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eBook City Girl ePub

eBook City Girl ePub

by Patricia Scanlan

  • ISBN: 0754014169
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Subcategory: Literature
  • Author: Patricia Scanlan
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Chivers Press Ltd (June 1, 2000)
  • Pages: 464
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  • Rating: 4.7
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Newly married Debbie is at her wits' end about her and Bryan's mounting debts, but there's no way he's going to stop living the high life and become a stay-at-home husband. The village of Glenree is home to the Munroe women: from the glamorous new in-law, Emma, to dogsbody Miriam and 'Airs-and-Graces' Sheila, who is forced to watch her own daughter Ellen become the talk of the county. Promises, Promises covers a decade in the lives of the four Munroe women - and the charming womanizer who left a trail of emotional destruction in his wake.

Patricia Scanlan was born in Dublin, where she still lives. All of her books have been international bestsellers, most recently With All My Love, A Time for Friends, and Orange Blossom Days.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Three very different women face heartache, upheaval and reinvention in this romantic drama, which praises the power of friendship to pull you through when life gets tough.

The subject of Devlin’s business venture at last came up for discussion. From what Luke had told her, he was obviously a sound businessman with an instinctive flair for a good opportunity. he had left school at seventeen and gone to sea. For several years he had travelled the world and made enough money to invest in land and property. He had then gone to London, invested in several profitable business ventures and never looked back. He commuted regularly between London and Dublin and still owned several properties around Dublin.

Patricia Scanlan, Dublin, Ireland. Oh did they enjoy it, those girls!

Patricia Scanlan, Dublin, Ireland. Oh did they enjoy it, those girls! But so did I. We had a great laugh. And here are some numbers to text a donation, if you wish.

Patricia Scanlan's City Girl series of books (not exactly a series, but I think it was followed by City Woman et. were so original when first published. Since then, many others have tried to emulate her success, but few have been successful. I remember reading these books, as I would have read Maeve Binchy novels, in the 1990s.

2 5 Author: Patricia Scanlan. What readers are saying about Patricia Scanlan’s novels: 'Utterly magical and wonderful. THE NUMBER ONE BESTSELLING AUTHOR Three very different women face heartache, upheaval and reinvention in this romantic drama, which praises the power of friendship to pull you through when life gets tough. warmth and compassion shine through' MARIAN KEYES 'Like being enfolded in a hug from the great writer herself: warm, comforting and full of love' CATHY KELLY 'There can be little doubt that Patricia Scanlan is the prolific queen of contemporary Irish popular fiction' Sunday Times ''There is a.

Book in the City Girls Series). A friendly blonde 'made for loving', a quiet brown-eyed girl of no confidence, and a sexy redhead with wanderlust: Devlin, Caroline and Maggie. Their staunch three-way friendship is born while housesharing and during their twenty-something years it's the only certainty. That, and their status-symbol membership of Dublin's most exclusive health centre for high-profile women: City Girl.

September 2016 : UK Paperback.


LOVED This book so much I am no on the 2nd and will no doubt buy the third - I bought it as I love patricia scanlan and had never read her first book so I thought i would give it a go... this book follows the lives of 3 woman and had me hooked from the start - I wont go into detail as i hate people that spoil the plot but after reading this i purchased the 2nd book straight away I had to know what happened in the rest of their lives.. would recommend for a great holiday read
Golden freddi Golden freddi
I always enjoy Patricia Scanlan and this series was super !
Mr_NiCkNaMe Mr_NiCkNaMe
A good read while on vacation
Rleillin Rleillin
Great holiday read
I've read many books in the "girlfriends" genre, but CITY GIRL take first place as the most enjoyable, most compelling, most totally captivating. This is due mainly to Patricia Scanlan's ability to create three distinctive women, each with serious contemporary problems and each with the inner strength and tenacity to face whatever comes, especially when she has true friends to stand by her.

The resourceful Devlin, the insecure Caroline, and the fun-loving Maggie are young Dublin women who confront out-of-wedlock pregnancy, a husband who strays, men who are not what they appear to be, alcohol addiction, and even the death of a beloved child. You will be totally engrossed in their lives and the people that move through it----from the compassionate Luke to the sophisticated Richard and the fun-loving Terry as well as the secondary characters who add intrigue, romance, and a lot of Irish charm.
If you're looking for a book you won't be able to put down, one that involves you so deeply in the lives of the characters you feel as if you know them, and one rich with the flavor of London and Dublin, I highly recommend this one. As a matter of fact, I had scarcely finished it when I picked up the sequel CITY WOMAN because even after nearly 500 pages, I wasn't ready to say goodbye to these wonderful characters.
Cobyno Cobyno
One of the earliest Irish chick-lit books. Three girls come to work in Dublin and stay in a flat. There is no major drama, they just are shown adapting to the then modern life of young independent women and finding their feet in romance.

The author got several rejections before getting this book accepted by an Irish publisher with the cover letter: "Do you want to make a million pounds? Because I do!" From the proceeds of this book she paid off her mortgage. More books have followed.
Jia Jia
This was my first Patricia Scanlan novel and I am now hooked and have gone ahead and ordered several more - particularly the two novels which follow "City Girl".
"City Girl" is a wonderfully vivid and imaginative tale of the three different, but intertwining, lives of three young Irish women living in Dublin. They each have their ups, downs, good times, bad times, futures full of potential, obstacles in their way ... the type of book that is difficult to put down ... you just have to keep reading one more chapter to see what happens.
I'm off now to start "City Woman", the next in the series and I'm confident that I won't be disappointed.
I was really into the first book by Patricia Scanlan, but not as much with this book. It's the story of three girls who apparently have a very deep friendship, but I didn't really get that. It was three individual stories about the difficult lives these three have had and there is talk about them doing things together and meeting once a week, but you never really get into much detail. Over all, I enjoyed this book, but I didn't really feel as much for the characters as I did in Francesca's Party. Also, it's said that the book is set in the 80's but it reads more like the 30's, very conservative.