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eBook Our Mutual Friend (Oxford World's Classics) ePub

eBook Our Mutual Friend (Oxford World's Classics) ePub

by Michael Cotsell,Charles Dickens

  • ISBN: 0192835238
  • Category: Classics
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Michael Cotsell,Charles Dickens
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press; 4th printing edition (August 20, 1998)
  • Pages: 880
  • ePub book: 1362 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1982 kb
  • Other: doc rtf mbr docx
  • Rating: 4.2
  • Votes: 566


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Our Mutual Friend - Oxford World's Classics (Paperback). Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.

Чарльз Диккенс (1812-1870) - английский писатель, завое от 552. Our Mutual Friend. Subjects: Satire Notes: This is an OCR reprint. There . т 920.

Items related to Our Mutual Friend (Oxford World's Classics). 1. Cotsell, Michael (edt); Dickens, Charles. Charles Dickens Our Mutual Friend (Oxford World's Classics). Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, voluminous notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.

Oxford World's Classics. Dickens' last completed novel traces John Harmon's covert observation of Bella Wilfer, whom he must marry if he is to inherit a fortune. Oxford World's Classics. Following his father's death John Harmon returns to London to claim his inheritance, but he finds he is eligible only if he marries Bella Wilfur.

Oxford World's Classics

Oxford World's Classics. Charles Dickens's last complete novel, "Our Mutual Friend encompasses the great themes of his earlier works: the pretensions of the nouveaux riches, the ingenuousness of the aspiring poor, and the unfailing power of wealth to corrupt all who crave it. With its flavorful cast of characters and numerous subplots, "Our Mutual Friend is one of Dickens's most complex-and satisfying-novels.

Oxford World's Classics, Paperback, 880 pages. Published November 4th 2013 by Classic Charles Dickens: Our Mutual Friend. ISBN: 0199536252 (ISBN13: 9780199536252).

London : Chapman & Hall ; New York : Oxford University Press. Little Dorrit - v. 17. Our mutual friend

Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870; Cruikshank, George, 1792-1878; Browne, Hablot Knight, 1815-1882; Frye, Northrop. London : Chapman & Hall ; New York : Oxford University Press. kellylibrary; toronto. Victoria University Library has Northrop Frye's copy with his annotations.

How can you be so thankless to your best friend, Lizzie? The veryfire that warmed you when you were a babby, was picked out of the riveralongside the coal barges. The very basket that you slept in, the tidewashed ashore. The very rockers that I put it upon to make a cradleof it, I cut out of a piece of wood that drifted from some ship oranother.

The corrupting influence of wealth is revealed when kindly Mr. Boffin inherits his employer's fortune.


Najinn Najinn
I love Dickens! And, I thoroughly enjoyed this audio edition of the book; the reader was fantastic with his many voices and his great inflections; he did a superb job.

Having said that, however, I need to add that I wish I had listened to the unabridged version, even though it's much longer. Here's why: some of the characters are missing in this version. And, of course, some of the little plot twists are not covered. While I love listening to audio books (it makes exercising so much more tolerable!), I need to remember that where Dickens is concerned, it's best to listen to the entire book...I mean, what's the hurry when I need to keep exercising anyway??!?!?!

Now, about the book itself; it is not my favorite. Fro me, the characters were not as intriguing as they are in Bleak House - still one of my favorites. The plot line is not as engaging.

However, true to form, Dickens has some of the most classic lines ever written; as in, "Why ain't you ugly?" Now, that caused me to laugh out loud!

Or how about this section: "As is well known to the wise in their generation, traffic in Shares is the one thing to have to do with in this world. Have no antecedents, no established character, no cultivation, no ideas, no manners; have Shares. Have Shares enough to be on Boards of Direction in capital letters, oscillate on mysterious business between London and Paris, and be great. Where does he come from? Shares. Where is he going to? Shares. What are his tastes? Shares. Has he any principles? Shares. What squeezes him into Parliament? Shares. Perhaps he never of himself achieved success in anything, never originated anything, never produced anything? Sufficient answer to all; Shares. O mighty Shares!"

