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eBook Christmas Wishes ePub

eBook Christmas Wishes ePub

by Betty Neels

  • ISBN: 0373835671
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Betty Neels
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Harlequin; First Thus edition (October 1, 2003)
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  • Rating: 4.5
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I bet Debbie got our lot out yesterday-she may look like everyone’s dream of a fairy on the Christmas tree, but she’s not heart and soul in her job, is she?’

I bet Debbie got our lot out yesterday-she may look like everyone’s dream of a fairy on the Christmas tree, but she’s not heart and soul in her job, is she?’ Olivia went across to the nearest shelf and began poking around. She’s really rather a dear and so young.

Opening a Betty Neels book, you know what you will get. A down-on-her-luck, courageous, hard-working heroine. A mature (but not old), medical specialist, whose practise spans the Netherlands (where he was born) and England (where she lives)

Opening a Betty Neels book, you know what you will get. A mature (but not old), medical specialist, whose practise spans the Netherlands (where he was born) and England (where she lives). A slow courtship, where she is driven in style in a Bentley and fed delicious meals and a great numbers of cups of tea. It could be boring, these 200 book variations on the same theme.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Immerse yourself in holiday romances by the beloved Betty Neals. The Proposal Two michevious dogs led Franccesca Haley to a chance meeting with Dr. Renier Pitt-Colwyn.

Title: a christmas wish. First Australian Publication 2013. Betty Neels, A Christmas Wish. Thank you for reading books on GrayCity.

A Christmas Wish book. Her romances are so genuine her characters believable but not frivolous. She wrote 138 I believe so we are gifted with a few weeks of romantic bliss.

A Christmas Wish book.

Mills & Boon presents the complete Betty Neels collection. Timeless tales of heart-warming romance by one of the world’s best-loved romance authors. Mistletoe magic! For Olivia Harding, the offer of employment at an exclusive private girls’ school had come as something of a godsend. With little experience, she hadn’t expected to find a job so easily, let alone one that still brought her into contact with her former boss, the eminent Dutch surgeon Haso van der Eisler. Of course, his frequent visits to the school had more to do with his goddaughter, Nel, than her own limited attractions.

For Olivia Harding, the offer of employment at a small private school came as something of a godsend.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. Betty Neels - A Christmas Wish. 211 Kb. Betty Neels - Cruise To A Wedding.

The warmth, love, and joy of Christmas are captured in this enchanting volume that contains A Christmas Wish, in which Olivia Harding, longing to escape her dreary existence, finds a rescuer in the form of visiting surgeon Haso van der Eisler, and The Proposal. Original.


Lyrtois Lyrtois
Thank you for the great service. Very happy with the book.
Akinonris Akinonris
I am afraid I am spoiled by Betty Neels. When I want a comforting book to read then I always pick this author. I am never disappointed.
Unh Unh
Both of these stories have similar plots with different supporting details. Down-on-their-luck women who endear themselves to children with neglectful mothers and handsome/succussful doting uncles. A Christmas Wish had a Sound of Music sort of feel to it. Betty Neals is a new author for me. I needed a few chapters to acclimate myself to her very charming British style of writing. The settings were described in brilliant detail, and the Dutch flavor was very interesting. The characters were all well-drawn and aroused emotion in the reader. Very nice!!!
Ucantia Ucantia
The two stories in Christmas Wishes, despite its name and the lovely cover art, has little to do with Christmas, so if you want cozy Christmas, looks elsewhere. There's no mistletoe, carols, cozy walks in the snow, tree decorating, hot cocoa, etc. They do have sweet, neglected little girls with the hero as their godfather in common, and heroines who watch over them, but guess that doesn't make for a good title.

The Proposal is the better of the two, although it is only 95 pages in length. Fiesty Francesca Haley must support her 14 year old sister Lucy after their parents died and left them penniless. To do this, Fran works for a crotchety old Lady Mortimer, who tries to make everyone around her miserable. But, Lucy can live in the garage apt with Fran, so Fran puts up with it. Out walking Lady M's dog, she meets Dr. Renier Pitt-Colwyn in the park, and he turns out to be the consultant called in to see Lady M. He is charmed by Fran and finds her a new job looking after a shy, young Peggy, his godchild, whose mother is an actress on tour. Renier comes around often, thus the romance.

The characters are all very well developed and come to life. Renier, who drives a Bentley, is a kind, strong hero and Fran is certainly not a doormat. The secondary characters fill out the story nicely, especially Lucy and Peggy. There's no cozy, romantic dinners, but the story moves along quickly with good dialog. Renier, we see, wants Fran, but never makes it clear to her, so as is not uncommon in Neels romances, the hero doesn't clear up matters, but lets her think he loves someone else for the last part of the book before his sudden declaration of love. 5 stars.

A Christmas Wish features Dr.Haso van der Eisler as godfather to little Nell, whose career-minded mother, Rita, flits about the continent, ignoring the child. Olivia Harding has a dead end job in Medical Records and endures living with her stingy, mean grandmother for her mother's sake. Haso wanders into the hospital basement looking for misplaced records and find Olivia singing. When she loses her job, he finds her another position at Nell's boarding school. Much time is spent on her chores at the school, and the girls must have the cleanest hair in the county. Haso shows up there, usually with Rita. Clearly, Rita has her eye on Haso.

Haso, who drives a Bentley, is a kind, mild hero and Oliva suffers quietly in her misery. Not much romance, but the story moves along and Rita is a very good Other Woman. I give it a generous 4 stars.