus
This is an absolutely fabulous book. You feel you know the answer to the question - who is this woman? - but you are compelled to take each twisting step with the author until the evidence supports the conclusion that this is the long-lost Nefertiti! The author's skills in presenting this search and its mysteries is a perfect match to the subject. The fact that I have been interested in egyptology since childhood and actually walked through the Valley of the Kings and been inside many of its tombs and chambers only adds to the ability to visualize and understand the writer's detailed descriptions put in front me. I am certain anyone would find this book enjoyable and I shall look for more of her books.
Kefym Kefym
interesting in parts, but also bogged down with minutiae repeatedly. Annoying that after the author goes into great detail about a particular item, she does it again a few chapters later. The author does this SEVERAL times. I couldn't decide if she was not organized enough to realize that she had already described the artifact, didn't trust us to remember that she had, or just wanted to make the book longer.
Heraly Heraly
Amazing story of this search for the powerful Queen Nefertiti. Subsequent research recently has shown this person to have been Akhenatens sister and King Tutankamen's mother. This historic change in Egypt's culture is very interesting.
Landamath Landamath
I enjoyed this book but feel too much le to be taking notes for a midterm exam. Perhaps it's the subject, but keeping which dynasty with is appropriate BC date was hard enough. But wth the name repetition and variations I felt I needed pictures which in this Kindle edition were omitted. (WHY?). But a good story nonetheless with an almost surprise at the end.
Voodoozragore Voodoozragore
Dr. Fletcher is an excellent writer and this book is well, worth reading. An incredibly, intriguing story. Weaving history and forensics with down-to-earth "good fun," Fletcher keeps us on the edge of our seats and leaves us wanting more.
Winotterin Winotterin
Absolutely loved this book! What a dynamic woman was Nefertiti, and the author brings her to life in a brilliant, vivid way!
Would have like some photos. Figured were referenced but not found. Would recommend to all interested in ancient Egyptian s