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eBook Criminal Law ePub

eBook Criminal Law ePub

by II John M. Scheb,John M. Scheb

  • ISBN: 053452575X
  • Category: Criminal Law
  • Subcategory: Law
  • Author: II John M. Scheb,John M. Scheb
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing; 3 edition (July 9, 2002)
  • Pages: 456
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  • Rating: 4.7
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John M. Scheb was born in Orlando, Florida, in 1926. He entered the practice of law in 1950. There are the rare exceptions, and "Criminal Law and Procedure" by father and son lawyer team John M. Scheb is most definitely in that category

John M. He served as associate municipal judge in Sarasota, Florida, from 1957 to 1959. From 1959 to 1970, he served as City Attorney for the city of Sarasota. In 1974, he was appointed to the Florida District Court of Appeal, second district, a position he held until his retirement in 1992. Scheb is most definitely in that category. Whether I need to refresh my memory on a statute, supreme court case, or definition, this book is my go-to. Its scope is great, but the depth is there as well.

John M. This book is very helpful when taking Terry Millers, Criminal Law class. He uses this book to do the outline for his notes, as well as tests. The information is very clear and straight forward. Scheb served as a municipal judge in Sarasota, Florida, from 1957 to 1959. From 1959 to 1970, he served as City Attorney for the city.

CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE is an effective resource for learning all substantive and procedural aspects of criminal law. This practical, up-to-date text features. This successful and time-tested text differs from most texts offered in the applied legal area in that it is the only one appropriate for a combined course in law and procedure-your one-volume solution! Thetext features a classic organization, and traditional presentation of case law, coupled with coverage of recent trends in law and procedure, and ample student pedagogy.

I TAUGHT with this BOOK this fall . John M. Scheb II, Professor, Department of Political Science, Faculty Fellow, Howard H. Baker, Jr. Center for Public Policy, University of Tennessee Knoxville

John M. Scheb/II John M. Scheb. All Documents from Criminal Law and Procedure. Get started today for free. criminal law exam 1 guide 2016-12-05. He entered the practice of law in 1950

John M.

The Scheb and Scheb author team bring a combined experience that is both practical and academic. The text covers all of the necessary content in a manageable fashion and integrates the material logically. Utilizing extensive case material, this book covers the historical background of criminal law and has been thoroughly updated to include the latest Supreme Court decisions and other developments in criminal law today. This is one of two "splits" of the combined CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE, Fourth Edition text (2002 Wadsworth) by the same authors.


deadly claw deadly claw
The author is informative, not too much and not too little. Writing style is academic level more than a level in the court/lawyer world per say. You are able to read at ease and not worry about if you going to understand it. You will even find yourself enjoying reading this book. The only thing I can say is negative and that is just something personal to me, that the author used real life stories and did not elaborate or share the whole story, just the point to where he is making his statement. I found myself looking online for the stories so I can learn them and feed my curiosity. You are not going to regret getting this book used or on sale, it is even good for people to have even if you do not have a class because learning these basic principles may be essential for all of us in life time, just to know what's going on with the law and stuff like that, and not go by only what you hear out there.
Again, this book is worth buying, comprehendible to read, it is not a waste of your money.
Arar Arar
Overall, I was impressed by this textbook. When I first signed up for Criminal Law, I was dreading the dense reading that was inevitably to come. However, this book breaks the law down and presents it in a not-so-dense fashion. It is very well-rounded and in-depth, as well as current. It presents numerous case studies, so that you can read the original rulings of various important cases throughout history - with particular relevance to each chapter presented - and interpret the findings for yourself. The book did a pretty good job of explaining difficult concepts, though some of the fictional examples the author gives to illustrate his point are a bit ridiculous. The only thing that kind of bothered me was that the author consistently refers to conceptual offenders in the feminine (as "she" or "her"). I realize this is a small matter, and probably just the author overcompensating while trying to write a gender-neutral book. However, this gives the false impression that women are the perpetrators of crime just as often, or even more often, than men are. This is factually not the case - Not by a long shot. Males commit about 75% of crimes, with females severely underrepresented. Again, this is a relatively small issue with the text, but I found it odd that a criminal justice professional, such as Samaha, would not immediately recognize this error.
Umsida Umsida
Thank you for this book, it worked great for what I need for my online class.
porosh porosh
Very Informative!!!
Kulafyn Kulafyn
Few markings but no missing pages and very readable.
Clandratha Clandratha
I needed it for my Criminal Law class which goes hand-in-hand. I look forward to using it for stdying for my tests.
Arrived on time. Good quality. I liked the idea of being able to sell it back and use credit for next purchase.