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eBook This Time the World ePub

eBook This Time the World ePub

by George Lincoln Rockwell

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  • Author: George Lincoln Rockwell
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Liberty Bell Publications; 7 edition (March 22, 2004)
  • Pages: 444
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I first discovered Commander Rockwell when my US History teacher dared to show us a segment of his interview with Canadian TV. The words "if I were a religious man, I would consider Adolf Hitler the second coming of Christ". I found the words to be sacrilegious and absurd, but I was drawn in and interested by the character of Rockwell. About a year later, I began to question the eroding vitality of my Millennial generation and why we've been treated like a lab experiment by the Elite.

This Time The World book. George Lincoln Rockwell This book, first published in 1961 is the auto-biography of George Lincoln Rockwell who founded the American Nazi party in 1959. The sales of this book was one of the main incomes for Rockwell's 8 year career. This books tells of the life of . Rockwell, how he came to his beliefs, and what his goals were.

The first book by George Lincoln Rockwell, released in 1961

The first book by George Lincoln Rockwell, released in 1961. Note on the audio: While text-to-speech is a less favorable option than human reading, you may, like myself, find this pace and voice relatively comfortable to listen to. The program used was a browser extension called Talking Web. The writing had to be manually scanned for possible reading issues before each chapter was recorded into Audacity, and while the end result isn't perfect, it does the job well.

George Lincoln Rockwell (March 9, 1918 – August 25, 1967) was an American politician and neo-Nazi. In 1959, he was discharged from the United States Navy because of his political views and founded the American Nazi Party. Rockwell denied The Holocaust and believed that Martin Luther King Jr. was a tool for Jewish Communists wanting to rule the white community. He blamed the civil rights movement on the Jews. He regarded Hitler as "the White savior of the twentieth century"

by Commander George Lincoln Rockwell They will seize on this book like starved vultures and comb it for new . Lincoln Rockwell, Commander. American Nazi Party of the World Union of National Socialists.

by Commander George Lincoln Rockwell. Preface Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10. Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20. -back-. by George Lincoln Rockwell. They will seize on this book like starved vultures and comb it for new evidence of the insanity they must prove against me or stand convicted themselves.

George Lincoln Rockwell. Although Commander Rockwell's life was tragically cut short, he lived long enough to leave some incredibly valuable contributions to the racial situation in his country. This is the type of book that we are programmed to reject as 'racist garbage' from the moment we learn to read, but I think you'll find that if you give this book a chance, it could make you think twice about some very serious matters. If these racial problems didn't actually exist, people like Mr. Rockwell would be ignored and rightly so.

White Power (1966) – The last and most powerful book written by the founder of the American Nazi Party, George Lincoln Rockwell.

This Time The World (1961) – This book, first published in 1961, is the autobiography of George Lincoln Rockwell who founded the American Nazi party in 1959. The sales of this book was one of the main incomes for Rockwell’s 8 year career as a political activist. White Power (1966) – The last and most powerful book written by the founder of the American Nazi Party, George Lincoln Rockwell. Taking the philosophical concepts outlined in his earlier book, This Time the World, Rockwell distilled his political message into a hard-hitting, easy-to-read volume, which is guaranteed to leave the reader shaken, despite having first been published in 1966.

Reichsmarschall George Lincoln Rockwell was the head of state of Nazi America until Fall 1962. He was the direct superior of SS officer John Smith and Director J. Edgar Hoover of the ARBI. He was personally removed from office by Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler of the Greater Nazi Reich after he committed treason against the Reich. He was exiled to Cuba where he was killed by an assassin, hired by the new Reichsmarschall Smith.

To commemorate George Lincoln Rockwell’s memory, and to make sure that his life’s story and invaluable lessons .

On this day we salute the Commander and promise to fulfill his glorious charge : This Time – THE WORLD ! George Lincoln Rockwell - PDF George Lincoln Rockwell - Videos.

