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eBook The Windsor Story ePub

eBook The Windsor Story ePub

by Charles J.V. Murphy,J. Bryan III

  • ISBN: 0688035531
  • Category: Europe
  • Subcategory: History
  • Author: Charles J.V. Murphy,J. Bryan III
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Morrow; 1st edition (1979)
  • Pages: 639
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  • Rating: 4.2
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This item:The Windsor Story by Charles . The book is a vast panorama which will carry you in the Windsors' wake through two world wars, the roaring bravado of the twenties, the squalid decadence of the café society of the fifties.

This item:The Windsor Story by Charles . There are many famous players on this stage, including Winston Churchill, Dickie Mountbatten, Elizabeth the Queen Mother and her daughter Queen Elizabeth; the undaunted Queen Mary, always upright as a poker both inside and out; the contemptible, gay Woolworth heir Jimmy Donahue among many others.

Life magazine commissioned Charles . Discover new books on Goodreads. In addition, the Duchess of Windsor later had Murphy work on her own autobiography, The Heart Has Its Reasons. Murphy to write the memoirs of King Edward VIII. A King's Story went on to become a best seller in book form  . See if your friends have read any of Charles . None yet. Charles .

This is an excellent illustrated book about the Duke of Windsor and his American born wife.

Select Format: Hardcover. This is an excellent illustrated book about the Duke of Windsor and his American born wife. It's a must read! 0. Report. Recently Viewed and Featured. M. Thiers Et Sa Mission.

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Joseph Bryan III, American Writer. Recipient Distinguished Public Service award United States Navy. III, Joseph Bryan was born on April 30, 1904 in Richmond, Virginia, United States. Son of Joseph St. George and Emily Page (Kemp) B. Education. Graduate, Episcopal High School Bachelor of Arts, Princeton University, 1927. Joseph Bryan III has been listed as a notable Writer by Marquis Who's Who.

Charles John Vincent Murphy, J. Bryan. This book is well written and informative. It’s like a love story of sorts.

item 4 The Windsor Story by Charles John Vincent Murphy and J. Bryan III (1979, Hardcov -The Windsor Story by Charles John Vincent Murphy and J. Bryan III (1979, Hardcov. Best Selling in Nonfiction. Charles John Vincent Murphy, J. I love it. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: Pre-owned.

THE WINDSOR STORY, by J. Bryan III and Charles . Their responses, reported in this volume, make it a fun book for browsers, a useful vade mecum for travelers. THE BLEEDING HEART, by Marilyn French. Each of the gestures illustrated above has four or more meanings: the first, "the head toss," varies from "no" to "salutations"; the second, "the chin flick," from "disinterest" to "disbelief"; the third, "the cheek stroke," from "thin and ill" to crafty.

by J. & MURPHY,Charles . Are you sure you want to remove J. BRYAN from your list?

by J.

Author:Murphy, Charles . Each month we recycle over . million books, saving over 12,500 tonnes of books a year from going straight into landfill sites. All of our paper waste is recycled and turned into corrugated cardboard. Windsor Story by Joe Bryan, Charles . Murphy (Hardback, 1979). Pre-owned: lowest price.

He was the playboy King of England. She was the brash American, already twice married. To the world they were a fairy-tale couple. Their marriage was the stuff of dreams. It was meant to be a timeless enchantment, played out on the most dazzling stage in history. But their story could only have one ending....


Kieel Kieel
Like many people I'd bought into the sincerity and devotion of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor for each other; after all their marriage endured for 36 years until his death, but there was always something nagging about the why. Wallis Simpson was hardly a striking beauty and I'd always assumed that Edward really had no interest or desire to be King, so here was his perfect escape plan. Most people took it on faith that they were a devoted couple playing out their lives on a lavish scale. "The Windsor Story" however strips away that fairy tale and explains "the rest of the story" as Paul Harvey used to say. While quite the playboy who squired many ladies in his bachelor days it appears Edward preferred to be dominated by a stern woman. In that sense Edward likely appeared to have developed a taste for being cuckolded; something not explicitly stated here, but which is broached in Dancing with the Devil: The Windsors and Jimmy Donahue. In Wallis Simpson Edward found his perfect match. As an American Wallis certainly didn't have the same inhibited and restrained manner as the English and her own desires and appetites likely were a perfect match for those of then Prince Edward. The Nancy boy had finally found his stern dominatrix. Granted that isn't explicitly stated here, but if you read between the lines you get the gist. The two carry on living their extravagant and dissolute lives, traveling the world and exhausting lavish sums of money in the process. The two set about creating the fantasy of a couple madly and deeply in love with, and devoted to each other; a story that the media and the public unquestioningly believed. But the Duke's Abdication in 1936 created a rupture between them and the rest of the Royal Family, which the book explores in great detail. Indeed there's so much that "The Windsor Story" touches on, including the Duke's dalliances with Fascism, his misplaced trust in Adolf Hitler, his spotty and questionable service during the Second World War as Governor General of the Bahamas, all of which gives you a good sense of what a truly untrustworthy and unsavory character the Duke was. Wallis likewise comes off as a conniving, brash, and domineering person who clearly wore the pants and called the shots. After 14 years together as a couple the American playboy Jimmy Donahue enters the couple's social circle. An heir to the Woolworth fortune, Donahue is accustomed to rolling with the wealthy elite and soon has pulled the Duke and Duchess into his social circle and he is pulled into theirs. Donahue is a fascinating character and it's fairly clear Wallis was delighted to have the attention and affection of a younger man. Likely after so many years of putting on a show for the public Wallis was simply tired of the Duke and his saccharine affection for her. "The Windsor Story" doesn't dwell as much on this odd ménage à trois with the Duke and Duchess as occurs in Dancing with the Devil: The Windsors and Jimmy Donahue. Much like the Duke in earlier years, Jimmy loved to lavish gifts on Wallis, and also the Duke. The three would go on holiday together, appear at social events, and Jimmy would escort the Duchess to events when the Duke was unwilling or unable. No one in society apparently batted an eyelash or thought it the least bit outré. But after four years the Duke increasingly felt ill at ease and frustrated with what was going on and it's never clear if he knew the full extent and chose to ignore it, or simply didn't have a clue. Eventually either the Duke or the Duchess (or both) felt it was time for it to come to an end as it was beginning to attract unwanted attention. The break was clean and hard and from there delves into their three lives after the break with Donahue.

