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eBook The Last Ember ePub

eBook The Last Ember ePub

by Jeff Woodman,Daniel Levin

  • ISBN: 1598878913
  • Category: Action and Adventure
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Jeff Woodman,Daniel Levin
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: HighBridge Audio; Unabridged edition (August 6, 2009)
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  • Rating: 4.2
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Daniel Levin earned his bachelor's degree in Roman and Greek civilization from the University of Michigan and is a. .

Daniel Levin earned his bachelor's degree in Roman and Greek civilization from the University of Michigan and is a graduate of Harvard Law School. He lives in New York City. I hope that Daniel Levin is working on something new because if it is as good as The Last Ember, I can't wait to read it. He uses factual information with fiction that not only flows toward a satisfying climax, but keeps you involved mentally with each page.

The Last Ember: A Novel. Written by Daniel Levin. Narrated by Jeff Woodman

The Last Ember: A Novel. Narrated by Jeff Woodman.

Daniel Levin has created an engaging action adventure that develops characters, takes you to interesting places above and below the ground in Jerusalem and Rome, and spins a tale that you will enjoy through the last page of the book. While I don't really care that much which expensive brand of shoe a particular character is wearing, I If you hate it when an author thinks that they have to infuse their characters with constant blue streaks of swearing to sell a book, then you'll like this one.

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The butcher cautioned them to watch their step, pointing to stones slick with animal viscera. The only sound was his transistor radio, softly playing Iranian pop music.

Daniel Levin is an American writer, producer, and attorney. His first novel, published in 2009, made the New York Times bestseller list. Levin grew up in Hollywood, Florida. from the University of Michigan in Roman and Greek civilization. In 2004 Levin was a visiting scholar at the American Academy in Rome, studying archeology. Levin shifted to law and graduated from Harvard Law School in 2007. He first worked clerking for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Israel.

Narrated by Jeff Woodman.

The Last Ember - Audiobook. Narrator: Jeff Woodman. Daniel Levin has concocted a wonderful blend of biblical history, interesting characters, and an intriguing plot in The Last Ember. Fans of The DaVinci Code will appreciate this story about the quest for the Tabernacle Menorah, the menorah with the eternal flame.

New York City, Author of NYT bestselling thriller THE LAST EMBER.

A search for a priceless artifact stolen from the Second Temple in Jerusalem becomes a race against time, terrorism, politics, and the past.Jonathan Marcus is a promising young archeologist studying at the American Academy in Rome when a terrible accident results in a fellow student's death and Jonathan's expulsion. He abandons archeology for the law, becoming a skillful advocate for unscrupulous antiquities dealers.When Jonathan's firm sends him to Rome to discredit the testimony of a prominent U.N. antiquities official, a chance reunion leads to a hunt for the legendary Tabernacle Menorah: solid gold, eight feet high, stolen 2,000 years ago and never recovered. As Jonathan and his friend scour Rome's ancient sites for hints to its whereabouts, they quickly realize they are not alone and the precious menorah is a key to controlling history itself.


Nalme Nalme
The disgraced promising archeological genius N.Y. turned lawyer teams up with respected archeological expert/former love interest in a shoot-me-up/slasher chase to find the lost Temple Menorah before the evil grandson of The (very disgraced) Grand Mufti of Jerusalem does...and destroys it. Daniel Levin offers us the true definition of historical FICTION as apposed to a historical NOVEL in that, while there is enough factual history to chew on, there is far more historical misinformation. The fantastical versus accurate historical information is so intermixed as given fact that the uninitiated may well walk away with a fun chase-em adventure...and a more confused sense of historical knowledge than before picking up The Last Ember.
Faehn Faehn
I am not an avid reader of crime suspense fiction or techno-thrillers, and I felt that the Da Vinci Code industry is "history lite". This is not to say that I don't like who-dunnits with an historical angle. It's just that so many of them turn out to be cut-and-paste fringe conspiracy theories. My interest in this well-researched and enthusiastically crafted "factional" tour-de-force did not flag or falter. Unlike some reviewers on these pages, I don't feel that the plot devices are simply a hook on which to hang the research. My interest was piqued since my own non-fiction work, THE JEWISH REVOLTS AGAINST ROME, AD 66-135 dovetails neatly with the author's obsession with Josephus, his world and continuing efforts to establish his true character and motives after two millennia. In fact one of the appendices of my book contains a sketch for an alternate history of the Jewish rebellions, which is as close as I will probably come to writing a fictional account based on Josephus. Just as well: The Last Ember has trumped anything I might do in that area. I also had felt that there was quite a bit more behind Josephus' "defection" to Vespasian's legions than the few slippery passages of his works reveal. I was quite pleased to read this and ponder the possibillties so excitingly fleshed out in the novel. Nor did I find the characters to be "cardboard" or cliched, as one reviewer thought. They have a passion for literally unearthing the truth and exposing those who would "erase" one people's history to serve the nefarious ends of the Deniers.
Drelalak Drelalak
Fast paced plot of the "can't put down" type. Daniel Levin did his homework in writing this novel, that could be true. The characters are empathetic, have personal flaws that make them realistic. If you enjoy ancient history about the Roman Empire and the Jew's stand against Imperial Rome, this is your book. Though set in modern day Rome and Israel, it weaves the history of the time period with accuracy.

If you liked Angels and Demons, you will enjoy this book.
Dukinos Dukinos
The book is fast moving and full of interesting archeological information in the context of ancient Judie Christian history. A little hard to follow the detailed movement through underground tunnels and passages but this added to the authenticity of the narrative.
Sardleem Sardleem
Whoa, 1 and 2-star critics! For Heaven's sake, this is a NOVEL and never purports to be anything besides a little diversionary entertainment. It is certainly NOT a history textbook to be taken literally. I found it to be an absolutely excellent page-turning mental 'get away' in the tradition of Doug Preston and Linc Child. You just read it and off you go to Rome, The Colosseum, Ostia, Jerusalem, etc. Brown? B-O-R-I-N-G!!

To all you 'wannabe' amateur literary critics out there, lighten up on the new guy and give him a chance! I bet if you picked your wife's cooking or your husband's choice of dress apart like some of these vitriolic reviews, you'd sleep in the doghouse for a month!

Let's hope he isn't like Caleb Carr who's first novel, "The Alienist" was outstanding, but subsequent attempts not nearly as good. Hopefully Dan Levin will improve and write even better historical action stuff.

At least I hope so. Dan, I'll read your future books also if you promise to write more historical action stuff; I loved it!
Flower Flower
The Israeli Twist on a Brown novel. Not as riveting as the DaVinci novels.
Zeus Wooden Zeus Wooden
I truely enjoyed this novel. I hope that Daniel Levin is working on something new because if it is as good as The Last Ember, I can't wait to read it. He uses factual information with fiction that not only flows toward a satisfying climax, but keeps you involved mentally with each page. I am so glad I decided to buy this book. It would make a great gift as well.
If you've ever been to Rome you'll find explanations included here from some of the ruins you didn't see as they're underground. If you've ever been to Jerusalem, the same applies. A fun read for those with archeological interests.