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Foxanayn Foxanayn
I read this book back in high school in the late 60s. I liked it then and now I like it even more. If you don't believe some of the info in it, all you have to do is check and verify. Commander Rockwell (I say that with great respect) has proven to be quite a profit when it comes to predicting what could happen if Communists are left to run rampant in our country. Now we are suffering the consequences of not taking action when we should have. I can't help but wonder what might have been if he actually was elected President in 1972.
It's a shame that the remaining organizations that claim linkage or fellowship with Commander Rockwell are made up of loonies with tons of tattoos and wearing all kinds of BS clothing and carrying Confederate flags (!?!?!). Or the ones who have morphed his ideas into some kind of bizarre religion.
Anyway, on the book itself...I bought the hardcover version. It is very well constructed and durable. I wish it had an outside cover, I would have paid extra for that. The content of the book...that you will have to find out for yourself. It is certainly worth the money. He was a great man that took great pride in his country and his white race. Nothing more need be said. RIP Commander. There are many that still remain loyal to your beliefs.
Jorad Jorad
I love the book, but it didn't come with the dust cover.
Kuve Kuve
Incredible auto-biography of George Lincoln Rockwell. That anyone could have gone through the things he endured, is amazing.
Morlunn Morlunn
George Lincoln Rockwell's THIS TIME THE WORLD is a riot - often quite literally. Slap-dash in outward appearance (it was assembled and published on a shoestring budget) TTTW is actually a very well written autobiography of Rockwell from his youth up to the heady days of the fledgling American Nazi Party which he formed in the late 1950s/early 1960s in Arlington, VA. TTTW first came into my hands when I was living in Arlington in the 1980s. The late Rockwell's American Nazi Party, by then re-named "New Order" and reformed into a esoteric quasi-religious group, was still a local presence, although much less politically active than when Rockwell was at the helm. Rockwell's influence could still be felt in Arlington even sixteen years after his demise and many of the locals still remembered him. The site of his death, a strip mall parking lot, was a bit of a local attraction and a faded swastika painted on the asphalt marked the exact spot where he fell (the swastika is now long gone although the strip mall still remains).

No matter how you may feel about Rockwell, it is hard not to like the writer of this book who often achieves the remarkable feat of being egotistical in a endearingly self-effacing way. Because of his convictions Rockwell lost his home, his full Navy retirement pension, his wife, his children, his friends, and everything else he held dear, including his own life. Right or wrong, that sort of dedication is remarkable. Love him or hate him, if you believe in freedom of speech, you'll learn that Rockwell did more to challenge the First Amendment than any other 20th century American and he did it with the gusto of a carnival midway barker... all while making a lot of people violently outraged.
Dogrel Dogrel
Excellent book! But I was very disappointed I did not get the dust jacket, all European people's must read this!
Sinredeemer Sinredeemer
A Great biography on George lincoln Rockwell more than anything else
Amhirishes Amhirishes
This autobiography is a bit slow to get into but once Rockwells life reaches maturity it is a fascinating read. This is a story of an extremely complex character who spends his life fighting odds he cannot beat (as he says in his own words!) As he matures from a young idealistic US Navy pilot in WW2 to an open Nazi in 1950's USA is quite a change, but his love for the truth and his country force him to take this path, as he believes its the only way to battle the Communist and Jewish traitors in the USA. His hardships in his later life and bitter experience of learning never to trust anyone shows how honest his heart was. A flawed man but possibly the first to talk of the necessity of world wide cooperation amongst the white peoples of all nations.
This is the autobiography of the greatest American that's ever lived, Commander George Lincoln Rockwell. Now some might ask why I believe the founder of the American Nazi Party is the greatest American, and this is simple. He does not wish for all minorities to be killed as the left-wing media tells us. He wishes for traitors to be sent to the gas chamber, as they rightly should be for betraying their country. He exposes the lies of the modern media and their source. He is a true patriot and I found myself relating to him, and sometimes wishing my life could be more like his in those days, the more I read. If you don't like lies and want your eyes opened as to why our world is so messed up today read all of Commander Rockwell's works. It is very powerful and very true. It must be read with an open mind, however, as the book even goes in to say that these slogans are jammed into our brains and in modern terms need to be deprogrammed out of our minds. He is a true patriot of the greatest kind and if more men were like him our country could easily be saved.