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eBook Dirty Harriet ePub

eBook Dirty Harriet ePub

by Miriam Auerbach

  • ISBN: 0373880901
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Miriam Auerbach
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Harlequin Next; Original edition (March 28, 2006)
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  • Rating: 4.8
  • Votes: 688


Book One of the Dirty Harriet Mysteries. Miriam Auerbach is the author of a satirical mystery series set in Boca Raton, Florida and featuring Harley-riding, wisecracking female private eye Harriet Horowitz.

Book One of the Dirty Harriet Mysteries. using dark humor and starring a fabulous who deserves future tales. Miriam can only assume that this is because the heroine kills her husband on page one.

Book One of the Dirty Harriet Mysteries “A terrific investigative tale.

About Miriam Auerbach: Miriam was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Discover new books on Goodreads. See if your friends have read any of Miriam Auerbach's books. Miriam Auerbach’s Followers (13).

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Names, characters, places and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons (living or dead), events or locations is entirely coincidental. Ebook ISBN: 978-1-61194-302-3. Print ISBN: 978-1-61194-259-0. Bell Bridge Books is an Imprint of BelleBooks, Inc.

Dirty Harriet - Miriam Auerbach.

Miriam can only assume that this is because the heroine kills her husband on page one. In a parallel universe, Miriam is known as Miriam Potocky, professor of social work at Florida International University in Miami. She lives in South Florida with her husband and their multicultural canines, a Welsh Corgi and a Brussels Griffon. Visit Miriam at ww. iriamauerbach. Dirty Harriet - Miriam Auerbach.

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Then the Contessa von Phul, a woman from Harriet's society days, hires Harriet to investigate the death of a Mayan immigrant worker. With her assistant Lupe-an eccentric civil servant-and . 4 Magnum, Dirty Harriet hits the mean streets of Boca Raton to dig for clues. When she discovers scandal after scandal, will she be able to escape Boca with her life-yet again?

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Dirty Harriet by Miriam Auerbach released on Mar 28, 2006 is available now for purchase.


Eng.Men Eng.Men
I have a new favorite heroine. Her name is Harriett. Author Auerbach grabbed me in the prologue with her right-on-target description of "Boca Babes." Then I met "Dirty Harriett" and was completely blown away of her description of Harriett on her Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

"You know that sound -- the one you only get from a Harley. But maybe you don't know the feel. Let me put it this way: it's a 500-pund vibrator between your legs. And people wonder why a woman would ride a bike."

Harriett has left the glamorous life of a Boca Raton "Boca Babe" behind for a shack in the Everglades with an alligator as a neighbor and a job as a private investigator. And beneath the humor and satire and action, the author tells a more serious story of the trials of Mayan immigrants working the South Florida tomato fields. This is a successful read on several levels.

I'm happy that this was just the first of a Dirty Harriett series. I have more to look forward to reading.
Legionstatic Legionstatic
This i s the first book I've read by Miriam Auerbach, but it won't be my last. It was funny, sassy, compassionate, informative re domestic violence and other info close to my heart, how "the system" regarding immigrants, and the judicial system work, etc, The story line and plot were convincing...these situations do occur (anything is possible) and the reasons behind them are not often revealed. The "Boca Babes" were hilarious and descriptively true to the core. The Author has a tremendous" sensa huma" and I applaud her for interjecting this side of "Dirty Harriet" into the story and life situations. Yes... I will be on the look out for more by Miriam Auerbach.
Doomredeemer Doomredeemer
Former Boca babe Harriet Horowitz has traded in her expensive habits for a home in the swamp, an alligator who listens to her ramblings, and a roaring motorcycle. A tough chick private eye, she takes on a case involving a murdered Mayan housekeeper. Suspects arise from the woman’s employers to her immigrant labor origins to a local fertility clinic. Is there only one victim involved, or are there bigger issues at stake? Harriet isn’t afraid to face anything head-on and guns blazing. Funny, satirical, and poignant, Dirty Harriet will leave you with a smile and eager to see what Harriet gets involved in next.
Reddefender Reddefender
I actually read the sequel first, and had to order the original on the Kindle to get it.
I liked how Miriam wrote the characters. They all seemed pretty real to me. The setting descriptions were done very well; I could almost see them in my mind. The plot was very interesting, but seemed a little complicated for what I believe a cozy should be. That's not saying it is wrong, it just wasn't as fast as a read as I'm used too.
I don't understand why this is in the Harlequin series though. Unless Harriet is having an illicit affair with an alligator, there's no romance involved.
I think this book should be read by more people, and hopefully if Miriam gets a chance to switch publishers, she'll get the acolades she deserves.
Quendant Quendant
Riveting, suspenseful and downright funny, Miriam Auerbach lures the unsuspecting bibliophile to a "happy place" with battery, bribery, buy offs, and murder. The happily widowed heroine, Harriet, will stop at nothing to find the perpetrator--guys who have always wondered what women experience during a Pap smear should definitely read this graphic depiction!

The self-indulgent reader is simultaneously captivated with descriptive accounts of the lavish lives of the rich and egotistical and their entitlement mentality in picturesque South Florida, while the portrayal of the destructive power of greed and selfishness systematically unfolds.

The delineation of Dirty Harriet's fascination with Harleys and her implausible friendship with Lana, the alligator, uniquely balances intrigue with personal evolution and light-hearted humor. Many times, I found myself laughing out loud.

In her vulnerable and amazingly vivid authorship, Miriam Auerbach's challenges each of us to never assume, to consider what we might be enslaved to, and to discover our own "inner vigilante."

Upon further introspection, she ultimately dares the reader to confront their stereotypes of women and biases about homosexuality, and to acknowledge the depravity of human trafficking and the inhumane treatment of immigrant field workers that proliferates today.

My "take-away" message from Dirty Harriet is that my personal freedom and survival as a woman depend on fighting for the justice and freedom of oppressed women everywhere. Can't wait to read its sequel!
Dordred Dordred
I usually read WWII history/fiction or political non-fiction so this was a welcomed relief... super enjoyable although I easily figured it out, somehow I think that was meant to be...No much for the ending and the quickie resolution...felt like I was used without a proper kiss.....overall a fun read....although I don't ride hogs and prefer bib v8 4x4, this guy sure relates to Harriet and her love of a deep rumbling engine....starting Rides Again as soon as I finish this review.....done...
Yggdi Yggdi
I'd previously read the other books in the 'Dirty Harriet' series and loved them, but I hadn't had the pleasure of reading the original 'Dirty Harriet', which introduces Harriet to the world. This book and Harriet are wonderful. It was great seeing firsthand what transformed Harriet from a cowering, insipid 'Boca Babe' into a strong, self-sufficient woman, determined to take on injustice her way. Harriet has plenty of wit and gumption, but also has a wound that makes her complex and interesting. She's surrounded by an assortment of delightful, oddball friends and relatives, who try to help Harriet out of jams. Miriam Auerbach has a deft touch as she exposes serious issues in this funny, thoughtful social satire.
I liked this book a lot and there were some funny lines that I had to read aloud to my husband. Dirty Harriet is a likeable,believable character. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series and seeing her character as it develops