By the time the Donahue affair ends the Duke's brother, King George VI, had died. It is a this time that the Duke and Duchess attempt a rapprochement with his niece, now Queen Elizabeth II, and to rehabilitate his image and raise his public profile. The Queen Mother, George VI's widow, would have none of it and Queen Elizabeth was also desirous of keeping the Duke and Duchess at arms length. What's stunning is that George had provided his brother the Duke with so much money over the years to keep him occupied and out of his hair, yet the Duke wanted not just George's money but his attention. To use a more modern term, the Duke was quite high maintenance, constantly demanding people's time, attention, and energies. From a psychological standpoint it's likely that he was denied so much attention, affection, and love by his parents and grandparents that he came to desperately seek it as an adult. As the years pass and their health starts to fail the story truly becomes sad as they're now locked in a box of their own creation. It's too late for them to break up; they are stuck with each other because they're sadly perfect for each other. The Duke's last years are increasingly pathetic attempt to reconcile with the Royal Family and it is only then he realizes the consequences of his foolish actions so many years before. Following the Duke's passing in 1972 Wallis continued to advance the myth of their love for each other being one for the ages. "The Windsor Story" ends before her sad demise. "The Windsor Story" is a cautionary tale that even if you have money to burn and move in the highest of social circles it can still be a lonely existence. Well researched with extensive endnotes and a bibliography this is not a trashy, dishy tell all, but an elegantly crafted and well written exposé n what was truly going on behind the scenes. The more you read about the Duke and Duchess the more dissolute they become and the less likeable they are and to that end "The Windsor Story" certainly re-enforces that opinion. If you buy into the romantic undying love served up in books this will undoubtedly unsettle, but if you want a better understanding of what might have really been going on this will entice.
Barinirm Barinirm
Nearly three years ago I tracked down this bio via Amazon- few copies then, the hardback fairly expensive, but found a somewhat tattered paperback for about $2. Normally paying shipping plus $2 for a not in very good condition paperback is [and was] unthinkable. But copies never turned up in library sales, so I went for it. So utterly glad I did. It's a hoot - can be picked up and read a chapter here, a chapter there or, of course, all the way from soup to nuts [and they were, sad, narcissistic, and a good bit crazy in love with their own egos].

Have probably read it three times over the years and I adore the cheekiness, the "real story" tales, the gossip, and just all the fly-on-the wall reports of high living, low intrigue, and a pair of empty lives topped off with the best champagne, as long as the Duke could get someone else to pay for it.

If the Windsor Duo had not been the Duke and Duchess, they would simply have had their own reality television show - warts without the riches...annoying, brainless, dull, and so utterly full of themselves that you would just have to watch, even if in secret, because of their mesmerizing king-&-wannabe-queen-sized egos. A kind of British Honeybooboo [sic], not a bit Downton Abbey. My paperback has been worn, repaired and today - at a library sale - I found the hardback, in very good condition, for $1. Lovely.
FireWater FireWater
This excellent book is very rational, almost low key in presenting Wallis and Edward, first as separate personalities, then as the composite of the Duke and Duchess. Wallis was a gold-digger and highly ambitious with "a somewhat metallic elegance." She simply surged ahead leaving a lot of people floundering in her wake once she was on a roll to capture wealth and fame. She was a professional socialite whose mantra was appearances are everything and money is essential to maintaining the charade- a lifestyle having no anchor, no purpose and perhaps no ultimate satisfaction. "A woman foolishly vain or supremely self confident."

Edward was hardly admirable and his derisive nickname "Peter Pan" which he was called by Wallis behind his back was singularly appropriate. He was not only the little boy who never grew up he didn't want to grow up. Atrociously spoiled and selfish, his cavalier treatment of old faithful friends like Fruity Metcalfe, who was the best man at his wedding, his cruel discarding of Freda Dudley Ward, his mistress of sixteen years, and Thelma, Lady Furness, reveal him as shallow and inconsiderate with a cruel streak. Wallis became his raison d'etre and nothing come hell or high water would divert him from worshipping at her feet, his hands full of jewels. He and Wallis together were the yin and yang of frivolity perfectly melding her ambition and his masochism to achieve absolutely nothing.

"The Windsor Story" is full of excellent photographs of all the major players on the Windsor stage. You look at the beautiful little boy Edward and the charming Prince of Wales who captured the heart of the world and you sigh knowing that what was underneath was more or less a vacuum.

The book is a vast panorama which will carry you in the Windsors' wake through two world wars, the roaring bravado of the twenties, the squalid decadence of the café society of the fifties. There are many famous players on this stage, including Winston Churchill, Dickie Mountbatten, Elizabeth the Queen Mother and her daughter Queen Elizabeth; the undaunted Queen Mary, always upright as a poker both inside and out; the contemptible, gay Woolworth heir Jimmy Donahue among many others. One of the most intriguing is Wallis' Aunt Bessie Merryman, a bastion of integrity who tried to instill some of that integrity into her niece (without success).

Over and over you wonder as you plough through this rich saga: how could this happen? But of course it did. A must for Windsor aficionados.