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eBook Tale of Johnny Town-mouse ePub

by Beatrix Potter

  • ISBN: 0723206279
  • Category: Historical Study and Educational Resources
  • Subcategory: History
  • Author: Beatrix Potter
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: F Warne Publishers Ltd; 1st Edition, Early Issue edition (December 1918)
  • Pages: 60
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Beatrix Potter - The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse. Beatrix Potter loved the countryside and she spent much of her otherwise conventional Victorian childhood drawing and studying animals.

Beatrix Potter - The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse. Her passion for the natural world lay behind the creation of her famous series of little books. A particular source of inspiration was the English Lake District where she lived for the last thirty years of her life as a farmer and land conservationist, working with the National Trust. The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse is based on an Aesop Fable, but Beatrix Potter sets the story in the Lake District.

автор: Беатрис Поттер (Beatrix Potter). Читать на английском и переводить текст. Frederick Warne & C. Inc. New York 1918. To Aesop In The Shadows. Johnny Town-mouse was born in a cupboard. Timmy Willie was born in a garden. Timmy Willie was a little country mouse who went to town by mistake in a hamper. The gardener sent vegetables to town once a week by carrier; he packed them in a big hamper. The gardener left the hamper by the garden gate, so that the carrier could pick it up when he passed. Timmy Willie crept in through a hole in the wicker-work, and after eating some peas-Timmy Willie fell fast asleep.


The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse is a children's book written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter and first published by Frederick Warne & Co. in December 1918. The tale is based on the Aesop fable, "The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse", with details taken from Horace's Satires . It tells of a country mouse and a city mouse who visit each other in their respective homes.

Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse. Authors: Potter, Beatrix.

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Beatrix Potter loved the countryside and spent much of her childhood drawing and studying animals. The Tale of Peter Rabbit¸ published in 1902, was her first book, expanded from an illustrated letter she had sent to a young friend. Beatrix Potter went on to publish more than 20 tales and collections of rhymes.

Johnny Town-mouse and his friends racketted about under the floors, and came boldly out all over the house in the evening. One particularly loud crash had been caused by Sarah tumbling downstairs with the tea-tray; there were crumbs and sugar and smears of jam to be collected, in spite of the cat. Timmy Willie longed to be at home in his peaceful nest in a sunny bank. The food disagreed with him; the noise prevented him from sleeping. In a few days he grew so thin that Johnny Town-mouse noticed it, and questioned him. He listened to Timmy Willie's story and inquired about the garden.

Children’s Classic Bedtime Story: The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse - A Vintage Collection Edition Sometimes the grass seems greener on the other side of the fence; however, upon further inspection, up close, it proves to be less than expected after all. And so this wonderful adventure begins as a county mouse goes to the city and the city mouse goes to the country, it may seem great but is finally decided by both that there is no place like home. An exciting tale written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter . Edited and presented by R.F. Gilmor for a new generation to hold and love.


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How can one go wrong with a Beatrix Potter story and for such a great price? I picked up a bunch of these short stories to read to my youngsters while we were on vacation. No need to carry a fifty-pound bag of books on the road any more. The Kindle solved the problem with flying colors. If you haven't grown up with these books you'll love reading them to your children. Mine can't get enough. Since this is a short story I'm not going to give a synopsis here but just believe me when I say you can't go wrong. If you prefer a paper copy of this story and other Beatrix Potter books I highly suggest: [...]
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Quality of book is so-so. It's a black and white reprint of a public domain book and the cover is super-generic with no images from the book. They could have made it a lot nicer without much more effort.
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It was a very good book I especially love to read myself. When I got this book I thought "oh this book is going to be boring". I read it cause my internet goes of at a specific time and when it goes of I just go to my book's I pick this one and read it when I feel happy. I really hope
that you love this book as I loved this book. Oh one more thing when we are in the car and I bring my kindle fire I just read this book. It makes me feel so happy. So just get this book I promise it's going to be a good book.????????
Unnis Unnis
Beatrix Potter is one of my very favorite children's authors, and The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse is my favorite tale she wrote, seconded only to the original Peter Rabbit. In this story, we meet a wee English bank vole, or country mouse named Timmy Willie who was born and raised in the quiet pastoral garden. One day, he timidly ventures into a vegetable hamper, eats too much (a common theme with Potter's animals) and falls asleep, only to awaken in the Town, very far away from his beloved garden. While in Town, Timmy Willie meets and befriends a jaunty and dapper town-mouse named Johnny. This simple story, set in Beatrix Potter's beloved English world of country and town is sure to delight anyone young or old who loves peace and quiet, or the events of town life!
Rit Rit
I was looking for the traditional Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit series so I could complete a set started many years ago for my 2 sons. They have been passed along to my granddaughter and having the complete set to share with her is perfect. The books haven't changed at all, same book covers, font, size they are all great!
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We love her books. "Little Bit a bread and no cheese!" is our favorite know what I mean if you know her books.
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I buy these books for my grandchildren just as I did for my children. The illustrations are delightful, and the stories are cleverand not too simple. Beatrix Potter is a classic!
always loved this story - great lesson