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eBook Termination Orders: Code Name Cobra ePub

eBook Termination Orders: Code Name Cobra ePub

by Caio Camargo,Leo J. Maloney

  • ISBN: 0615419887
  • Category: Action and Adventure
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Caio Camargo,Leo J. Maloney
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Independent Publishing House; First edition (January 31, 2011)
  • Pages: 249
  • ePub book: 1350 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1461 kb
  • Other: lrf lrf mbr docx
  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 243


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Author Leo Maloney is a former Black Ops contractor and this book is loosely based on his experiences.

Code named Cobra, former CIA agent Dan Morgan is pulled in when every .

Code named Cobra, former CIA agent Dan Morgan is pulled in when every other option has failed. His mission: find Nikolai Novokoff, a ruthless KGB officer turned international arms dealer. Once a trained killer for the CIA, Dan Morgan has built a new life for himself. But when he receives a desperate plea from his former Black Ops partner-reportedly killed in a foreign battle zone-he flies to help. CIA veterans Dan Morgan and Peter Conley-code names Cobra and Cougar-are America's last chance at averting an unthinkable scenario of bloodshed. Praise for Leo J. Maloney's Novels. Everything a thriller reader wants. -Ben Coes on Silent Assassin.

Praise for Leo J. Maloney's Novels Everything a thriller reader wants. Ben Coes on Silent Assassin This is one outstanding thriller. Espionage Fiction Thriller & Crime.

In this explosive novel of world-class suspense, former Black Ops veteran Leo J. Maloney traces a lethal conspiracy from the frontlines of battle to the backrooms of Washington to a single assassin's bullet.

Kensington Publishing Corp. This book is dedicated to John Peterson (Code Name Cougar), who was both my colleague and best friend for many decades. Praise for the New Thriller Master Leo J. Maloney. John and I met on our first day of black ops training and developed a special bond that made us closer than brothers. We had each other’s back one hundred percent of the time and were so in tune that we knew exactly what the other was thinking.

Entertaining, suspenseful read with good plot. Maloney had grea mystery writing skills and worth reading his next series Morgan assignmet.

Alex had been gone for several hours now, and the sun was close to setting. along the corner of the page but because his eyes were anxiously drawn to the door every few seconds. His ears caught every rustle he heard, over the low rumble of the generator, wondering if this time it might be the sound of his daughter returning.

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Termination Orders is based on the author's missions in Black Ops. Hero Dan Morgan is simultaneously hunted by a double-crossing CIA and Congress, vengeful foreign agents, a corporate drug ring, the Taliban, and narco-terrorists ... a you-are-there action thriller of torture, assassination, betrayals, and revenge, where nothing is as it seems.


Arashigore Arashigore
A deep ops story presented in an epic style that takes fact mixed with a bit of fiction to create a spy thriller that takes the reader deep into secret spy missions. Leo Maloney had a career in Black Ops that he left in 2001. After many friends heard some of Leo's experiences they told him there was definitely a book that he must write telling of his work as a spy. Leo takes you with him into the depths, or should I say pits, of torture, deception, and friendship in Black Ops, and a personal life that had to be completely separate from the secrecy of work.

Code names were what their associates know most spies by unless they are exceptionally personally close. Cougar, Zalmay, and Cobra are some of the key names in this story. Cobra, (Dan Morgan), has been retired a few years trying to get his family life together but never able to fully forget his career that kept him on edge every minute of every day no matter where he was. Cobra answers his door to a former associate, Plante, who is trying to get Cobra back in the deep ops business telling him that only he can perform the current task for the CIA. Cobra tells Plante, a former associate, there is no way he would ever return to the ops program, that is until Plante tells Cobra that his old buddy, Cougar, is dead and he had left a message that only Cobra would be able to decipher. Cobra took Plante into his home office telling his family that Plante was an old associate and friend. Plante told Morgan (Cobra) that the agency needed him pronto for this assignment and begged him to help. Thus begins an adventure for Morgan taking him back to the disastrous dangerous conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan while telling his family next to nothing about why he was leaving to help once again. Morgan goes to the CIA offices to fill out all the paperwork that he thought would no longer be a part of his or his family's life. He then was shown Cougar's message that Morgan realized was in a code that only he could understand.

When Cobra got to Afghanistan he again met up with those he had worked with before, as well as some new faces that he knew not whether to trust. He had to trust his instinct and the word from those he had trusted. While Morgan was deeply involved across the sea, Senator Lana McKay was running for reelection and was searching for backers. A part of her campaign was to check on all the private contractors in Afghanistan and Iraq to flush out the bad ones and help the good ones. She met with Senator Nickerson, who she thought was one of her supporters, but proved not to be. Eventually her life was threatened because of her stance.

Cobra was in and out of trouble, prison, and suffering terrible treatment, all the while meeting new people not knowing their trustworthiness. He traveled in between with even some time in the United States where he could talk with his family briefly but he had to stay on the move still searching for clues connected to Cougar. At one point the CIA started to wonder if Morgan had gone rogue and killed off some of those connected with him. Another spy, Natasha, and Senator Nickerson were supposed to kill Morgan but neither had succeeded so Natasha said she would get him. When Morgan's family became a pawn in this puzzle, he declared he would end this and get those that would hurt his family.

I do not want to go any deeper into this terrific story. If Leo Maloney actually lived this story we all owe him and those like him a deep amount of gratitude and praise. These deep ops people have to play the game in so many different ways to get results. Our nation is so fortunate to have them working for us as they fight those that oppose us and would kill each and every one of us if they could.
Xtintisha Xtintisha
Maybe it is just the curiosity in me or maybe its the way my brain functions, but I have always found books about the FBI, CIA, CSI, and other investigative and clandestine services to be extremely interesting. They don't fit my typical Christian and historical reviews, but when a good one comes along, I just cannot pass it up. This is the situation with this book. The author kept my attention and interest page after page. There was action going on with every turn of the page. It had its not so pleasant moments, but they were not terribly graphic nor did they make me want to quit reading the book. I found myself cheering inside for the good characters, hoping they would be successful in their mission. I thought that it was a good read and the fact that the author had some experience in Black Ops added to the realistic character of the book. As with real life, people can be deceiving and you never really know who are the good guys and who are the wolves in sheep's clothing. For a different type of read, give this one a try. If all that espionage and secret operations stuff interests you, like it does me, then you are sure to like this book as well as I did.
Querlaca Querlaca
In this fast-paced, action-packed thriller by first-time novelist and former Black Ops agent Leo J. Maloney, Dan Morgan, in an attempt to keep his family safe and protected from his past experiences in Black Ops, temporarily appeases the CIA in response to his close teammate Peter Conley's death. But once interpreting the circumstances of his death via a coded message Conley, codenamed Cougar, has posthumously left him, Morgan, a.k.a. Cobra, jets off to find out the truth, starting a conspiratorial manhunt of epic proportions, putting himself, Peter, and his wife and daughter in the crosshairs. Termination Orders spans the globe in a whirlwind of events that twist the storyline every which way, creating and sustaining the suspense and attention-grabbing action Tom Clancy novels are made of. Leo's personal experience in Black Ops gives him a knee-up on the competition, though, as he relays a deep connection to the events , bumping up the impact and the reader's caring for the characters. For a debut novel, Maloney hits it out of the park and leaves the story just open enough for a possible sequel or Dan Morgan trilogy.

- T.C. Robson
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