Or the lovely heroine, Bella who proclaims: "I have made up my mind, Pa, that I must have money. And I feel that since I cannot beg, borrow, or steal it, I am resolved, I must marry it!"

I think Dickens is sheer genius in his writing. And, he knows the human heart in terms of the power of money over some people. Money is such a theme in this book; we see it in the Lemmles, Riderhood, Veneerings, etc. And, even in Bella Wilfer, who does change her mind about the value of love over money as the story progresses.

I recommend listening to an audio version, but be sure to go for the unabridged. And, I highly recommend Dickens; for me, there's not many to compare.
Mmsa Mmsa
This review is for the MP3 Audio version. I had been looking forward to listening to this after enjoying the MP3 of Little Dorrit, performed superbly by Anton Lesser. Unfortunately, this disc is a disgrace. Apart from the questionable decision of not choosing an English voice to read Dickens, the performance is so lazy and wooden that it sucks all the interest out of the novel. The reader has not even bothered to learn how common London place names are pronounced ('Southwark' in the first paragraph is not 'south-wark') and has countless weird pronunciations of common English words ('ruin' is rendered throughout as 'roon'). Given that Dickens is the most dramatic of novelists, including virtual stage directions in the text ('he sneered,' 'she sobbed,' 'he roared'), there is no excuse for delivering every line using a flat monotone in which even such distinctions as male, female, educated, working class, all sound the same. This recording does Dickens an unforgivable disservice and everyone connected with its production should be ashamed.
Mushicage Mushicage
The first half of this book was a bit of a tough slog, and were it not for the fact that I had it on excellent authority that I was in for a treat, I would have been tempted to give up. The pace picked up considerably at the start of section 3, though. This book has a little bit of everything to please an array of tastes. There are unsavory, disreputable characters (which Dickens did so well), the ridiculous and self-important who are worthy of nothing but contempt, and kind and honorable characters. There is mystery, murder, greed, romance, jealousy, betrayal, and it is all topped off with a thoroughly satisfying ending.

I chose this particular edition over the myriad of others that are available because it included an introduction by Nick Hornby, whose books I love. Sadly, I could have done without Mr. Hornby's introduction. After disparaging many contemporary writers (and there are many out there who may feel rightly so, but I don't feel the was the appropriate forum to voice this opinion), he then went on to state ". . . it is only fair to warn you that Our Mutual Friend - his last completed novel - is in the opinion of many, including this writer, far from his best." Perhaps the publishers should have looked a little harder to find someone who actually likes and respects the novel to write an introduction, rather than go with a popular writer who clearly does not.

Also included in this edition was a list of characters and some charming illustrations. I don't know if the list of characters is standard in all editions, but I found it invaluable as I read the first half of the book. Trying to keep track of something like two dozen principal characters while trying to follow the story would have been near impossible for me without this tool.

So let me sum up my rating: 5 stars for the work by Dickens, and 1 star for the introduction by Nick Hornby.
Xurad Xurad
This is one of my favorite Dickens novels. But this production of the novel is wretched. "Illustrated" but none of the illustrations have anything to do with the text. They were so distracting.
I never listened to the accompanying audiobook. It was probably crap ad well.
Burilar Burilar
I would never have tackled this novel if my daughter hadn't given it to us for Christmas and kept asking if we had read it. So when we needed a good book to read aloud in the spring, my husband and I began Our Mutual Friend. What a treat! I am amazed by any novelist's ability to create an array of characters and circumstances and then weave them all together in surprising ways. Dickens not only does this with great skill; he is also a caustic satirist of great humor, an absolute genius of character study, and a spirited social critic to boot. When the wicked finally get their comeuppance, those who apply the verbal medicine do so with an articulate fervor that is deeply satisfying. Not always an easy read, this book is definitely worth the effort.